For Men: How To Prevent And Care For Crow's Feet

Written by Sio Beauty — June 11, 2018

For Men: How To Prevent And Care For Crow's Feet

Many guys aren’t interested in skin care. Maybe it doesn’t seem cool to be overly concerned with your appearance. But you know what else isn’t cool? Having tons of wrinkles around your eyes. Most of the time, it’s crow’s feet men have to worry about the most.

If you’ve noticed crow’s feet and other wrinkles forming at the edges of your eyes, you’re probably looking for ways to make them go away. Good news: that’s exactly what the skincare experts at SiO are here to help you with.

This post will cover everything you need to know about crow’s feet. It will explain what crow’s feet are, what causes them, and, of course, all the best tips for men to get rid of crow’s feet.

What Exactly Are Crow’s Feet?

If you said “the feet of those ugly black birds,” you would be wrong. So what are they?

Crow’s feet are the little wrinkles that form on the outer corners of your eyes. They typically start just at the edge of your eyes and run out toward your ears. Oftentimes, there will be several little creases at slightly different angles, resembling the foot of a bird. Hence the name.

What Causes Crow’s Feet In Men?

There are many factors that contribute to crow’s feet in men. Let’s have a look at some of the most common causes.


As we grow older, our skin simply gets worn out. Think of your skin as a pair of jeans. At first, the pants are flawless and the denim is strong. Over time, however, the fabric becomes stretched and worn thin. Holes may form and discoloration may occur.

Unfortunately, the same is true of your skin. As you age, it simply isn’t as strong and healthy as it once was. This leads to things like the crow’s feet that men can’t stand.

While you can’t get into a time machine to make yourself younger, you can help fight the effects of aging with SiO’s Smoothing Patches for men. All you need to do is wear these smoothing patches while you sleep and wake up to smoother, younger-looking skin.

Repeated Facial Expressions

When you smile, the skin at the edges of your eyes scrunches up a bit. As this facial expression gets repeated — sometimes hundreds of times per day — it creates creases in the places where your skin is pushed together.

Think of this phenomenon as a truck driving down a dirt road over and over again. Eventually, the tires will form a set of ruts down the sides of the road. Facial expressions do basically the same thing to your skin over time.


Some men develop crow’s feet while others do not for the same reason that some guys grow to be 6’10” tall while others are only 5’6”: DNA. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with genes that prevent wrinkles from forming, well, good for you.

For the rest of us normal guys, we have to contend with things like crow’s feet.

Sun Damage

Another factor that contributes to crow’s feet in men is sun damage. The sun’s UV rays can cause serious diseases, such as melanoma, but they can also cause wrinkles like crow’s feet.

That’s why it’s so important to cover up when you’re out in the sun. Always apply sunscreen before leaving your house, and wear a hat and shades to protect your skin (and your style) when you’re going to be in direct sunlight.

Man and woman in the sun wearing hats and sunglasses


Last, but not least, your lifestyle plays a role in whether or not you’ll develop crow’s feet. For example, if you’re a smoker, you’re way more likely to accumulate those frustrating wrinkles. And we’re sure we don’t need to tell you that smoking is bad for your health. Quit now.

Other lifestyle choices that cause crow’s feet are:

  • Eating lots of unhealthy foods
  • Drinking alcohol in excess
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Not getting enough exercise 

If any of those ring a bell, consider changing up your daily habits to live a healthier lifestyle.

Get Rid Of Crow’s Feet: 9 Tips For Men

Now that you know what crow’s feet are what causes them, you’re probably wondering how to make them go away. Follow these 9 tips to fight crow’s feet so that you don’t have to compromise your style or your good looks.

1) Cleanse Properly

Sure, you wash your face, but are you doing it right? Here are a few pro tips:

  • Use a gentle facial cleanser, not a regular bar of soap
  • Wet your face with warm (not hot) water, and rinse with cool water
  • Be gentle when lathering on cleansers and drying your face

Follow these tips to keep your skin clean and crow’s-feet-free.

man leaning over sink to wash his face

2) Exfoliate

What’s exfoliating again? It’s when you use a special product that scrubs the dead skin off your face. It might seem weird at first, but it’s definitely necessary. It’s an essential step in even the most basic skin care routine for men.

You have millions of dead skin cells on your face every day, and exfoliating will help clear them away. The result? The newer, healthier skin underneath your dead skin cells shines through, leaving your skin smoother and younger-looking.

3) Moisturize

If you’re not already moisturizing your face, it’s time to start. It can be an annoyance, but putting on a little bit of moisturizing cream goes a long way toward treating the crow’s feet men all want to get rid of.

Apply a quality moisturizer twice per day — once in the morning and once before you go to bed at night.

4) Mask Up

man wearing facial mask and holding cucumbers over his eyes to treat crow's feet in men

Wearing a face mask might not be most guys’ idea of a fun way to spend an afternoon, but this is an extremely effective way to treat crow’s feet in men.

If you’re serious about getting rid of the wrinkles around your eyes, consider trying out a hydrating or anti-aging face mask once or twice per week. It only takes 15 or 20 minutes, and the results are well worth it.

5) Wear Sunscreen

It’s crucial to apply a little sunscreen every morning before you leave home all year round, even when it’s cold or cloudy. The sun causes serious damage, so always protect your skin.

6) Use Eye Cream

Applying eye cream might seem like a girly thing to do, but you know what? It will really help get rid of your crow’s feet.

Gently dab on a little eye cream (underneath and around the sides of your eyes) with quality ingredients like retinol and hyaluronic acid before leaving the house each morning or going to bed at night.

man applying cream under his eyes

7) Sleep Well

You know how you get those black circles around your eyes when you don’t get enough sleep? They’re not handsome. The solution is to sleep at least six hours each night (try to get seven or eight hours if you can). This will give your skin time to repair itself and will help get rid of crow’s feet.

8) Work Out

To treat crow’s feet, men don’t need to embark on a new career as a bodybuilder. All you need to do is get 30 minutes of vigorous exercise at least three times per week (more is obviously better).

Regular exercise helps relieve stress, which keeps your skin smooth while also improving your overall health and getting rid of crow’s feet.

9) Wear SiO Smoothing Patches

Last, but definitely not least, you can wear SiO’s reusable smoothing patches to help get rid of crow’s feet in men.

Made from the highest-quality medical-grade silicone, SiO smoothing patches help to boost hydration and reduce wrinkle depth while you sleep. All you have to do is apply the smoothing patches, get a good night’s sleep, and wake up to smoother, younger-looking skin.

Don’t want to sleep with something on your face? Try wearing SiO smoothing patches while you get dressed for work in the morning, eat breakfast, or play video games.

Remember the patches are reusable, so you can wear them for a while in the morning and then again later in the day when you have some downtime.

man wearing SiO smoothing patches to treat crow's feet men

SiO offers Eye & Smile Lift patches for him, which are the perfect way to treat crow’s feet in men, as well as the SiO For Him BrowLift patches for smoothing those stubborn forehead lines.

So there you have it, fellas. The crow’s feet men all despise aren’t so hard to treat after all. Just follow the tips in this article and wear SiO smoothing patches, and you’ll be back to your handsome self in no time.

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