20 Shaving Tips For Men: Expert Advice For Clear Skin After A Shave

Written by Sio Beauty — September 17, 2018

20 Shaving Tips For Men: Expert Advice For Clear Skin After A Shave

Nothing feels better than a good, clean shave — unless that shave is followed up with irritated and inflamed skin that seems to become a breeding ground for a breakout. Unfortunately, an act as simple as shaving can get complicated quickly.

Luckily, the experts at SiO are here to provide 20 top shaving tips for men that will help you achieve a smooth, clear, and refreshed-looking face after shaving.

The Impacts Of Shaving

It’s important to realize that the act of shaving puts a lot of stress on your skin. After you shave, you may notice small red bumps, known as razor bumps, on your face or neck.

Razor bumps occur when the shaved hair follicle curls inward to your skin. Your body then thinks it's an intruder and your immune system attacks it, creating the irritated skin you see.

Modifying how you shave — plus using the right skin care products before and after you shave (like SiO’s hydrating men’s line) — can help you soothe away red bumps and other skin irritation and prevent it from happening in the first place.

20 Shaving Tips For Men

The Pre-Shave Phase

1) Shave At The Right Time

reflection of man shaving the side of his face

Experts claim that the time of day you choose to shave has a huge impact on the ease of the process, as well as the outcome. And the pros actually say that early morning is not an ideal time to foam your face up. Instead, aim to shave in the evening.

2) Prep Your Skin

Before ever touching the razor blade to your skin, splash your face and neck with warm water. This will help soften both your hair and your skin for a cleaner, closer shave.

For the best results and the least chance of irritating your skin, experts recommend shaving after a hot shower.

3) Apply A Quality Shaving Cream

man smiling while applying shaving cream to his face in a mirror

Apply shaving cream to your recently washed skin. This helps create a thin barrier between your razor and your skin that will prevent irritation and other problems that can lead to razor bumps.

4) Use A Shaving Cream Applicator

shaving set on wooden tabletop

When men use their hands to apply shaving cream, there are a couple of things that are likely to happen. First, your hairs get matted down to the surface of your skin. Second, the movement makes it harder for your razor blade to make a clean cut.

Use a shaving brush instead of your hands. It’s designed to not only generate a rich lather but to also help provide gentle exfoliation on the surface of your skin.

5) Be Patient

After applying a layer of shaving cream to your skin, wait for five to 10 minutes. Experts say that letting the shaving cream penetrate your hair and skin for those few minutes will result in extra softening.

During The Shave

6) Use The Right Razor

man lying in barber's chair while his face is shaved

Using the right razor can be tricky for men who want a smoother and better shave. If you like to spend as little time as possible on shaving, use a razor with three blades (this isn’t always recommended, though, as you’ll read below).

On the other hand, if you’re hoping for a more professional shave, go with a safety razor that extracts whiskers from their roots.

7) Work The Blade Correctly

reflection of man shaving his neck area in a mirror and implementing shaving tips

Be sure that the razor you’re using is in good shape. Shave with a very sharp razor and drag it across your skin in the direction that your hair naturally grows.

8) Know The Proper Shaving Direction

There are three main passes to focus on when it comes to shaving:

  • With the grain: In the direction that your hair grows (recommended when tackling longer hair).
  • Across the grain: A direction that’s perpendicular to hair growth (recommended when shaving to clean up).
  • Against the grain: The direction that would result in lifting the hairs up, away from your skin (recommended as the final pass).

9) Be Gentle

No matter how stubborn your hairs are, do not use excessive force when shaving. Applying gentle pressure while shaving helps reduce skin reaction and irritation.

If you’re using an electric shaver, always adjust the closeness of the razor blade and, again, do not press too hard on your skin.

10) Rinse

man leaning over a sink and filling his hands with water

Rinse your newly shaved skin with warm water, then pat it dry with a clean, soft towel. Don't rub your freshly shaved skin with the towel, as that can cause further skin irritation.

After The Shave

Some guys that, once the shave is done, the battle has been won. But your skin actually needs attention after you’ve chucked those locks off your face because it’is now far more sensitive.

11) Rinse Again

Make sure to use cool water to rinse any additional shaving cream and loose hairs from the surface of your skin. Why cool instead of warm? Because water temperature is important here, as cool water helps in tightening your skin and closing your open pores.

12) Treat Cuts And Nicks

Even if you correctly use a safety razor, you may still get a cut or two every once in a while.

Check your face and neck carefully to find any cuts, lacerations, and nicks. Pay extra attention to them and treat them with antiseptic.

13) Try A Toner

man with towel around his neck applying aftershave to his face

If there is some oily residue left on your skin after shaving, try applying toner before slathering on your aftershave. This removes any lingering gunk on your skin so that your aftershave can better do its job.

14) Use Aftershave

Aftershave can do wonders to improve the texture of your skin by making it feel extra fresh and clean. What’s more, aftershave is also helpful in preventing infections that arise from any possible cuts during the shaving process.

A good aftershave replenishes the moisture lost during the shaving process and creates a proactive layer to combat shaving irritations, like cuts, razor burns, and more.

15) Rehydrate Your Skin

man wearing SiO For Him FaceLift patches

Give your newly smooth skin a much-needed dose of extra hydration after shaving. The SiO For Him Facelift is the perfect way to rejuvenate your skin after a good shave — especially if you shave right before bed!

Just apply the patches on your clean skin after shaving, head to bed, and wake up in the morning to younger, healthier, and smoother skin.

General Shaving Tips

16) Don’t Use Old Shaving Tools

Razor bumps and acne can sometimes be caused by your shaving tools. If your shaving tools are well past their lifetime, chances are, you will get acne after shaving.

Why? Because an old shaving tool may introduce bacteria to your skin. To avoid acne after shaving, always replace old tools with new ones.

17) Avoid Multi-Blade Razors

Whether you’re using a razor or electric shaver, it’s important to understand their effects on your skin. A double or triple-edged razor will cut the hair short beneath your skin, giving you a very smooth feel.

However, keep in mind that when the hairs are shaved and left beneath your skin, they’re harder to grow out and tend to curl, forming bumps and acne. For this reason, the experts advise using a single-blade razor.

18) Protect Your Skin With Product

man looking in mirror while applying product to his face

Throughout your entire shaving process, opt to use gentle and antibacterial products. Antibacterial gels help prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, which can cause breakouts. This is especially important for those who routinely suffer from acne. 

19) Wash Regularly

The hair that you just shaved once served the purpose of absorbing any sweat and dirt on your skin. Now that it’s gone, sweat and dirt can accumulate, clogging your pores and eventually causing acne.

Wash your face at least twice per day and moisturize on a daily basis to avoid this problem.

20) Be Ready For The Next Shave

Your bathroom should be equipped with all of the above-mentioned products in order to get a closer and better shave the next time around. Stock up on quality prep, shaving, and after-shave products so that you are ready to go once your stubble needs some taming.

Enjoy The Shave

smiling man with shaved face touching his chin

Remember that when you’re shaving, it’s important to have patience and to take your time. Don’t rush! Your skin gets damaged more easily if you make swift movements.

Give your skin a gentle shaving experience by implementing the expert tips listed here the next time you touch a razor to your mug.


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