The Science Behind Wrinkle Patches

Written by simplistic — August 03, 2021

The Science Behind Wrinkle Patches

What are SiO’s Wrinkle Patches Made Of?

Our wrinkle patches are made out of medical grade silicone, a material that’s been used and trusted by doctors and hospitals for over 30 years to treat scarring and burned skin. Today, silicone is a unique cosmetic treatment for targeting fine lines and wrinkles. Since this was a new way to use silicone, we took several measures to ensure all of the materials used in our wrinkle patches were skin-safe. For starters, we used FDA-cleared adhesive that’s gentle on the skin. The ChestLift Pad itself was dermatologist, clinically, and allergy-tested. Lastly, it’s produced in an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) registered facility.

Do Silicone Patches Really Work for Wrinkles?

The short answer is “yes,” but don’t take our word for it. Doctors endorse our silicone patches for wrinkles. “Medical-grade silicone can actually be used to prevent and treat existing wrinkles,” says Dr. Dendy Engleman, SiO’s Medical Advisor. “You have to be careful in the world of skincare because there are a lot of claims out there that aren’t backed by science.”  SiO places the skin in the optimal environment to ward off the inconvenience of wrinkling both current and future, all while you sleep. The patches can work on any skin type, and given their preventative nature, consistent use is encouraged to maintain long-term benefits. The good news is that each patch is reusable up to ten times with proper care. Simply store them in their resealable packaging.

How Our Wrinkle Patches Uniquely Target Wrinkles

We rely on occlusion (not magic) to effectively target wrinkles — allow us to explain. Our medical-grade silicone patches adhere to the skin, creating a microclimate that helps the skin plump and hydrate itself. This process is what doctors and scientists call an occlusion, which allows for the moisture from the skin to draw up to the surface layer and plump, fill in and smooth itself. Using gentle and comfortable compression, the patches flatten and mechanically keep skin smooth overnight (or throughout wear) and deter wrinkling from happening based on sleep positions, friction from contact, or everyday facial expressions. The combination of compression and occlusion restores natural moisture levels from the skin’s deeper layers to its surface, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and giving skin a firmer look from brow to bust.

How Our Wrinkle Patches Uniquely Target Wrinkles

We don’t just talk about how effective our wrinkle patches are. We proved it with in-depth clinical trials. It only took one use for participants to see noticeable results. According to Dr. D. Miller of CRL Skin Replicas, “After just one night, there was a statistically significant measured improvement in appearance (depth, width, height) of wrinkles after one use.

  • Almost 90% felt their skin was smoother and softer
  • Nearly 70% felt their skin looked and felt more youthful
  • 87% said their skin felt more hydrated

Additional participant feedback included: 

  • Nearly 90% saw a reduction of wrinkles
  • Almost 95% felt their skin was softer and smoother
  • 88% said their overall skin appearance improved
  • Nearly 84% said their skin texture improved
  • 89% felt their skin was more hydrated
  • Almost 87% said their skin felt rejuvenated

Of course, words can sometimes be even more powerful than numbers, so check out some of these testimonials from before and after users tried our silicone patches for wrinkles. 

  • "I was so impressed with the results in one night, and can't wait to see the continual improvements over time." — ISA, 53
  • "I have one line on my forehead that just won’t go away no matter what I’ve tried. Plus, I’m not a Botox girl. The BrowLift made the line disappear overnight!" — LORRIE
  • “The results are real and immediate. Brilliant idea, I am definitely a fan!” — CHRISTINA
  • "The BrowLift reduced my signs of aging by leaps in comparison to other products I have tried. I look forward to the continued use and amazing results!" — DARLENE, 57
  • “Would recommend this to anyone! My patches worked with the first application. Not only were my wrinkles diminished, my neck feels so much smoother.” — STEPHANIE