The Science Behind: Under Eye Cream

Written by simplistic — August 06, 2021

The Science Behind: Under Eye Cream

What is SiO’s Cryo Eye Cream?

Harnessing the power of cooling cryotherapy, this under-eye tightening cream delivers moisture while reducing the appearance of fines and wrinkles. This multi-tasking treatment from SiO Beauty relies on the calming and anti-inflammatory properties of Cryotherapy and Marine Plankton Extract to provide total eye rejuvenation. High-performance active ingredients help reduce puffiness, brighten dark circles, and deeply hydrate the delicate and vulnerable eye area. The formula’s unique cooling and antioxidant power Immediately awakens, tightens, and brightens the eye area.

How to Use the Cryo Eye Cream

When it comes to how to use eye cream, a gentle touch is vital. Avoid any tugging or pulling to prevent exasperating fine lines and crepiness, and avoid direct eye contact. Apply a small amount to the eye area morning and night — consistency is key for the best results. For better penetration, use with the tapered end of the SiO Cryodrop to gently pat and massage the cream into the skin. Apply the eye cream after removing our doctor-endorsed SiO patches to further lock in hydration.

Active Ingredients in SiO’s Cryo Eye Cream

We strategically chose the ingredients for our products in order to deliver the best results possible. This power-packed under-eye cream is formulated with vital additives to refresh, contour, depuff, deeply hydrate, smooth, brighten, and plump fine lines and wrinkles. Star active ingredients include:

  • Nearly 90% saw a reduction of wrinkles
  • Almost 95% felt their skin was softer and smoother
  • 88% said their overall skin appearance improved
  • Nearly 84% said their skin texture improved
  • 89% felt their skin was more hydrated
  • Almost 87% said their skin felt rejuvenated

How Our Cryo Eye Cream Generates Results

Our wrinkle patches have impressive before and after results, and so does our Cryo Eye Cream. In vivo measurement of skin color improvement (dark circles), smoothing, toning, and overall uniformity of the under-eye area shows a noticeable improvement after 30 days of consistent twice a day use. 

An eye cream is an essential component of any skincare routine. Still, it’s critical that the formula contains quality, results-driven ingredients such as the ones found in SiO Beauty’s Cryo Eye Cream. So, forget scouring the internet for the best under-eye bags treatments. The ultimate solution for dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and loss of tone is right at your fingertips. Shop for your eye cream and other SiO beauty anti-wrinkle remedies and see what everyone else is talking about.