How To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes In Five Easy Steps

Written by Aaron Guldager — April 01, 2019

How To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes In Five Easy Steps

Your eyes say so much about you! So you definitely don’t want to wake up in the morning to dark shadows and hollow space under your eyes. But if you do find yourself face-to-face with “sunken eyes,” the SiO Beauty experts are here to help.

Sunken Eyes: What They Are And Where They Come From

If you have sunken eyes, you’ll notice a hollow-looking space and dark shadows under your eyes or on your lower eyelids. The skin under your eyes might look especially thin, too.

If you’re wondering where your sunken eyes came from, you might be able to blame your parents. Your eyes’ position in the eye socket is genetic and could leave you with a sunken look. Other causes can be serious problems, like a lack of nutrition or severe dehydration.

But if none of that sounds like your situation and your sunken eyes have appeared recently, there are a few other factors that could be the culprit.

First, a temporary condition like allergies or a sinus infection can contribute to sunken eyes. Aging could also have something to do with hollow-looking eyes. But let’s give aging a break for a minute — it takes the blame for a lot of things!

So other than aging and temporary conditions, what are some of the typical causes of sunken eyes?

One potential cause is weight loss. Losing weight means that you also lose fat in your face, which can make your face in general, including your eyes, look more hollow — a surprising side effect! 

If you’ve shed a lot of pounds recently, you’ll notice some changes in your face shape, and sunken eyes may be part of that.

Next possible cause? Sleep problems. You’ve probably experienced first-hand what a lack of sleep will do to your eyes. Not getting enough sleep — or getting poor-quality sleep — can contribute to sunken eyes and the dark circles that accompany them.

Two other factors that affect your eyes: not enough water and too many cigarettes! More on that later.

woman lacking sleep causing sunken eyes

As you can see, there are many potential reasons the area around your eyes may appear dark and hollow. So what’s a girl to do?

How To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes

If you want to avoid expensive office procedures like cosmetic surgery or dermal fillers, you’re in the right place.

We’ve got a list of five ways to show some TLC to the delicate skin around your eyes from the comfort of your own home.

Before we get to the list, one word to those with a runny nose: if your sunken eyes are thanks to allergies or a sinus infection, talk to your doctor about eye drops, antihistamines, or antibiotics. Using a medication along with one of these tips could be just the ticket.

Without further ado, time to do away with sunken eyes!

1) Quit Smoking

At first glance, it might not seem like smoking has much to do with your sunken eyes. But it does! Smoking destroys collagen.

Why does that matter? Because collagen is the protein that gives your skin shape and resilience. It provides the structure that keeps your skin from sagging.

That’s important for preventing eye wrinkles, but it’s also important when it comes to preventing and getting rid of sunken eyes.

We lose collagen naturally as we age, but we also lose it thanks to bad habits like smoking. And, unfortunately, one of the first places you’ll notice collagen loss is under your eyes. That can cause your eyes to sink back into the sockets, contributing to sunken eyes.

But there are some things you can do to hold on to the collagen you’ve got and even encourage more collagen production!

2) Get Enough Sleep

Two things happen when you don’t sleep enough. First of all, you end up with dark circles under your eyes, which only makes sunken eyes look even worse. Secondly, the collagen in your skin takes a hit when you skimp on snoozing.

Beauty sleep is real! Your sleeping hours are when your skin rebuilds itself so when you cut corners on sleeping, you cheat your skin out of much-needed strengthening.

Make sure you get a full night’s rest every night to get rid of your sunken eyes.

woman enjoying beauty sleep to get rid of sunken eyes

Beauty sleep is real! Make sure you get a full seven to nine hours of sleep every night to get rid of your sunken eyes.

A couple of tips for the best beauty sleep possible:

If you find that your eyes are swollen when you wake up, try sleeping with an extra pillow to elevate your head. This may keep fluids from pooling under your eyes.

Get the most out of your sleeping hours by wearing SiO Beauty patches. You can wear them for a couple of hours during the day if your skin needs a boost, but make sure you wear them during the night so you can wake up to a smoother, healthier-looking face!

3) Use Sun Protection

What does sun protection have to do with sunken eyes? It all goes back to collagen (hang on, we’re almost done talking about this very important protein!).

Too much sun exposure can damage the collagen in your skin, leading to unwanted wrinkles and conditions like sunken eyes.

woman using sun protection to prevent sunken eyes

You probably know the drill about wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Armor up with a gentle face sunscreen and reapply frequently, especially if you’re in the water or you find yourself sweating.

True sun protection also includes wearing sunglasses, hats, and the like.

4) Stay Hydrated

You don’t have to be severely dehydrated for water intake to affect your eyes. To keep your skin hydrated and ward off sunken eyes, drink plenty of water and take it easy when it comes to caffeine and alcohol.

A super easy way to hydrate your skin is by wearing SiO Beauty patches. They draw moisture up from the lower levels of skin into the outside layer, leaving skin plump and hydrated.

woman wearing SiO Beauty patches to hydrate skin

5) Apply Skin-Healthy Oils Under Your Eyes

Oil up! Using a drop of oil on your skin is a great (and natural!) way to target the shadowy skin under your eyes. Plus, you’ve probably already got some of these oils in your kitchen.

Try coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil (especially good for skin health), olive oil, or avocado oil to reduce sunken eyes. You can also break open a capsule of fish oil to give your under-eye skin a healthy dose of those fatty acids.

Before you hop into bed, simply put a drop of any of those oils onto your fingertips and gently massage the oil into the skin under your eyes. Leave it on overnight and repeat nightly.

Note: SiO patches must be applied to clean, dry skin with no product underneath. So if you choose to try the oil method along with SiO’s hydrating patches, be sure to alternate between the two.

woman applying eye cream to get rid of sunken eyes

Put a little extra thought into your skin care routine and work in healthy oils, an extra glass of water, sun protection, a little more sleep, and skin-smoothing SiO Beauty patches.

Whatever the cause of your sunken eyes, these tips will get you well on your way to a glowing face and gorgeous, younger-looking eyes!