How To Treat Under-Eye Wrinkles Naturally

Written by Aaron Guldager — February 14, 2017

How To Treat Under-Eye Wrinkles Naturally

Are you starting to see small lines and creases forming in the skin under your eyes? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The thin, delicate skin under the eyes is very susceptible to damage and can begin wrinkling at a very early age. In fact, many women start to see wrinkles form in their mid-twenties even though the average age for wrinkles to appear is the mid-thirties.

Woman using cream to treat under-eye wrinkles

But you don’t have to accept these wrinkles as inevitable. There are some very effective natural treatments available that don’t require injections or doctor visits.

This article will discuss 6 of the best ways to treat under-eye wrinkles naturally for supercharged healing.

1. Don’t Wash Around Your Eyes With Regular Soap

Woman washing her face to prevent under-eye wrinkles

One effective way to treat under-eye wrinkles naturally is to stop washing around your eyes with non-organic soap. Non-organic soaps contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), triclosan, lye, polypropylene, and synthetic dyes. These harsh additives can remove the natural oils that keep your skin soft and protect it from dirt and other external toxins. Without these natural oils, the skin under your eyes can become dry and wrinkles.

Instead, choose a moisturizing soap or body wash with ingredients like aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, olive oil, and rosehip oil. These natural moisturizers promote the production of the skin’s natural oils and help to restore proper moisture balance.

For an even gentler alternative to store-bought soaps, try making your own homemade cleanser using the recipe below.

2. Use A Homemade Cleanser To Wash Around Your Eyes

Homemade facial cleanser for under-eye wrinkles

Washing with the right soap is a simple and effective way to remove the microscopic grease and dirt that accumulates on the skin every day. As simple as it is, it’s not the only way—or even the best way—to get rid of these unseen substances and treat under-eye wrinkles naturally.

Soap separates dirt and oil from your skin thanks to its chemical makeup. The same effect can also be achieved with abrasion. Abrasion refers to the process of scraping or wearing away.

As painful as scraping and wearing away may sound, it can be done gently with a few simple ingredients. These simple ingredients will cleanse the skin around your eyes, remove dead skin cells, and make your skin feel soft and supple. Here’s how to make a homemade cleanser to wash around your eyes.

  1. Choose a nourishing oil like olive or coconut (aloe vera if your skin is oily).
  2. Measure 1 tablespoon into a bowl.
  3. Mix finely ground sugar into the oil until it becomes a paste.
  4. Wet the skin under your eyes.
  5. Dab your pointer and middle finger in the sugar/oil mixture.
  6. Rub the skin under your right eye using circular motions for 30 seconds.
  7. Do the same for the left eye.
  8. Rinse the skin under your eyes with lukewarm water.
  9. Pat skin dry with a soft towel.

This homemade cleanser is a great alternative to store-bought soaps and can help return your skin to its youthful appearance.

3. Eat A Healthy Diet To Treat Under-Eye Wrinkles Naturally

One of the best ways to treat under-eye wrinkles naturally is to eat a healthy diet. What you eat can either help your body fight under-eye wrinkles or cause your body to make more wrinkles faster. Because of that, eating a healthy diet should be the foundation of every beauty routine.

A healthy diet consists of four main parts:

  1. Lean protein like fish, chicken, and beans.
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, spinach, and broccoli.
  3. Healthy fats like walnuts, almonds, and olives.
  4. 8 cups of regular water.

To increase your body’s ability to fight wrinkles from the inside, try cutting down on processed foods including sweet treats, potato chips, and soda. Getting rid of the chemicals and sugars found in those foods will help your body function at 100% and keep your skin healthy and wrinkle-free.

4.  Wear Cucumbers Over Your Eyes

Woman using cucumbers to treat under-eye wrinkles

Wearing cucumbers over your eyes may seem cliché, but it really does work. The delicate skin under your eyes can become dry and devoid of moisture. This lack of moisture can cause the skin to break down and wrinkle. Cucumbers work to restore moisture to the delicate skin under your eyes.

For best results, try mashing half a cucumber and applying the juice and pulp to the skin under your eyes. Once the juice and pulp have been applied, cut two large slices from the other half of the cucumber and place them over your eyes for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove the cucumber matter and gently wash your skin with lukewarm water. Finally, pat dry with a soft towel.

5. Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

The sun’s UV rays are one of the primary causes of wrinkles. Overexposure to the sun can cause the premature breakdown of the collagen and elastin that keeps your skin soft and smooth. Because of this, you should protect your eyes—and the skin around them—from the sun whenever possible.

One of the best ways to protect your skin and treat under-eye wrinkles naturally is to wear sunglasses whenever you go outdoors. Wearing sunglasses shields both your eyes and your skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays that the sun gives off.

For extra protection, apply an SPF 30 or 45 sunscreen to the skin under your eyes. Remember to reapply this sunscreen every 2 hours even if you’re not outside. Windows filter out some of the harmful rays but some still get through. If sunglasses aren’t your thing, try wearing a wide-brimmed hat whenever you go outside.

6. Apply A Good Serum For All-Day Healing

For truly powerful, all-day healing, apply a good wrinkle-fighting serum. When you apply this serum in the morning and wear it throughout the day, you give your skin a healthy dose of everything it needs to become smooth and stay healthy longer.

The powerful mix of the elements in high-quality serums draws moisture from the lower skin to the outside layers (the dermis) causing the dermis to plump, fill in, and smooth itself out. Additionally, the serum promotes collagen production to provide support (smoothness) to the top layers of skin.

Treat Under-Eye Wrinkles Naturally In 5 Simple Steps

The above 6 suggestions are great on their own. But put them together and you’ll be well on your way to treating under-eye wrinkles.

At night before bed, wash the skin under your eyes with the homemade sugar scrub. Then take 15 minutes to restore the moisture in your skin by wearing cucumber over your eyes. Once your nightly skin care routine is finished, wear SiO Beauty's Super EyeLift to minimize the appearance of wrinkles while you sleep.

Get a good night’s sleep and then start your day with a healthy breakfast (a smoothie is a great option here) including plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein, healthy fats, and water.

Before you leave the house for the day, apply a good wrinkle-fighting serum for all day healing. Top that off with an SPF 30 or 45 sunscreen and you’ll be ready to face the day.