The 10 Best Facial Exercises To Keep Your Skin Looking And Feeling Young

Written by Aaron Guldager — December 24, 2018

The 10 Best Facial Exercises To Keep Your Skin Looking And Feeling Young

Let’s face it: aging is inevitable. But by doing facial exercises, you can counteract the signs of aging for a younger-looking, more radiant complexion.

Did you know there was even such a thing as facial exercises? Yep. Think about it. Any part of your body that contains muscles needs to be exercised to stay firm. And there are approximately 43 muscles in your face.

When you exercise the muscles in your body, they become stronger. What would be the result of stronger facial muscles? Tighter skin. And the expanding muscles filling in those unwanted wrinkles.

So, just as you exercise and tone the muscles in your body, you need to exercise and tone the muscles in your face. Luckily, there’s no need to go to the gym for this type of exercise, and you can skip the expensive in-office procedures.

By taking matters into your own hands (literally!), you can strengthen the muscles in your face to keep your skin looking and feeling younger.

Benefits Of Facial Exercises

woman pulling upward on cheek and temple area while doing facial exercises

There are countless benefits to facial exercises, but in this article, the beauty experts at SiO will talk about the main benefits and guide you in your facial exercise routine.

Increased Blood Circulation

Any type of exercise will get your blood circulating. When you improve blood circulation in your face, more oxygen is able to flow, which provides crucial nourishment to your skin cells.

Healthier-Looking Complexion

Facial exercises will bring about a healthy, beautiful glow in your complexion. Your skin will have fewer toxins and a better ability to absorb moisture.

Improved Collagen Production

Collagen is the main structural protein found in your skin and tissues. This protein is important because it sustains your skin by providing firmness and elasticity to its structure. In a nutshell, collagen helps reverse the signs of aging.

By exercising your face, you’ll stimulate your skin cells, increase collagen production, and strengthen muscle memory.

Firmer And Tighter Facial Skin

We know you want to avoid saggy skin — on any part of your body! By doing facial exercises, you can tighten up saggy areas on your face, revealing a younger-looking you.

10 Facial Exercises To Keep Your Skin Looking And Feeling Young

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The beauty experts at SiO discovered what their favorite dermatologists had to say about exercising your face for younger-looking skin, and here’s what we found: 10 facial exercises to keep your skin looking and feeling youthful.

For long-term benefits, perform each of the following exercises for 30 to 60 seconds per day. 

Beauty expert tip: wash your hands before doing these.

Facial Exercise Warm-Ups

1) Piano Fingers

Take your fingers and move them around on your face like you’re playing the piano. You can think of this as a “warm-up” for your face. It will get the blood flowing before you begin your exercises.

2) Animal Claws

After stimulating your face, take your fingers — imagine they are claws — and gently massage and move the skin on your face. Move your fingers in an outward position, as if you were pushing all your skin to the sides of your face.

Facial Exercises To Tighten Your Neck and Jawline

3) Chin Up

Noticing saggy neck skin? This exercise will work out your neck muscles to create a younger-looking, tighter neck.

You’ll want to lie on your back for the best results. While there, push your chin up toward the ceiling to make an in-and-out motion with your jaw. Release and relax your jaw. Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds.

4) Tongue Out

Sit in a comfortable chair and look up toward the ceiling. Pucker your lips out and stick your tongue out as far as possible. Hold this position for a few seconds. Release and relax your mouth. Repeat this exercise to tone your neck muscles.

Don’t forget to use your SiO NeckLift patches at night to tighten the thin skin around your neck and enhance the results from these exercises!

Facial Exercises To Lift Your Cheek Muscles

woman smiling widely while holding hands and fingers against her cheeks

5) Smile And Frown

Make a smile with your lips, but don’t open your mouth. You will feel your cheek muscles lifting. Hold this position with your cheeks for a few seconds. Release and relax your face.

Now make a frown with your lips while your mouth is still closed. Hold for a few seconds. Release and relax your face. Repeat a smile and frown position to lift and strengthen your cheek muscles.

6) Cheek Lift

You’re not going to be lifting weights with your cheeks here, so you can relax...for a second. Take your three center fingers on each hand and press down on both sides of your cheeks. Smile as hard as you can and apply firm pressure with your fingers. Cheese!

While smiling, your cheek muscles will lift, creating tension against your fingers. Hold for three seconds. Relax your face and repeat.

Facial Exercises To Target Your Eye Area

woman in white top looking upwards and smiling widely

7) Raising Eyebrows

Raise your eyebrows as high as you can and hold this position for five seconds. Relax your face. Repeat this movement 10 times to strengthen the delicate skin around your eyes.

8) Eyebrow Pull

Relax — but not for too long — you’re not going to be pulling a rope or anything with your eyebrows.

For this exercise, you’ll take your index fingers and place them under your eyebrows so you can feel your brow bone. Hold index fingers firmly in place and close your eyes slowly.

With eyes closed, squeeze your eyelids more tightly together to create a strong pull. Hold this position for five seconds. OK, now you can relax your eyes. Repeat this motion five times.

Tip: use your SiO Super EyeLift patches while you sleep to really SEE a difference in the morning!

Facial Exercises To Tighten Forehead Muscles

9) Eye “C” You

woman smiling and raising her c-shaped fingers to her eyes to start facial exercises

Make a C shape with each hand, like binoculars, and place around your eyes. Your thumbs should be just below your eyes and your index fingers just above your eyebrows. With your index fingers, pull down the skin on your forehead.

Now try raising your eyebrows upward and open your eyes wide. You will feel the tension. Hold this position for a few seconds. Relax and repeat.

10) Smooth Your Brow

Rest your hands on your forehead with your fingers facing inward and toward each other. Begin to glide your fingers across your forehead, moving your fingers outward toward your temples.

Apply firm pressure to smooth out the skin on your forehead. Relax your facial muscles and repeat this motion. Use this exercise as a cool down from your other facial exercises.


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Facial Exercises: Summing Up

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Exercising your face has long-term benefits for the overall health of your skin, making it appear firmer and more radiant.

Doing facial exercises increases the blood circulation in your face to allow more oxygen to reach the skin cells on your face. Also, your facial skin will have a better ability to absorb moisture, resulting in fewer toxins.

By taking matters into your own hands, you can counteract the effects of aging in just a matter of minutes in the comfort of your own home. So, do your exercises and wear your SiO patches at night. Now you’re ready to face the day!


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