How to Clean & Reuse Your Silicone Patches: Cleaning Tips for Maximum Benefit

Written by Carly Kazempoor — March 22, 2024

How to Clean & Reuse Your Silicone Patches: Cleaning Tips for Maximum Benefit

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Dendy Engelman, Board-certified Dermatologist. 

One thing that nearly every beauty enthusiast can relate to? The absolute joy of finding the perfect skincare product for their routine, only to stress about maximizing it for as long as possible. Ugh. But what if we told you that SiO Beauty products were made specifically with this dilemma in mind, and therefore can be reused over and over again if maintained properly?

It’s the dream, and can easily become a reality when you discover the beauty of reusable silicone face patches. These dermatologist-approved products are a sustainable, cost-effective solution for healthier skin, serving as an alternative to injectables that you’ll never want to take off. And what if we told you that you didn’t have to? As these skincare products rise in popularity, it’s crucial to understand how to clean silicone face patches for optimal results. 

Understanding Silicone Patches and Their Cleaning Needs

Made with 100% medical-grade silicone, SiO Beauty’s wrinkle patches pack a lot of power into one small-but-mighty strip. When placed on your skin, they create a healing microclimate that helps to deeply hydrate, visibly smooth wrinkles, and prevent deeper fine lines from forming. How amazing is that? But these abilities also come with great responsibility, as one must learn how to clean silicone face patches for prime longevity and results. 

Even for the most dedicated skincare lovers, it’s easy to get dirt, oil, and dead skin cells stuck in your pores. These icky things can be transferred to silicone patches after use, therefore reducing their effectiveness and adhesion. And since our silicone patches — including Chest Lift, Mid Brow-Lift, and Super EyeLift — can be used up to ten times, we want you to maximize the benefits in every last one! How can that be done? By learning how to properly clean reusable silicone face patches for a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and skin-loving beauty solution. 

Cleaning Methods for Silicone Patches

General Cleaning

While washing your face with soap is frowned upon (if not outright banned) in the beauty world, the rules are a little different when learning how to clean silicone face patches. If you’ve only used your patches a couple of times, or are careful to wear them only on clean and makeup-free skin, a simple cleanse will do! Check out the following steps: 

Step 1: Preparation

Grab a gentle and unscented soap and some lukewarm water to begin the cleaning process. Next, lay a towel on a dry, flat surface where you’ll leave your reusable silicone face patches out to dry after washing.

Step 2: Pre-rinse your patches

Run your silicone face patches under lukewarm water to wash away remaining dirt, oil, or makeup. Make sure that the temperature isn’t too high, as too-hot water can damage the silicone and lessen the effects of your patches.

Step 3: Apply soap and lather

Apply a small amount of the gentle soap to each patch. Once again, you should avoid using any harsh or heavily scented cleaning products, as they tend to degrade the silicone!

Next, delicately massage the soap into the silicone patches with your fingers, gently moving in circular motions to make sure that you don’t stretch or tear the patches. Additionally, you should focus even further on cleaning areas where there might be more buildup, like edges or textured surfaces.

Step 4: Rinse and dry

After you’ve efficiently scrubbed your reusable silicone face patches, run them under water once again to remove all signs of soap.

Once the rinsing process is complete, gently shake off any excess water and lay the patches out on the clean towel we talked about earlier. Allow them to air dry completely before storing or reusing them. Avoid using direct heat or sunlight for drying, as this could damage the silicone.

Deep Cleaning

Are you a makeup junkie who often finds her reusable silicone patches covered in foundation? No problem! It just means you need a deep clean with the help of not only soap, but also a gentle cleanser to revive your accessories in no time. Follow these steps to get all the gunk off your favorite patches:

Step 1: Rinse right after use

Immediately after removing the patch, wash it off with warm or lukewarm water. This initial rinse helps remove any makeup, oil, or dirt from the get-go and gets you ready for a deeper clean.

Step 2: Massage with your cleanser

Use a gentle cleanser, like our Hydrating Facial Cleanser, to deep-clean your silicone patches like a dream. All you need to do is carefully massage this product into your patches with your fingers to remove impurities without sacrificing the adhesive.

Be extra careful when cleaning the adhesive side of the patch, using your fingertips or a soft cloth to rub in circular motions. This works to lift away any impurities, without sacrificing that much-coveted adhesive you need for re-use.

Step 3: Rinse

After thoroughly cleansing the patch, rinse it under warm, running water. Ensure all traces of the cleanser are removed, as any residue can affect the patch’s stickiness.

Step 4: Air Drying

Air drying is crucial. Lay the patch, adhesive side up, on a clean, dry surface, preferably in a well-ventilated area. Avoid using towels or direct heat sources for drying, as these can leave lint or damage the adhesive.

Step 5: Storage

Once completely dry, return the patch to its original storage shield. This helps to protect the adhesive from dust and lint and maintains the patch’s shape and effectiveness.

Reusing Silicone Patches 

Of course you’re hoping to get the most out of your reusable silicone patches…as it’s a sustainable and cost-effective way to reduce 11’s and crow’s feet! Not to mention neck and chest wrinkles, but who’s counting? Anyway, you may be wondering about the lifespan of these silicone patches and their reusability without sacrificing quality. And we can help you determine just how long to utilize your new favorite beauty essentials. 

Most of the SiO Beauty silicone patches — including SuperLipLift, HandLift, and Eye & Smile Lift, are reusable up to ten times with the proper care. This includes not only a proper cleaning routine, but also a handful of tips and tricks to vastly increase their longevity. Want to make the most of these innovative and effective products? Try this:

Cleanse your skin first

Before applying the silicone patches, ensure that your skin is clean, dry, and free from impurities like oil, makeup, and even your nighttime moisturizer. This helps to preserve the adhesive and keep your products from losing stickiness prematurely.

Rotate Patches

Do you enjoy our silicone patches so much that you just had to buy multiples? Aw, we love you too! If this is the case, consider rotating the use of each patch to extend both of their respective lifespans.

Store properly

After each use, return the patches to the original packaging or a clean, dry surface where they won’t collect dust or debris. These patches take care of you and your skin, so it’s crucial to return the favor!

FAQs: Cleaning and Reusing Silicone Patches 

What can you use to clean silicone patches?

For a quick and simple cleaning of your reusable silicone patches, use your fingers to massage them with gentle soap and lukewarm water. If you desire a deeper clean, utilize a gentle cleanser and soft cloth, ensuring that you cover all the edges and creases of your patch.

Do you wash silicone face patches?

Yes, always! Rinsing them after each use has been shown to increase longevity, while you should also do a deeper clean when needed.

How do you reuse silicone wrinkle patches?

Follow the proper protocol to keep your silicone patches sticky for as long as possible, including applying only on dry, clean skin. After every use, store away safely on a clean, flat, and confined surface for next time. 

How do I make my SiO Beauty silicone patch sticky again?

Try re-activating the adhesive with a damp cloth, and always place a protective cover over your adhesive after use to maintain the stickiness for that much longer.

How to Clean and Care For Your Silicone Patches

Reusable silicone patches are an ideal addition to any skincare routine — helping people of all ages and skin types combat fine lines without the use of needles. But with great innovation also comes great responsibility, and one must follow the guidelines to give their patches (and their skin!) the proper care. Are you ready to delve into the world of reusable silicone face patches? Start shopping today, and don’t forget to have your gentle cleanser and lukewarm water on hand.