Bunny Lines: What They Are And 3 Ways To Smooth And Prevent These Wrinkles

Written by Aaron Guldager — December 17, 2018

Bunny Lines: What They Are And 3 Ways To Smooth And Prevent These Wrinkles

You take great care of your skin. You use a mask once per week, keep your skin hydrated, apply sunscreen every day, and use SiO Beauty patches every night. So how did that little wrinkle appear on your nose?!

Even if you’re a perfectionist about your skin care, wrinkles have a way of popping up for one reason or another.

Wrinkles come in all shapes and sizes and they show up for different reasons — some due to sun damage or years of smoking and others from repeated facial expressions or too much stress.

If you’re face-to-face with wrinkles on your nose, you’re in the right place. Those wrinkles are called “bunny lines” and we’re here to tell you exactly what they are and how to smooth and prevent them!

What Are Bunny Lines

Woman squinting eyes and scrunching nose to create bunny lines

So what are bunny lines, anyway? The short answer is that they’re wrinkles just like any other wrinkle. But they’re named after cute, furry, hopping creatures because they show up when you scrunch up your nose.

These wrinkles start near the inner corner of your eye (close to your nose) and extend downward and inward, or horizontally, on your nose.

Not everyone has these pesky nose wrinkles. But if you do, you may notice them when you crinkle your nose as you laugh or smile — the same way bunnies twitch their noses. See the connection here?

That brings us to another question and what really makes bunny lines bunny lines: Where do they come from?

Where Do Bunny Lines Come From?

You can usually attribute bunny lines to two causes: facial expressions and injectables.

Your face is expressive, and it should be that way! But over the years, your facial expressions can cause wrinkles and lines in your skin thanks to all that repetitive movement and muscle contraction.

Just like crow’s feet can be evidence of years of smiling, if you naturally crinkle your nose with your contagious laugh, you’re more prone to develop bunny lines.

It’s worth taking inventory of your facial posture and trying to keep everything a little more relaxed. But more on that later.

Woman smiling with forearms loosely crossed while resting her chin on one hand

Don’t worry. Bunny lines are no reason to quit laughing! Your laugh might not be the cause anyway — it turns out that facial expressions aren’t the only way that ladies develop not-so-cute bunny lines. Injectables are another cause.

That’s right: injectables. What women run to in order to cure their wrinkle woes can actually cause wrinkles.

Injectables work by weakening or paralyzing specific muscles. Without muscle movement, the wrinkles on the surface of your skin smooth out.

So how do injectables cause bunny lines?

If you’ve had injectables on your forehead between your eyebrows, those forehead muscles are out of commission and other muscles in your face work overtime to keep you smiling and laughing.

That extra workload for the other muscles around your nose is why you might see bunny lines in the not-so-distant-future.

woman lying on her back while receiving injections to treat bunny lines

Ironically, injectables can cause bunny lines and cure them. The injection works to smooth bunny lines by paralyzing yet another set of muscles (this time the ones on each side of your nose).

However, using injectables certainly has its drawbacks. It’s a medical procedure that comes with its own side effects and risks. Plus, the solution is not a permanent one. You’ve got to keep making appointments and keep swiping your credit card — and it’s no small bill.

Luckily, there are alternatives that can save you a lot of time, money, and headache.

Skin-smoothing SiO Beauty patches are the first place to start. In fact, SiO’s medical advisor, Dr. Dendy, says, “Some of my patients call SiO ‘Fauxtox’ because they see their wrinkles virtually disappear with usage. SiO is a wonderful tool to offer in my armamentarium against aging!”

woman wearing SiO Beauty patches on forehead, eye, and mouth areas

If bunny lines have hopped right onto your face, not to worry. We’ve got three tips to help you smooth and prevent any wrinkle that’s got you stressed.

Three Ways To Smooth and Prevent Bunny Lines

1) Practice Good Facial Posture

Every day you unconsciously express yourself in dozens of ways. The bad news is that your facial expressions could be making wrinkles more profound.

Bunny lines, like smoker’s lines or forehead wrinkles, can be caused by crinkling your nose when you smile or scrunching your nose when you laugh. We call them “expression lines.”

While you should still be the most animated, glamorous, and expressive version of yourself that you can be, it doesn’t hurt to take inventory of your natural facial posture.

Without even realizing it, some people live with a furrowed brow or scrunched nose.

content woman relaxing with chin resting on her folded hands

Making yourself aware of your everyday facial posture can help you begin to relax your face — and those tiny muscles that contribute to wrinkles like bunny lines!

2) Use SiO Beauty Patches

SiO Beauty patches smooth your wrinkles without a doctor appointment, negative side-effects, or a steep credit card bill.

And they’re just the ticket if you’re interested in saying “bye” to all sorts of wrinkles. SiO Beauty’s Dr. Dendy says, “These patches both correct existing wrinkles and, when worn over time, prevent new wrinkles from forming.”

These wrinkle-reducing patches are made of medical-grade silicone, clinically tested, and affordable.

They work their wonders by creating a micro-climate that helps your skin hydrate and plump itself.

The best news is that they require no extra time out of your busy schedule — they plump and smooth your skin while you sleep, reducing the depth (and visibility!) of your wrinkles.

SiO FaceLift packaging and patches for bunny lines

Apply the patches at night before you hop into bed, take them off in the morning, and take a glance in the mirror to see your gorgeous, renewed, and hydrated skin.

Plus, the patches are reusable! Buy one set and use them up to 10 times.

3) Create Skin-Healthy Habits

happy woman in blue top sitting outdoors and tucking hair behind her ear with one hand

At the end of the day, bunny lines are wrinkles. And wrinkles are due to the loss of collagen and elastin in your skin — whether that’s a natural loss as you age or a premature loss due to other factors.

Collagen and elastin are important elements that keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. And with your everyday habits, you’re either helping or hurting the collagen and elastin in your skin.

This means your everyday habits can make or break the wrinkles on your face. Are you starting to see that skin care is much more than just cleansing?

A key to keeping your skin healthy and wrinkle-free is making sure your daily habits are skin-friendly. And the best place to start examining your skin-healthy habits is with the three big S words: smoke, sun, and sleep.

Smoking does a number on your collagen and elastin and makes you wrinkle faster. That’s all there is to it. Put down the cigarette and avoid being around secondhand smoke.

Being in the sunshine is enjoyable, not to mention basically unavoidable. But sun damage is avoidable. Get in the habit of wearing a hat to protect your face, sunglasses to protect your delicate eye skin (and to keep you from squinting!), and applying sunscreen every day.

woman sitting outdoors and holding the brim of her hat

Sleep is when your body repairs itself — it’s good for your skin and for your wrinkle prognosis. A lack of sleep means collagen production is not at its best, so getting enough sleep really will keep you glowing!

Create a good bedtime routine that will allow you to catch the best zzz’s possible for seven to nine hours per night.

Today is as good a day as any to get started with good facial posture and skin-healthy habits! And the easiest way to be on your way to smooth skin is by ordering your own set of reusable SiO Beauty patches.

Why wait to wake up to gorgeous, younger-looking skin?