Needle-Free Wrinkle Smoothing

Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Solutions

Maternity Approved

Discover Sio Beauty's pregnancy-safe skincare collection featuring medical-grade silicone patches. Safeguard your skin with clinically-proven solutions, ideal for moms-to-be seeking gentle yet effective skincare during this special journey. Shop now for radiant, healthy skin throughout pregnancy.

“There are so many things that we need to avoid during pregnancy in order to ensure the safety of the baby and the mother. Often, this means avoiding products or procedures (like retinols, botox, etc) that fight the signs of aging. SiO Beauty patches are a safe and extremely effective way to plump and hydrate the skin without applying anything else to the skin! They use your body's own moisture to help smooth the appearance of the skin without having to use any topicals - thus maintaining safety without sacrificing results!"


Pregnancy-Safe Wrinkle Patches