For Men: How To Prevent And Care For Forehead Wrinkles

Written by Sio Beauty — October 03, 2018

For Men: How To Prevent And Care For Forehead Wrinkles

There are plenty of wonderful things about getting older, but forehead wrinkles are not one of them. If you’ve noticed lines forming across your brow, you’re probably wondering how to prevent and care for these forehead wrinkles in men.

In this post, the experts at SiO will explain everything you need to know about men’s forehead wrinkles. We’ll cover their primary causes and then provide 10 effective tips for preventing and caring for men’s forehead wrinkles.

Causes Of Forehead Wrinkles In Men

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Before we get to the best treatments for forehead wrinkles, let’s gain an understanding of what causes them to begin with.


Your DNA plays a huge role in how susceptible your skin is to wrinkles. Some guys grow old with smooth, healthy skin. These lucky fellas hit the genetic lottery.

For the rest of us average joes, we have our genes to thank for forehead wrinkles.


Studies have shown that women find older men slightly more attractive than younger guys. Researchers have even given this phenomenon an apt name: the George Clooney effect.

While older guys may sometimes look distinguished and confident, aging may also make a man look “over the hill.” Forehead wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, like crow’s feet, are far more likely to form as you grow older.

To stop the effects of aging in their tracks, start wearing SiO patches for men ASAP. All you need to do is put them on before you go to bed, get some sleep, and then wake up to smoother, younger-looking skin.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to keep your skin healthy and smooth.

Repeated Facial Expressions

Making facial expressions is something we do reflexively — without giving it any thought — thousands of times per day. It’s a natural form of human communication.

However, over the years, repeating the same facial expressions countless times causes wrinkles to form.

As your skin is folded and bunched up in the same ways time and time again, permanent wrinkles begin to appear. This includes everything from men’s forehead wrinkles to frown lines and crow’s feet.

Lifestyle Choices

We all know that lifestyle choices have an impact on our health. What many men don’t realize is that your skin is part of your body, so of course your health and skin go hand-in-hand.

If you have unhealthy habits, you can expect to see more wrinkles. Here are some lifestyle choices that are known to lead to forehead wrinkles:

  • Eating too much junk food
  • Smoking or using other tobacco products
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Sleeping less than six hours per night
  • Not getting enough exercise 

All of these habits are not just bad for your health; they’re bad for your skin.

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10 Effective Ways To Prevent And Care For Forehead Wrinkles

1) Cleanse Your Skin The Right Way

Rather than using an ordinary bar of soap, wash your face with a specially formulated facial cleanser. This will remove dirt from your pores without drying out your skin. Make sure to lather the cleanser on gently.

Also, it’s best to use warm water, rather than hot water. This goes for both cleansing and showering. Very hot water can cause dryness, so keep the temperature low to prevent forehead wrinkles.

man washing his face to prevent men's forehead wrinkles

2) Exfoliate

Think of exfoliating like washing your car. Over time, mud and dust get caked to the side of your car. To keep it looking shiny and clean, you need to scrub it periodically.

The same is true of your skin. Dead skin cells gradually build up on your skin, which can keep it from appearing young and healthy. Exfoliate once or twice per week to gently scrub away all of the dead skin cells and let your healthier skin shine through.

3) Moisturize

Putting on moisturizer is a basic step in the ultimate skin care routine for men, but it’s one that’s often overlooked. A lot of guys think they only need to apply moisturizer when they have dry skin.

To prevent and care for forehead wrinkles in men, apply moisturizer at least twice per day — once in the morning and once at night. More often is always better.

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4) Apply Sunscreen Every Morning

The sun’s UV rays really damage your skin cells, leading not just to forehead wrinkles but also potentially to more serious illnesses, like melanoma. It’s crucial to apply a layer of sunscreen every morning before you leave home. Every day means every day, rain or shine.

To make things easier, find a moisturizer with SPF already in it and use that to kill two birds with one stone in the mornings.

5) Try DIY Face Masks

Wearing a face mask might not be your idea of a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but if you’re serious about fighting men’s forehead wrinkles, you should give it a shot.

Face masks are super effective, and the whole process only takes 20 to 30 minutes. You might even enjoy it.

You can make a DIY face mask out of cucumber, avocado, oatmeal, yogurt, coconut oil, and a number of other household items.

face mask for treating forehead wrinkles in men

6) Be Gentle With Your Skin

The skin on your face is much thinner and more delicate than the skin on, say, your arms or legs. That’s why it’s important to go easy on it in order to prevent and care for men’s forehead wrinkles.

When drying off, always pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Never rub, pull, stretch, or scratch the skin on your face. Be gentle when lathering on facial cleansers and lotions.

Lastly, be careful when shaving, and make sure your beard-care game is strong.

7) Get Your Eyes Checked

This probably sounds like strange skin care advice at first glance. But if your eyesight is bad, you may find yourself squinting frequently, which can cause creases and wrinkles along your brow.

If you don’t have glasses or contacts, get your eyes checked to make sure you don’t need them. If you already have eye correction, make sure that your prescription is up to date.

8) Develop Healthy Habits

If unhealthy habits lead to forehead wrinkles in men, healthy habits can help prevent and care for them. Here’s a list of tips to keep your body, mind, and skin healthy.

  • Get at least six hours of sleep per night (seven or eight hours is ideal).
  • Eat less junk food and keep your salt intake low. 
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. 
  • Drink alcohol in moderation.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise at least three times per week (more is better).
  • Quit using tobacco products ASAP.

These tips will help you look younger and healthier, including fighting off those annoying forehead wrinkles.

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9) Relieve Stress

Studies have shown that stress can cause skin problems. Everything from under-eye bags and dark circles to crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles is, at least in part, a product of stress.

To prevent and care for men’s forehead wrinkles, make time for rest and relaxation. Whatever it is that you enjoy most — reading, woodworking, tinkering on an old motorcycle, or just lounging on the couch to watch a game — give yourself some time to unwind and relieve stress.

10) Wear SiO Patches Every Night

If trying to prevent and care for forehead wrinkles is like a war, SiO patches are your A-bombs. Other tips and treatments certainly help, but nothing brings the same sort of power to the table as SiO patches do.

Made from the highest-quality medical-grade silicone, SiO patches are clinically proven to provide your skin cells with a huge boost of moisture and reduce wrinkle depth in as little as one night. The results are remarkable!

The SiO BrowLift patch is perfect for preventing and caring for men’s forehead wrinkles. Just slap it on before you hit the hay, get a good night’s rest, and wake up to smoother skin. It’s actually that simple.

Expert tip: you don’t have to wait for nighttime to try SiO patches. Wear them for a few hours during the day (maybe while you watch that game we mentioned above) to get an incredible wrinkle-fighting moisture boost.

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With the tips provided here, you’ll be doing serious battle against forehead wrinkles in men. Wear SiO patches and lay claim to victory!

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