For Men: How To Prevent And Care For Dry And Dehydrated Skin

Written by Sio Beauty — August 06, 2018

For Men: How To Prevent And Care For Dry And Dehydrated Skin

Let’s face it, fellas: we all get dry and dehydrated skin sometimes. It may be an annoyance, but it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of effective ways to prevent and care for the dry and dehydrated skin men hate to see.

In this post, the skin care experts at SiO will fill you in on everything you need to know about dry and dehydrated skin in men. First, we’ll explain the difference between dry and dehydrated skin. Then we’ll cover the causes and, lastly, tell you all the best ways to care for dry and dehydrated skin.

Dry Skin vs. Dehydrated Skin

First things first: what’s the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin? Aren’t they the same thing?

Nope, not at all. While the causes and treatments are often similar, dry skin and dehydrated skin are two distinct conditions.

Dehydrated skin occurs when your skin cells lose some of their water content. Think of it this way: your skin is an organ, and your skin cells are made up of mostly water, just like the rest of your body. So if the water level in your skin cells decreases (because you aren’t drinking enough, for example), then those cells become dehydrated.

Dry skin, on the other hand, is defined as not having enough natural oil on the surface of your skin. Normally, your body produces a natural oil called sebum that coats your skin. Sebum keeps moisture locked into your skin cells, thus helping to prevent dryness.

However, the layer of sebum on your skin’s surface can sometimes be washed off or damaged. This lack of sebum is what causes dry skin. Because sebum also helps to keep your skin cells moist, dry skin can often lead to dehydrated skin too.

What Causes Dry And Dehydrated Skin For Men?

As noted above, dry skin and dehydrated skin aren’t exactly the same thing. However, they often have the same causes. Here are some of the most common causes of dry and dehydrated skin for men.


Time to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Your skin doesn’t look the way it did when you were 20. And it doesn’t look the same because, well, it isn’t the same.

When we’re young, our skin cells are at their healthiest. They produce plenty of the proteins our skin needs to be healthy and can heal themselves quickly when damaged.

Now, compare that to your skin later in life. Your skin cells now produce essential proteins in smaller quantities. Skin cells are also now slower to regenerate themselves, leading to dry and dehydrated skin in men.

So that’s the bad news. The good news? SiO's hydrating power patches for men will help you fight the effects of aging. All you need to do is slap them on before you go to sleep (or even while you play some video games) and you’ll wake up to smoother, younger-looking skin. It’s the no-hassle approach to skin care that men crave.

Sun Damage

If your skin cells are baseballs, then the sun’s UV rays are Babe Ruth’s bat. The sun smashes your skin cells, leading to dry and dehydrated skin and, in extreme cases, serious illnesses such as melanoma.

Extra Hot Showers

While they might feel great, hot showers can actually harm your skin. That’s because extra hot water will remove the sebum — your body’s natural oil that we described earlier — from the surface of your skin. Once the sebum is gone, your skin is more likely to become both dry and dehydrated.

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Lifestyle Choices

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that lifestyle choices affect your overall health. This includes the health of your skin. Here are some choices that can lead to dry and dehydrated skin for men:

  • Eating too much junk food
  • Drinking less than eight glasses of water per day
  • Smoking or using other tobacco products
  • Drinking alcohol to excess
  • Sleeping less than six hours per night
  • Not exercising enough 

All of these actions are causes of dry and dehydrated skin. If any of these habits ring a bell, consider making some changes to your lifestyle.

Caring For Dry And Dehydrated Skin: Tips For Men

Dry and dehydrated skin are real bummers for men. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to make your skin healthier and better-hydrated, which can leave it smoother and younger-looking for years to come.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

This is perhaps the most overlooked step in the ultimate skin care routine for men. Most guys only think about applying sunscreen when they’re going to the beach.

If you want to prevent dry and dehydrated skin, apply a layer of sunscreen every single morning. That includes rainy days, cloudy days, and cold days too. Make it a part of your morning routine and put on a little SPF before leaving home every day.

Use Gentle Cleansers

We all know that cleansing is important, but are you using the right type of cleanser? Most guys use an ordinary bar of soap to wash their face. However, normal soaps are too harsh for your sensitive facial skin.

Instead of bar soap, try a gentle facial cleanser for men. Remember to wash your face with cool water and pat your skin dry afterward.

man cleansing his face to prevent dehydrated skin

Start An Exfoliating Routine

It might not seem like the manliest thing to do, but exfoliating will help care for dry and dehydrated skin. When you exfoliate, you scrub all the dead skin cells off the surface of your skin, which allows younger, healthier skin cells to rise to the top.

Moisturize Like Your Life Depends On It

How often do you apply moisturizer? Be honest. If you said once a day, that’s not enough!

To prevent and care for dry and dehydrated skin, you (yes, a guy) need to apply moisturizer at least twice per day. More often is always better! But once in the morning and once again in the evening before bed is a good start.

To help you remember, apply a little moisturizer right before you put on your power patches from SiO (but not directly underneath the patches) to maximize your firepower in the fight against aging.

After all, SiO's potent patches are clinically proven to boost moisture and reduce wrinkle depth while you sleep.

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Use A Humidifier

A humidifier will keep the air around you moist, which, in turn, will help your skin cells retain moisture. It’s best to place a humidifier close to your bed and run it while you sleep. This is an easy way to care for both dry and dehydrated skin.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep gives your whole body the chance to rest and regenerate. This is just as true for your brain as it is for your skin cells.

To fight the dry and dehydrated skin men hate, make sure to get at least six hours of sleep per night. Seven or eight hours is even better.

Eat Well

There’s nothing like a huge cheeseburger with fries and a cold beer. But if you want to have smooth, healthy skin, you can’t eat like that every day.

To prevent and care for dry and dehydrated skin, watch your diet. Try to eat as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible. Cut back on salty foods, junk food, and fast food.

Use Eye Cream

A little bit of eye cream goes a long way. And while you might not yet be in the habit of using eye cream, you should understand all the benefits.

Eye cream will not only help care for dry and dehydrated skin around your eyes, but it will also help fight wrinkles like crow’s feet and unsightly under-eye wrinkles.

man looking in mirror while applying eye cream

Wear SiO Power Patches

If you’re dead serious about caring for dry and dehydrated skin, then SiO's patches for men are just what you need.

Made from the highest quality medical-grade silicone, SiO power patches will give your skin cells a huge boost of moisture while you sleep (or for a few hours during the day while you binge watch your favorite TV show), which helps to fill in wrinkles and gives your skin a younger-looking appearance.

SiO power patches are made for the areas guys care about the most, including your brow and the edges of your mouth and eyesAs an added bonus, you can also wear your patches to help eliminate frustrating under-eye bags.

man wearing SiO smoothing patches to treat and prevent dehydrated skin in men

When used in conjunction with all the tips provided in this article, SiO power patches for men are an unstoppable force of wrinkle-fighting power. Get serious about skin care and start wearing your potent patches tonight.

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