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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us


What is SiO?

Why was SiO created?


Are all of the SiO products safe?

Are SiO products a permanent solution to wrinkles?

How do the SiO silicone patches work?

Is SiO cruelty free?

Do the patches expire?

Can I use SiO patches while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Are these just like the other masks on the market?

What about the rest of my skincare routine?

Who can use SiO?


How do I apply my SiO silicone patch?

Are the patches really reusable?

How do I know if I need new patches?

How comfortable are the patches to sleep in?

Will the patches stay in place if I am a side sleeper or move around in my sleep?

What do I do if I sweat in my sleep?

How do I keep the SiO patches clean?

Why do I have to cleanse before applying the patches?

Can I use other products under the patches?

Do SiO patches work on any skin type?

What are the potential adverse reactions?

What are the patches made of?

Why are they packaged this way?

Will the patch stretch my skin when I take it off?

Why is there an uneven texture left behind from my patch?

Cryo Collection


Where should I store the Cryodrop?

Do I need to charge the Cryodrop?

How can I make the Cryodrop even colder?

Why is medical grade steel better?

How do I clean the Cryodrop?

Why is there a textured area on the Cryodrop?

Does the tool have an expiration date?

Do you use the Cryodrop over the SiO patches?

Does the Cryodrop help with dark circles?

How is the Cryodrop different from a cold roller?

How does the magnet in the Cryodrop work?

How much does the Cryodrop weigh?

Can I use the Cryodrop while pregnant or breastfeeding?


How long do I need to use the Cryodrop for?

When do I use the Cryodrop in my skincare routine?

Do I have to cleanse my skin before using the Cryodrop?

Should I stretch the skin out to target deeper wrinkles while massaging?

Can I use it on other parts of my body?

How much force should I use while massaging?

Can I use the Cryodrop without any product on my skin?

Can I use other (non-SiO) products with the Cryodrop?


Is the magnetic technology in the Cryodrop safe?

If I am allergic to certain metals, should I use the Cryodrop?

Will the magnetic technology deactivate anything of mine (credit cards, pacemakers)?

Is the Cryodrop okay to use if I have Rosacea?


Does the Cryo Energy Serum expire?

What makes the serum cooling?

Can the serum be placed in the fridge?

"Do Not Use" list

What are the ingredients in the serum?

Why are the polymers in the serum referred to as 3D?

Does the Cryo Energy Serum have a scent?


Can you use the serum underneath the patches?

Do I need to use the Cryodrop to apply the serum?

When do I apply this in my skincare routine?

How much serum should I apply?

Where do I need to apply the serum?

How often should I apply the serum?

Will I see benefits from the serum if I use it without the Cryodrop?

How long until I see results?


Can I use the serum while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Is the diamagnetic technology in the serum a safety concern?

Will the serum clog my pores?

Does the serum work on any skin type?


What is the return policy for the Cryodrop?

Is shipping on the Cryo System free?

What is the return policy for the Cryo Energy Serum?



Where is SiO currently sold?

Where can I learn more about wholesale opportunities with SiO?

Shipping & Returns


Where do you ship?

When will I get my SiO products?

I haven’t received my order yet, what should I do?


What is your return policy?

Billing, Subscriptions & Accounts


When do you charge my credit card?

If I requested a refund how quickly will it post to my account?

If I sign up for the subscription can I cancel anytime?

What are the benefits of the subscription service?

What types of payment do you accept?

What is Afterpay?


How do I create an account?

What if I forget my password?

How do I subscribe to SiO's emails?

How do I unsubscribe from SiO's emails?