Should You Use A Breast Pillow For Side Sleeping?

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Wrinkles on the décolleté result from a combination of factors including, diet, age, sun exposure, side sleeping, and collagen breakdown. Diet can be addressed by eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water each day, and including superfoods like almonds, avocado, and tomatoes. Sun exposure can be handled by covering the décolleté or by applying sunscreen and moisturizer on a regular basis. Collagen breakdown can also be handled by the topical application of hydrators and moisturizers.

Side sleeping, however, can be a bit more difficult to remedy. That position is where we feel most comfortable and where we get the best night’s sleep. It’s where our body naturally wants to be. So how can we prevent wrinkles from forming on our décolleté while we sleep? Enter the breast pillow.

Breast pillows come in many forms. Regardless of the shape or size, they all function the same and serve the same purpose. The breast pillow is worn between the breasts and keeps them separate during side sleeping. The pillow also gives support to the top breast.

The result of wearing a breast pillow is a decrease in the pulling, tugging, folding, and wrinkling of the delicate skin of the décolleté. This article will show you how to use a breast pillow and will outline the benefits, the drawbacks and the alternatives of these wrinkle fighting devices.

3 Benefits of Breast Pillows

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The benefits of the breast pillow are multifaceted and include support, friction reduction, and comfort. Most women start using a breast pillow for the support and wrinkle prevention. Once they’ve used it for a few nights, they also find that it’s more comfortable than going without.

1. Support

The breast pillow’s primary benefit is that it provides support to the breasts themselves during side sleeping. But the breast pillow also lends support to the thin skin of the décolleté. These multiple points of support help to reduce the pulling effects of gravity that can result in décolleté wrinkles.

2. Friction reduction

Because the breast pillow supports the breasts and the décolleté during side sleeping, it also serves to reduce friction. Friction is caused by the skin-on-skin rubbing that occurs during regular (“pillowless”) side sleeping. This friction can also have a negative effect on the skin of the décolleté that can result in wrinkle formation.

3. Comfort

Some find the breast pillow to be a comfortable addition to their side-sleeping routine. Women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the support that a breast pillow can provide and may continue using it for the comfort factor alone.

It’s very much like using a pregnancy pillow to support your lower torso during side sleeping. The pillow keeps the pressure off that area of your body. In addition, it supports the weight of your body giving the skin and muscles a well-deserved rest.

2 Types of Breast Pillows

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1. Breast pillow with straps

Some breast pillows employ straps. These function like the opposite of a bra: the cleavage is covered while the breasts are left exposed. The strapped breast pillow is placed between the breasts and usually covers the sternum (the bone at the center of your chest) from top to bottom. The straps are adjusted to keep the pillow in place.

Many sleepers worry about movement dislodging the breast pillow during the night. But with the strapped version, the breast pillow stays in place regardless of how much flip-flopping you do.

2. Breast pillow without straps

Some breast pillows are nothing more than a small pillow that rests between the breasts while you sleep. These strapless versions typically require some form of external support such as a loose-fitting bra or a form-fitting tank top.

Regardless of which version you choose, they both serve the same function: to reduce the stress and strain on your décolleté during side sleeping and prevent the wrinkles that can result.

3 Drawbacks of Breast Pillows

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The benefits of using a breast pillow to reduce wrinkles during side sleeping can be significant. The cons of using a breast pillow during side sleeping can be equally as significant.

1. May be too expensive

Breast pillows range in cost but may be more than some are willing to invest. The strap version can be particularly expensive and may turn some women off from giving them a try. Breast pillows can cost well over $50 and don’t always provide the best results.

2. May not fit properly

Strap versions might not adjust properly to accommodate some women. This can make the breast pillow uncomfortable to wear at night. Comfort is important for a good night’s sleep and can be one of the major reasons for using a breast pillow. If the breast pillow isn’t comfortable to wear, it defeats the purpose.

3. Movement can cause the breast pillow to move

If the strap version of the breast pillow isn’t adjusted correctly, it can move during the course of a night. Again, this defeats the purpose of wearing the pillow in the first place. In addition, it can add to the discomfort of side sleeping that may disrupt your natural sleeping patterns.

Strapless versions are particularly susceptible to dislodging. Because they are only held in place by the clothing you choose to wear, they may migrate during the a particularly restless night. If you have a tendency to change sides frequently during the night, the strapless version may be more frustrating than useful.

The Best Alternative to Breast Pillows

Thankfully, there is a very effective alternative to the breast pillow for reducing wrinkles on the décolleté: SiO Beauty’s 24-Hour System. The SiO Beauty 24-Hour System focuses on what’s important: wrinkle reduction.

The SiO Beauty 24-Hour System works in three simple steps. First, use the SiO Décolleté Cleansing Discs to lightly exfoliate, clean pores, and prepare the skin of the décolleté.

Second, apply the SiO SkinPad and wear it overnight. The SkinPad’s unique design ensures that, no matter how much you toss and turn, the pad will stay in place.

Third, apply the SiO Décolleté Serum in the morning for all-day rejuvenation and protection.

Use the Best Solution for The Best Results

While breast pillows can be an great way to prevent décolleté wrinkles, for the best results, it’s important to use the best product available. To repair existing wrinkles and to prevent new wrinkles from forming—without all the drawbacks of the breast pillow, the best product is the overnight chest pad coupled with a cleansing solution and a hydrating serum. Don’t settle for uncomfortable pillows and straps. Sleep like you want to sleep and prevent wrinkles with the SiO Beauty 24-Hour System.

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