Décolleté Pads: The Most Effective Way To Prevent Décolleté Wrinkles

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No woman wants to wake up and discover that she has chest wrinkles.

Unlike facial wrinkles, which happen over time, chest and cleavage wrinkles, or “crinkles”, can show up literally overnight. At first, the creases you see after a good night’s sleep disappear after a few hours, but over time, sleeping on your side, natural aging and letting gravity do its work will cause deeper lines that become permanent.

Nothing feels worse than looking your age above the collarbone, but when you start looking 20 years older below it can give you quite a scare. Showing a little bit of skin doesn’t have to be something you only did when you were 22.

Sure, you could cover up your creased crepey décolléte with scarves, turtlenecks or maybe a large statement necklace, but that won’t really make you look or feel younger.

Some women who struggle to get rid of cleavage wrinkles have explored other options like creams, surgery, lasers, microneedling and microdermabrasion treatments but these options tend to be expensive, painful and ultimately ineffective. Makeup is also an impractical solution. So is trying to train yourself to sleep on your back. Trust me, I’ve tried for years.

No matter your age, you should be able to enjoy a youthful décolletage. That’s why more and more women are turning to décolleté pads, like the SiO Beauty SkinPad, to prevent and reduce chest wrinkles.

What Are Décolleté Pads?SiO Beauty Decollete Pads

Made of medical grade silicone, these décolleté pads solve a problem that many other solutions fail to correct. Sleeping on your back is nearly impossible. Wearing a bra to sleep is uncomfortable. Placing a pillow between your breasts before you go to sleep just doesn’t work. And we all know about the false promises that made by the countless creams we’ve bought over the years.

Décolleté pads are worn overnight to reduce the appearance of chest wrinkles while also creating the environment your skin needs to prevent future wrinkles from forming.

They’re small, tactfully shaped, pads that are worn underneath the collarbone and above the cleavage.

How Does A Décolleté Pad Work?

While we can’t speak for all the décolleté pads out there, we can speak to the groundbreaking science behind the SiO SkinPad. Made out of medical grade silicone, the SiO SkinPad forms a closed yet breathable environment that allows the skin to better hydrate, self-regulate, normalize and heal.

By creating the ideal microclimate for damaged, dehydrated, collagen depleted and wrinkled skin, the SiO SkinPad helps the skin naturally firm and soften resulting in fewer creases and fine lines overnight. With continued use, the SiO SkinPad is clinically-proven to both reduce and prevent wrinkles.

Not only is the SiO SkinPad a non-invasive, effective solution for eliminating wrinkles, it’s also custom tapered to look and feel like a second skin, hugging the body as closely and comfortably as possible while you sleep.

How Do You Use A Décolleté Pad?

Décolleté pads are incredibly easy to use.

Start by gently exfoliating the skin. If you don’t already have an oil-free décolleté exfoliating cleanser, we highly recommend using the SiO Décolleté Cleansing Discs which were specifically designed to be used in advance of applying the SiO SkinPad.

Once the skin is prepped and dry, place the pad, sticky side down, below the collarbone and right in the middle of your décolletage. The pads should be placed with the smaller end towards the bottom of your cleavage.

The SiO SkinPad in particular is neutral in skin tone and designed to feel like a second skin going unnoticed while you sleep.

In the morning, simply peel the pad off to reveal smooth, refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

When Should I Start Worrying About Cleavage Wrinkles?

decollete pads age

Being in your 20’s or 30’s but having the cleavage of someone in their 60’s is embarrassing. It can be a huge hit to your confidence, even if you find ways to cover it up. You shouldn’t have to stare longingly at your favorite low cut or scoop neck tops hanging unworn in your closet because you’re self-conscious.

Women in their mid-20’s should start using medical grade silicone décolleté pads to prevent cleavage wrinkles from forming in the future, even if none have appeared yet. 

Women in their mid-30’s and older can turn back the clock after a single night of sleeping with a décolleté pad while also preventing existing lines and wrinkles from deepening. In general, consistent use will beat wrinkles and keep your chest looking young and radiant every day. 

SiO Beauty Before And After

As you can see in the above before and after pictures, women who have worn these pads have transformed their chests completely. They feel more confident and don’t have to avoid flattering shirt styles to cover up their wrinkles.

What Causes Décolleté Wrinkles?

sleep wrinkles

How You Sleep

Beyond general aging, chest wrinkles are largely caused by sleeping on your side, which causes your skin to fold and breasts to press together, creating pesky wrinkles in the morning. Even if your breasts aren’t large, aging and gravity still loosens and pulls down on the surrounding skin particularly when you sleep on your side.

Sometimes the wrinkles caused by side sleeping go away after a few hours, but over time as you age, they’ll only become more deep and permanent. If uncared for, your décolleté can become a melange of lines and wrinkles.

Sun Damage

Sun damage also plays a role in causing chest wrinkles. Even if you make a conscious effort to apply sunscreen, sun exposure will damage the biology of your skin reducing elasticity and eventually producing the initial signs of wrinkles, crepey skin. Just one long, sunny day at the beach can cause major skin damage that could stay with you for the rest of your life.

Additional Causes

While the above causes play primary roles in producing chest wrinkles, there are a number of other décolleté wrinkle causes to be wary of:

  • Aging
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Gravity
  • Overconsumption of sugar
  • Are Décolleté Pads Right For You?

      Why lose precious beauty sleep over wrinkle-worry? That stress will only cause more wrinkles!

      As you can see, décolleté pads are the most effective and affordable way to prevent and reduce cleavage wrinkles so that you can show off your gorgeous décolletage regardless of your age.

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