Here’s What You Need to Know About Permanent Elastotic Creases

Written by simplistic — February 25, 2021

Here’s What You Need to Know About Permanent Elastotic Creases

1. Permanent Elastotic Creases Basics

Deep lines in the skin define elastotic creases. This particular type of wrinkle tends to show up where the skin creases naturally, such as the cheeks, lips, base of the neck, and the lips. Unlike crinkle lines, these are deep wrinkles. Unfortunately, these pesky wrinkle creases are unavoidable and become increasingly apparent with age, so they wind up becoming a regular feature we have to contend with. Permanent elastotic creases are one of the four main types of wrinkles that surface as we age. Other types of wrinkles and folds include crinkle lines, dynamic expression lines, and gravitational folds.

    2. How Do You Get Permanent Elastotic Creases?

    For starters, those with a pale complexion who have spent a lot of time out in the sun (likely, without adequate protection) are prone to getting this type of wrinkle. Excessive sun exposure, along with poor diet, lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking fall under the extrinsic aging process — one that you can control by adopting healthy habits. These skin creases are also caused by a loss of tissue and elasticity of the skin due to the natural aging process known as intrinsic aging. It’s genetically determined and cannot be avoided due to genetics, oxidative stress, and glycation.

      3. Will Staying Out of the Sun Prevent Elastotic Creases?

      As aforementioned, you can’t prevent elastotic creases or stop the intrinsic aging process. However, you can slow down Father Time’s clock a bit by being vigilant with your lifestyle habits, which includes limiting your time in the sun and wearing an SPF every single day — even when it’s cloudy. Clouds can sometimes increase — not reduce — levels of ultraviolet radiation. As a general rule of thumb, stay out of direct sunlight between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. as this is the period of the day when the sun is churning out dangerous UVB (ultraviolet B) rays — think “B” for burning.

       Keep in mind that the closer you live to the equator, the stronger and longer the sun’s rays will be during the day. Also, outdoor enthusiasts should keep in mind that the sun is even more intense at higher altitudes, and snow, sand, and water reflect rays and increase their intensity. So, if you’re headed to the slopes or the beach, take extra care to protect your skin. Most experts agree that you should wear an SPF of at least 30, but it couldn’t hurt to up the ante in these extreme circumstances.

      4. How Do You Get Rid of Wrinkled Skin?

      As the name suggests, permanent elastic wrinkles are, well, not going anywhere. Injectables such as Botox are only most effective on dynamic wrinkles such as forehead wrinkles, smile lines, and crow’s feet. While you can speak to a dermatologist about dermal fillers to help plump up the appearance of the skin, some of the best things you can do are: religiously wear SPF, be mindful of healthy lifestyle habits, and adopt a solid skincare routine with age-fighting ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, and hyaluronic acid. 

      Of course, we can help you out, too. SiO’s skin-smoothing patches are the perfect nighttime remedy to hydrate, plump, and rejuvenate your skin while catching some z’s (Good night wrinkles!). SiO patches are made of medical-grade silicone, so they comfortably hug the skin, gently compressing it to stay flat and smooth, which minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The best part? You’ll see results in just a few hours! 

      For permanent elastotic creases, we suggest the SiO Super LipLift, NeckLift, Eye and Smile Lift (why not target those crow’s feet while you’re at it?), and Plunging Neckline Pack. Find your patch match! Take the SiO Quiz to find out which patches are right for you and get 20% off your personalized offer. You’ve got nothing to lose except a wrinkle or two.

        5. The Bottom Line

        As with most things worth achieving in life, consistency is vital if you want to see results. By now, you’re well aware that permanent elastotic creases are the most tricky wrinkle type to treat, but that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. While you can’t stop the aging process, you can slow it down with consistent good habits. 

        The same can be said for SiO’s patches. While they’re great before a night on the town or special occasion, if you want long-term benefits (who doesn’t?), use the patches consistently. To make it easier for you to incorporate this extra step into your skincare program, we designed our patches so that they can be reused up to ten times with proper care.