The Ultimate Beauty Routine Checklist

Written by Sio Beauty — February 05, 2019

The Ultimate Beauty Routine Checklist

Woman following a beauty routine checklist

Proper skin care isn’t something that should be left to chance. It requires daily attention and maintenance. It requires a routine. And, yes, this may seem like a drag, but the results can be young-looking, vibrant skin at any age.

So what do you choose to put into your daily skincare routine and what do you leave out? This checklist shows you the essential practices that should be in everyone’s beauty routine.

1. Drink water

Water does wonders for your skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and healthy. But after a good night’s sleep, we can actually be on the verge of dehydration. So start your beauty routine first thing in the morning by getting out of bed, going to the kitchen, and drinking 12 ounces of water.

Woman drinking water as part of her beauty routine checklist

Throughout the day, continue to consume clean, clear water (coffee, tea, and soda don’t count!) but don’t overdo it. The latest medical research suggests that you drink 0.5 ounce to 1 ounce of water per pound of bodyweight. If you weigh 130 pounds, you should consume between 65 and 130 ounces of water every day. To put that in a more familiar measurement, 8 ounces is equivalent to 1 measuring cup. So for our 130-pound example above, you would need to drink between 8 and 16 measuring cups of water every day.

2. Skip the morning face wash

Instead of using a low-quality facial cleanser in the morning, consider simply rinsing your face with warm water. If you’ve properly washed your face before bed, your skin will still be clean in the morning. Therefore, there’s no need to wash with a cleanser again. In fact, overusing facial cleansers can dry your skin which can lead to an increased production in oil. So whether you rinse your face in the shower or at the sink, skip low-quality cleansers in the morning and go with warm water instead.

For the best results, use a gentle cleanser like SiO Beauty’s Décolleté Cleansing Discs at night before bed to repair your skin while you sleep (see step 6 below).

3. Exfoliate once per week

Woman exfoliating as part of a beauty routine checklist

Our body continuously produces new skin cells. The old ones are sloughed off over the course of the day. Those dead skin cells sometimes don’t slough off as quickly as we’d like and can actually clog pores and leave your skin looking older than it actually is. According to Dr. Frank Lipman, expert in integrative and functional medicine and bestselling health and wellness author, “In order to maintain healthy, youthful, glowing skin, we need to remove old, dead skin cells and encourage proper cellular turn over. Exfoliating both removes the old dead skin cells and speeds up cell renewal enabling new healthy skin cells to grow.”

As important as exfoliation is, it’s easy to overdo it. Exfoliation, by nature, removes the top layer of dead skin cells and exposes the more delicate, sensitive skin underneath. This can be good for the skin’s appearance but can also make it more susceptible to sun damage.

Instead of exfoliating every day, restrict this step to once a week to protect your skin from the ravages of the sun and to keep it looking smooth and healthy.

4. Moisturize

Beauty routine checklist moisturizer

Regardless of your age and skin type, your skin needs moisture to look and feel healthy. That’s why a moisturizer should be the next step in your daily beauty routine. New York dermatologist Debra Jaliman suggests that you use a moisturizer every day after washing or rinsing. So after your morning warm-water rinse, apply a moisturizer to help keep your skin looking young. If you are battling acne or oily skin, choose a moisturizer that is lightweight and oil-free.

And don’t forget to moisturize your décolleté (neck and chest). These parts of your body are just as susceptible to wrinkles that can make you look years older. Choose a quality moisturizer to rejuvenate and protect this sensitive skin.

5. Apply sunscreen

Sunscreen as part of a beauty routine checklist

Sunscreen should always be the next step in your beauty routine checklist. Yes, your moisturizer may contain sunscreen but it’s always a good idea to apply a standalone sunscreen. It’s important because even just a few minutes of sunlight on unprotected skin can result in the formation of wrinkles. Make sure to choose one that works against UVA and UVB rays. Also, be sure your sunscreen of choice has an SPF of 30 or more.

To be extra safe, make it a point to apply sunscreen every day (and reapply every two hours) whether it’s sunny and warm or cloudy and cold.

6. Wash your face before bed

Woman following her beauty routine checklist and washing her face

Get rid of the dirt and makeup on your face by washing with a cleanser or gentle soap before bed. By washing with a cleanser once a day, you can avoid over-washing which causes dry skin. That said, if you exercise during the day, it’s a good idea to wash your face immediately after so that sweat doesn’t clog your pores and cause acne.

It’s also important not to neglect your neck and chest during this part of your beauty routine. The skin of the neck and chest responds to makeup, sweat, and sun just like your face does. For a deep-down clean, try SiO Beauty’s Décolleté Cleansing Discs after your daily wash to leave skin feeling healthy and radiant.

7. Prevent and repair chest wrinkles

Chest wrinkles and wrinkles in general can leave your skin looking rough and worn. SiO Cryo Fill works in conjunction our Chestlift patches to smooth wrinkles and reduce the appearance of lines that have already formed and prevent new wrinkles from forming. 

After washing and cleansing with the décolleté discs, apply your SiO Smoothing Patches and wear them overnight to see results the next morning*. 

sio patches wrinkle treatment

Keep it simple

As you can see, the ultimate beauty routine checklist isn’t difficult or complicated. In fact, in some cases doing more can be less effective and result in poor skin quality. A few simple steps is all you need to keep the skin of your face, neck, and chest looking healthy and vibrant. Stick to this daily routine for young looking skin no matter your age!

*Results may vary. Based on Dermatologist approved Clinical Study verified with a 3rd party lab.

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