How To Reverse Aging Skin

December 12, 2016

reverse aging skin

reverse aging skin

No, you can’t turn back the hands of time—the clock only moves in one direction. You can, however, reverse the signs of aging and restore your skin’s natural vibrancy. All it takes is a few simple steps to younger, healthier skin. This article will discuss 8 ways you can reverse aging skin.

1. Wash with cool water

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You’ve known the importance of washing your face for....well, forever. But did you know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to wash your face? There is. More specifically, temperature matters when you’re trying to reverse the signs of aging skin.

Water that is too hot or too cold can cause damage to the delicate capillaries in your top layer of skin. To prevent this, wash with cool water instead. You’ll avoid the capillary damage and the cool water will also help tighten your pores which can significantly affect how your skin looks and feels. You’re going to wash your face anyway. You might as well do it right.

2. Get enough calcium

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Calcium is an important element for the health of your bones, teeth, and organs. But did you know that calcium is also important for the health of your skin?

Most calcium in the skin is found in the epidermis (the outermost layer). It helps the skin regulate the speed at which new cells are generated and old cells are shed. Calcium also contributes to the production of sebum which functions as a natural moisture barrier. In essence, calcium helps to keep your skin moist and supple. If your body doesn’t get enough calcium, the skin can appear thin, dry, and fragile.

For the best results, consume 1,000-1,200 mg of calcium everyday in the form of whole foods like cheese, yogurt, and milk. If lactose intolerance is a problem, try taking a calcium supplement.

3. Shield your skin from the sun even when inside

You’re likely  aware of the importance of covering up or wearing sunscreen when you’re outside. But do you think about shielding your skin from the sun when you’re inside?

The sun’s harmful rays don’t stop for glass. Even tinted glass can’t stop it completely. Yes, it may decrease its intensity, but the UV rays are still coming through. If you work in an office with windows, try situating your desk so your back is to the sun. It’s never a bad idea to wear a 30 to 45 SPF sunscreen all the time...even inside.

And don’t forget about your car. It’s a small space with lots of windows and no way to really shield your skin. Be sure to cover up if possible, apply sunscreen when it’s not, and wear sunglasses when appropriate.

4. Repair skin with fruits and vegetables

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Your skin constantly produces new cells, sloughs off old ones, and neutralizes antioxidants and other toxins so they don’t do permanent damage. One important product in that repair process is vitamin A. If your body doesn’t have the vitamin A it needs, your body’s natural resilience is impaired.

To help repair aging skin, consume foods that are high in vitamin A. Vegetables like spinach and sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A. And don’t forget about the fruit. Mangoes and watermelon are your best bets here. Try eating a spinach salad for lunch and snacking on a bowl of mango or watermelon in the afternoon.

5. Limit coffee and soda

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Coffee and soda are natural diuretics. That means that they pull water from your body and flush it out of the system. This can lead to dehydration which is bad for your skin.

Sure, you’re probably using a moisturizer in your daily skincare routine , but if you consume a lot of coffee or soda, those efforts are all for naught. It’s like trying to fill a glass with water when there’s a hole in the bottom. Everything you put in is just going to go right back out thanks to the diuretics in the drinks you consume. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the acidity of the coffee and soda can burn the calcium in your body. This leads to inflammation and redness in the skin.

Try limiting your intake to one coffee or one soda per day. If you can get rid of it completely, that’s all the better. Instead of coffee or soda, drink clear water...and be sure to get enough (at least 8 cups a day).

6. Use the right cream

The right cream is indispensable when it come to reversing aging skin. Creams can remove the buildup of dry skin. They can smooth out fine lines. They can improve discoloration. They can even promote collagen growth.

But not all creams are created equal. Those with glycolic acid, retinoids, or retinol are the cream of the crop (pun intended) when it comes to skin care. SiO Beauty’s Décolleté Serum is an example of one of the best. It is scientifically designed to hydrate, smooth, and brighten skin and reverse the signs of aging.

Try applying the décolleté serum in the morning for all-day healing. For best results, use in conjunction with a skin pad (see below) to see results in days rather than months.

7. Get rid of stress

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Most people don’t think about it, but stress can have a major impact on the appearance of your skin. When you’re stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol. Cortisol, among other things, can kick existing conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis into high gear. So even if you do everything else on this list but you’re still stressed, your skin is going to show it.

To reduce stress, be sure to sleep at least 7 hours every night. You can also try adding meditation or exercise to your daily routine to reduce the stress you feel. And don’t skip on the vacation time. You’ve worked hard and earned that time off. Take it. Your skin will thank you.

8. Wear a skin pad at night

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Silicone skin pads are based on the same technology used by doctors and surgeons to heal scarred and burned skin. On healthy skin, skin pads can reverse aging skin like no other product on the market.

For example, SiO Beauty’s SkinPad is worn at night for two very important reasons. For one, the SiO SkinPad provides support to the thin skin of the décolleté so that side sleeping doesn’t cause lines and wrinkles. For another, the SiO SkinPad creates a micro-climate between the skin and pad. This micro-climate speeds healing and reverses the signs of aging.

Physician assistant Nicole Hastaba explains:

“The SiO SkinPad sits on top of the skin and hydrates the skin. Because of that hydration, over time, we’re going to normalize and restore collagen, which is going to reduce wrinkles. It’s going to smooth lines and give an overall plump and produce a more vibrant, younger-looking décolleté.”

The SiO Beauty SkinPad can smooth the skin of your décolleté in just one night. In addition, it can prevent new wrinkles from forming and promote the body’s natural ability to restore, repair, and heal itself.

The best way to reverse aging skin

The best way to reverse aging skin is to use a skin pad, cleanser, and hydrating serum (like the SiO Beauty’s 24-Hour System ). Couple that with the other suggestions on this list and you’ve got a powerful recipe for reversing the signs of aging skin and restoring your youthful glow.