Written by Aaron Guldager — September 30, 2017


Non-Surgical Ways to Tighten That Neck

Aging can sneak up on you, especially when it comes to your neck. We all know to be watching for loosening skin in our faces, and kind of leave necks as an afterthought. Then one day you wake up, take a look in the mirror, and think “Huh. Who made me into origami overnight?” Luckily there are plenty of options to combat loose necks and the wrinkles that come with them. So chin up! Literally!

What Is A Neck Lift?

When we are talking neck lift surgery, the technical term is “rhytidectomy”. A rhytidectomy (I'm getting tired already, let's keep calling it a Neck Lift) is a surgical procedure that refines and tightens the skin around he neck and jawline. It can also help to reduce excess fat under the chin and eliminate harsh lines that may have developed over time. Many patients find that their neck needs tightening before the rest of their face begins to show the same loss of elasticity. Therefore, a targeted lift to the skin surrounding the neck can help the two areas match again.

A surgical neck lift starts with anesthesia. Once patients are properly sedated incisions are made either along the lower hairline, beginning around the sideburns and continuing to the posterior hair, or a smaller incision just near the ears, for a less intense and less invasive lift. After the incisions are closed with surgical glue or sutures, the recovery process can take from two weeks all the way up to 3 months, depending on the extent of the Lift, and your bodies natural ability to heal.

Non-Surgical Neck Lifts

Don't carve up that turkey (neck) just yet! If a surgical neck lift doesn't sound like your cup of tea, there are plenty of non-invasive, non-surgical solutions to loosen aging skin of the neck and chin.

SiO Neck Lift Pads

SiO has created medical grade silicone patches, specially designed to target loose and wrinkled skin on the neck. Originally based on technology used for healing burns and cuts by hospitals, SiO patches create an isolated microclimate between themselves and the skin, allowing the skin to rehydrate itself. Worn overnight, SiO patches are soft and easily adhere to your trouble spots, so you can slap them on, call it a day, and wake up to visible, non-invasive neck lift results.


Microneedling is exactly what it sounds like. Tons of tiny needles are rolled across your neck, lightly piercing the skin, and encouraging collagen production in areas that are losing elasticity.  While this may sound like some sort of horror movie scenario, it's actually minimally invasive, and you can have it done by an esthetician or purchase a microneedling device and give yourself an at-home treatment.

Creams and Serums

Moisturizing has always been a key part of maintaining a youthful glow, so why not do some double duty and use creams and Serums that are specially designed for your neck area when it begins to bag and sag. Anything containing retinoids or hyaluronic acid should do the trick.

Contour Kinetic Skin Toning

Visually, it's a device that could easily pass for a hair dryer of the future. But in reality, a Contour Kinetic Skin Toning Device is a specially designed tool that tightens skin by using isometric compression and low-frequency vibrations. The isometric compression creates a gentle vacuum that pulls skin slightly away from the face, encouraging a similar effect to that of hemoglobin, the red blood cells that carry oxygen in your blood stream. The low-frequency vibrations stimulate skin and increase the effectiveness of creams and other topical treatments by up to 300%.

What's The Cost?

Surgical vs Non-Surgical Neck Lift Prices

The SiO NeckLift Patch is always an affordable and effective option. At you can get your hands on a NeckLift Patch for just $24.95 when you subscribe and save.  Get up to 15 uses out of each patch

Microneedling when performed by a professional, can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000. If you are looking for at-home options, you can certainly save some money, but the effectiveness is usually far less than when done in a skin spa or dermatologist's office.

Creams and Serums are truly available for all prices, from drugstore staples to lotions with pure gold or stem cells, the price range really is $2 to upwards of $2,000.

Contour Kinetic Skin Toning Devices will set you back $200 to $300, depending on which model and how many settings you are interested, plus they have a whole line of products available to go along with the device itself, ranging from $30 and up. You will also need to occasionally buy replacement t heads and maintain the device, or your investment will be for nothing.

Be gone, turkey necks! Swans of the world, unite! The solutions to staying on the right side of bird comparisons are right at our wing-gertips!