How to Look Effortlessly Put Together for Video Calls

Written by Jessica Cyrell — June 07, 2020

How to Look Effortlessly Put Together for Video Calls

Whether it’s a Zoom date, a WhatsApp family reunion, a Houseparty girls’ night, or a Google Hangouts meeting, chances are your new “work uniform” isn’t going to cut it. A couple of months into the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re sort of getting used to never leaving the house -- and it shows! But scrambling to throw your hair in a bun and change out of your robe within the timespan of a ringtone is not ideal, and webcams are not exactly known for their glow-up effect. So, it pays to be a little prepared. That doesn’t have to mean a full face of makeup or two hours of hair care, though. All you need are a few tips and tricks to enhance your natural look on the fly. Because, if for nothing else, we believe that when you look good, you feel good.


Tips to Find the Best Lighting

There are just a few pointers that can make all the difference when it comes to lighting. Face the light, embrace natural light if you’ve got it, and keep your light source at eye level. Lighting from above can create shadows under the eyes, and lighting from below can make you look like you’re telling ghost stories. So, when in doubt, face the window and let the daylight work its magic. And, might we add, it pays to tidy up the background! You have one little frame to make a good impression. Use it well!


Work from Home Outfits

#WFH fashion is trending… because, honestly, what else is there? But when it comes to video calls, it’s best to leave the sweats out of the picture. Walking that fine line between put-together and cozy is key. Busy patterns can read distracting or harsh, so stick to solid colors whenever possible. We’re fans of styling a sophisticated yet comfy top with a pair of “wide-leg pants” (aka pajama bottoms… shh!).


Highlighting your Natural Beauty

If you’re feeling the glam look right now, by all means! But most of us are just trying to get by during a very challenging time. So, why not embrace your natural beauty with these quick fixes?


Slather on that Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is the original “no filter” filter. The right one can blur imperfections on any skin tone, without looking or feeling heavy like makeup can. Plus, it has the added benefit of being skincare -- as in, it should actually have some skin-improving qualities. And, since most of us haven’t seen the light of day much in the past few weeks, tinted moisturizer can really bring some warmth to the complexion.


Get Your Glow On with Face Oil

Highlighter is having a moment in the cosmetics world. But to recreate that dewy look naturally, mimicking what we get from, say, a couple of hours on the beach or a brisk jog, your best bet is a facial oil. Face oils, like moisturizers, deliver nutrients and protection while simultaneously giving off that just-left-the-spa glow. But the key difference between looking greasy and looking radiant is all in the way that you apply (hint: a little goes a long way!). Highlight your features by dabbing a drop onto the tops of the cheeks, the brow bone, and the cupid’s bow. Ta da! Instant fresh face.


Cucumber Yogurt Face Mask Ingredients


Freshen up with a Face Mask

Face masks are basically the quarantine facial -- and thank your lucky stars for that, because they can be a huge pick-me-up for tired skin that isn’t getting the fresh air it deserves these days. If you only have a few minutes to spare before a video call, slap on a sheet mask to breathe some life into your complexion. Or, if you’re planning ahead with a couple of hours to kill, silicone patches are an excellent alternative. Check out the SiO FaceLift for a one-stop shop to a totally smooth face and neck. Convenient and comfy, these doctor-recommended silicone patches deeply hydrate the skin, while compressing fine lines and wrinkles. You can wear them overnight, on the regular to establish more long-lasting results, or even just stick them on a couple of hours before a meeting to emerge bright and ready to greet the virtual world.


Rosy Up Those Cheeks

Between the blue light emanating from your screen and the simple fact that all cameras tend to wash us out, it helps to add a little more rosiness to your face than you might normally. A splash of color, especially on your lips and cheeks, can make a world of difference. Whether it’s a couple of quick swipes of a cheek stain and tinted lip balm, or 20 jumping jacks to get the blood flowing, you’re sure to have the healthy flush you need to compensate for any less-than-flattering lighting situation.


Brighten Up the Eyes

They’ll never know you just rolled out of bed for that early morning Skype sesh if you wake up the under-eye area with an express cryo facial! A convenient set like the SiO Cryo System includes both the diamagnetic SiO Cryodrop and SiO's brightening Energy Serum which, in conjunction, harnesses the powers of cold therapy to reduce puffiness and discoloration. Follow up with a hydrating eye cream -- and if you’ve got some eye drops, go ahead and use those, too, to brighten the whites of your eyes. No sleepyheads here!


Take Advantage of Technology

Snapchat and Instagram face effects have long been our saving grace when it comes to no-makeup selfies. Cat ears or a butterfly crown may not be right for every occasion, but a little airbrush never hurt anybody! Thankfully some of the video conferencing platforms have taken a page out of that playbook. Zoom, for example, has what they call a “Touch Up My Appearance” feature that uses soft focus to retouch and tone. “Natural beauty” never looked this good!


In Conclusion…

Being home for weeks or more at a time can feel monotonous and even a little depressing. But a bit of self-care can give you a sense of routine and normalcy that you’ve been missing. Have an upcoming virtual appointment? It’s a great excuse for a mini-makeover -- or, at least, a face mask and some tinted BB cream. Every Hollywood makeup artist knows how to work her medium, and now that we’re in front of the camera, we can learn a thing or two from them. Blue light and close-up lenses are less than forgiving, but brush on a little lip stain and highlight with a drop of face oil, and you’ll be the queen of the virtual ball -- after barely lifting a finger!


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