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Are all of the SiO Beauty products safe?

Are SiO Beauty products a permanent solution to wrinkles?

How do the SiO Smoothing Patches work?

Is SiO Beauty cruelty free?

How many uses do I get out of each SiO Smoothing Patch?

Do your products expire?

Can I use these products while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Smoothing Patches

How do I apply my SiO Smoothing Patch?

How comfortable are the patches to sleep in?

Will the patches stay in place if I am a side sleeper or move around in my sleep?

What do I do if I sweat in my sleep?

How do I keep the SiO Smoothing Patches clean?

Why do I have to cleanse before applying the patches?

Can I use other products under the patches?

Do the SiO Smoothing Patches work on any skin type?

What are the potential adverse reactions?

Decollete Collection:

Do I have to use all three décolleté products to see results?

When do I use the cleansing discs?

Can I use another cleanser with acids instead?

I notice a slight tingling effect after using the Cleansing Discs. Is that normal?

Why do I need to use SiO décolleté serum?



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