How To Use Eye Cream The Right Way

Written by Aaron Guldager — December 20, 2017

How To Use Eye Cream The Right Way

Everyone knows how to use eye cream! You just put some underneath your eyes and rub it in, right?

Wrong! Properly applying eye cream is a subtle art form, like choosing the right shade of lipstick for your outfit or making the perfect Cosmopolitan. And, regrettably, many women have yet to master the fine art of eye cream application.

As promised, the beauty experts at SiO are here to teach you how to use eye cream like a beauty virtuoso.

What Makes Eye Cream So Important?

You might think that a nice moisturizer can take the place of eye cream. Sorry, but that won’t do the trick. If you’re not already using eye cream, stop what you’re doing and go buy some. Seriously. We’ll wait.

While moisturizers and eye cream are both essential, they have different active ingredients and thus help the skin in different ways. And eye creams provide a bunch of benefits that moisturizers don’t.

young woman learning how to use eye cream

Here are a few of the things a great eye cream can do for your skin:

Sounds amazing, right? We think so, too!

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How Do I Apply Eye Cream?

All you need to do to get the best results from your eye cream is follow these simple steps.

  1. Use a pea-sized drop of cream for each eye, and no more. Using more cream won’t add up to more benefit; it will only make you run out of cream faster.
  2. Put the eye cream on the tip of your ring finger. Always use your ring finger, as it’s the weakest of all your fingers and won’t be as tough on the delicate skin around your eyes.
  3. Dab the cream in small dots around your eyes, including just below your eyebrow.
  4. Avoid dabbing the eye cream too close to your eyes because it can cause irritation and redness.
  5. With the tip of your ring finger, gently pat the eye cream into your skin until it’s almost fully absorbed.
  6. Don’t rub the cream in or pull at your skin! The skin around your eye is thin and fragile, so pulling and stretching will actually cause more wrinkles, not reduce them.
  7. Gently slide the tip of your ring finger around each eye in a circular motion to rub off any excess cream.
  8. Wait about two minutes for the cream to absorb before applying other products, like makeup or sunscreen.

Voilà! You’ve just learned how to use eye cream like Aphrodite herself.

woman wearing eye cream the right way

    What Kind Of Eye Cream Should I Use?

    There are about a million different eye creams available, so knowing which ones are best isn’t easy. Here’s a list of ingredients you should be on the lookout for when choosing your eye cream.

    Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

    HA can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it a must-have ingredient in any good eye cream. It adds tons of moisture to your skin.


    Peptides are chains of amino acids, which are the same molecules that link together to form proteins. When applied to your skin topically, peptides promote the production of collagen. If you’ve never heard of collagen, just know that it’s basically the best thing ever for your skin.


    Retinol is a natural exfoliator that helps to remove dead skin cells and makes your skin appear smoother.


    A group of waxy lipids, ceramides act as occlusives and create a protective seal on the surface of your skin, which retains moisture and helps plump your skin.


    Never underestimate how crucial vitamins are for your skin’s health! This is especially true for antioxidants, like vitamins A, C, and E, which improve the health of your skin by getting rid of harmful toxins called free radicals.

    If you can find an eye cream with all of the ingredients above, then you’ve got a winner on your hands! However, not all quality eye creams will have each of these ingredients. Why not? Because some eye creams are specially formulated to help with particular skin issues.

    For instance, a cream that focuses on wrinkle reduction might not have retinol. On the other hand, an eye cream formulated to help with dark bags under your eyes might not have ceramides. You get the idea—just be sure to find an eye cream with the ingredients that meet your skin’s unique needs.

    woman with beautiful skin after learning how to use eye cream

    How Often Should I Use Eye Cream?

    Two times a day is the Goldilocks zone for eye cream application: once a day isn’t enough, and three times a day is too much, but twice a day is just right.

    Most women like to use eye cream once in the morning and once before going to bed at night. Just make sure to apply the eye cream before your makeup in the morning, and give it a few minutes to dry before actually putting any makeup on.

    At night, applying your eye cream should be the last step in your nightly skincare routine. But don’t forget the second to last—and most essential—part of your routine. What might this all-important step be? Applying SiO Beauty patches, of course!

    Just put your patches on, then carefully dab the eye cream around your eye, avoiding the areas covered by the patches. If you’re looking for real results, stop wasting your time with beauty products that make big promises but don’t deliver. Wear Sio Eye & Smile and BrowLift patches while you sleep, and wake up to smooth, radiant skin.

    So there you have it! We’ve brought you up to speed on how to use eye cream and taught you everything you need to know. And now that you’ve mastered the art of eye-cream application, you can start focusing on more important things—like choosing the right shade of lipstick or perfecting your Cosmo recipe. Cheers to beautiful skin!