How To Give Yourself An At-Home Facial

Written by Aaron Guldager — September 04, 2017

How To Give Yourself An At-Home Facial

We love getting a professional facial especially at spas where you can soak in the steam room and relax.. Maybe indulge in a gentle facial massage afterwards. We love it all! For us, it’s a decadent experience—a little bit of “me first” in a decidedly “after you” world.

As much as we enjoy getting a professional facial, we have to admit that they can be expensive. The average facial is upwards of $100 dollars, and some, depending on where you live, can be two or three times that. It may not be cost-prohibitive, but it is enough to make you stop and think twice before going beyond one or two facials a year.

And that’s a shame because facials are great for your skin. The best facials:

  • Gently exfoliate
  • Open pores
  • Cleanse skin
  • Balance skin chemistry
  • Help repair the protective layer on your skin
  • Much more

    It’s a shame to say no to something so good for you. Luckily, you no longer have to! The experts at SiO Beauty are here to show you how you can give yourself a facial in just five easy steps. And as bonus, at the end of this article, we’ll show you how you can get even better results by getting rid of one step and replacing another with a unique, clinically-proven product for healing stubborn wrinkles.

    For now, though, let’s focus on the traditional mask-based facial we’ve come to know and love.

    How To Give Yourself A Facial

    The beauty of this do-it-yourself facial is twofold:

    • It can be done once a week for pennies on the dollar when compared to a professional facial.
    • It works on all skin types—oily, dry, combination, or anything in between.
    In today’s world of wrinkles, the word facial now expands to the neck and decollete.

        cream for an at-home facial

        An at-home facial can be done anytime, but we recommend that you do it before bed to give your skin plenty of time to heal and rejuvenate. The process begins with something you do every night anyway: washing your face, neck & decollete.

        1) Cleanse Your Skin

        at home skin care

        After reading the heading of this section, you might think the first step is to wash your face, neck & decollete. But we’re going to suggest you start with another part of your body: your hands. This whole process depends on what you do with your hands so you want them to be clean. There’s no special cleanser we recommend, just whatever you normally use to clean your hands when they are dirty.

        After your hands are clean, you can turn your attention to cleansing the skin on your face, neck, and décolleté. Follow the steps below to get your skin clean and ready for the facial to come.

        1. Remove your makeup with an oil-free makeup remover. Or try coconut oil to both cleanse skin and soften pores.
        2. Rinse your face, neck, and chest with lukewarm water to remove surface dirt and open pores.
        3. Apply a gentle cleanser and massage it into your skin using small circular movements for at least a minute. Pay special attention to the curves, nooks, and crannies around your nose and chin.
        4. Splash lukewarm water on your skin to remove the cleaner.
        5. Pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

          Once your skin is clear of surface toxins, you’re ready for the next step.

          2) Exfoliate Your Skin

          young woman exfoliating before an at-home facial


          Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and any remaining dirt or pollutants that refused to budge during the washing process. You can use an exfoliating scrub or an all-natural exfoliant like coffee. Here’s a simple three-step method for getting the most out of your exfoliant.

          1. With your clean fingers, rub the exfoliant onto your skin using small circular motions.
          2. Continue to massage your face—forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, neck, decollete—for at least thirty seconds each.
          3. Wet a washcloth with lukewarm water, and softly wipe off your face, neck, and chest. The washcloth acts as a gentle abrasive and can add to the effectiveness of the exfoliant product.

            3) Steam Your Skin

            woman doing a steaming at-home facial


            There are several ways you can steam your skin. The simplest involves wetting a washcloth with warm water and placing it on your face, neck & decollete for five minutes. But if you have the time and the means, there are much better options for this important step.

            One such option is to fill your sink with hot water from the tap. Lean forward and stand with your face, neck & decollete over the sink and let the steam roil over your skin. We suggest draping a cloth or a towel over your head so it traps the steam and prevents it from escaping. Continue the steaming process for ten to fifteen minutes.

            Another option is to fill a medium pot about half full with water. Bring the water to a rolling boil, and then lower the temperature so that the water stays at a low boil. Place your face, neck & decollete over the steam. Keep in mind that this steam is hotter than the steam from your sink, so start out a fair distance away and move in slowly. To add to the effectiveness of the steam, drape a cloth or towel over your head to keep the steam next to your skin. Remain in this position for fifteen minutes.

            If you want to add to the cleansing process, or just make the steam smell good, add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to the water. We like rosemary and tea tree, but any oil will work.

            4) Apply A Face Mask To Your Skin

            at-home facial mask


            The face mask step is the part of this process you’re probably most familiar with. It’s what everyone envisions when they hear the word facial. It’s iconic because it’s used so often as a sign of relaxation and healthy skin. It’s used so often because it works. Face masks are one of the better ways to repair tired skin and heal stubborn wrinkles. You can also use this below your face on your neck and chest as well.  There is a best way to do this which we’ll talk about below.

            For now, though, it’s important to understand that choosing the right face mask is vital if you want to reap all the rewards. But there are so many different face masks out there, it’s impossible to choose. Should you use a Korean or charcoal face mask? What about a DIY-avocado mask or any of the myriad other face masks you can make at home?

            The key is to choose the face mask that is right for your skin. We recommend the following properties based on skin type:

            • Oily skin—Try a mud- or clay-based mask. These masks absorb the extra oil from your skin without removing so much that it causes more harm.
            • Dry skin—Hydrating or creamy face masks are best for those with dry skin.
            • Combination skin—You need a mask that both hydrates and gently absorbs excess oil.


            Whichever product you choose, follow the directions. That said, don’t leave a face mask on your skin for more than twenty minutes. Extended exposure to the chemicals in the mask can burn your skin.

            To remove the face mask, peel it off or wash it off with lukewarm water. There’s no need to rewash your skin as you did in step one. Just remove any of the mask that may have been left behind.

            5) Moisturize Your Skin

            After the mask is gone, it’s time to moisturize your skin. Moisturizing is one of the most important ways you can keep your skin healthy and wrinkle-free longer. You can trust our powerful SiO Energy Serum for this!

            The Best Way To Heal And Prevent Wrinkles

            At-home facials are great, but there’s a better way to get real wrinkle-smoothing results fast with fewer steps. “How is this possible?” you ask. It’s possible through the miracle of modern science and a product that was developed in hospitals to heal stubborn scars and burns. What is that product? Silicone skin patches like those offered by SiO Beauty.

            Silicone skin patches are so effective because they create a microclimate between the patch and the skin. This microclimate pulls moisture from below the skin, and from air around the patch, and focuses it next to the epidermis where it can produce the best results. When worn at night, it’s like soaking your skin in moisture for six to eight hours. The hydration produced by the silicone skin patches can create noticeable results in just one night. Over time, those results only improve creating softer, firmer and smoother skin.



            Here’s how to simplify the facial process using SiO Beauty silicon patches.

            1. Wash your face, neck & chest per the instructions above.
            2. Exfoliate your skin with the exfoliant from your pre-existing beauty routine.
            3. Wear one of the many SiO Beauty silicone power patches while you sleep.
            4. In the morning, moisturize your skin with your favorite moisturizer

              That’s it! One less step than the at-home facial...and most of the healing is done while you sleep. So there’s no muss, no fuss, just all-night wrinkle healing and prevention. Best of all, you can tailor your silicone skin patch experience by using one or all of the SiO Beauty medical grade silicone power patches:

                Real results are just that easy!