How To Get Rid Of Ashy Elbows: 7 Expert Tips

Written by Aaron Guldager — August 31, 2018

How To Get Rid Of Ashy Elbows: 7 Expert Tips

Even if your skin’s generally smooth and hydrated, there’s a good chance you suffer from dry skin in at least area: your elbows.

Ashy elbows affect people of all races and genders. Some people suffer from ashy elbows due a skin condition, while others simply experience dry skin in this area as a result of external factors.

In this article, the skin care experts at SiO Beauty weigh in on causes your elbows get dry and ashy — and you can about it.

Causes Ashy Elbows?

The experts have spoken, and as with many other skin conditions, there is a multitude of reasons your elbows might become dry and ashy over time.

Common causes of dry, ashy elbows include genetics, environmental conditions, and inadequate hydration.

Genetics And Ashy Elbows

man and woman lying on floor propped up on elbows

The overall complexion of your skin has a lot to with your genetics. fact, some people are more prone dry skin and irritation no matter how much moisturizer they apply.

When it comes your body, the overused and hard-working skin on your elbows is of the first areas betray your age. Why does this happen? Constant movement causes the dreaded saggy and crepey skin that unforgivingly ages you.

Environmental Conditions And Ashy Elbows

happy woman with head tilted toward sky and trees in background

As the comes a close, the temperatures you live are most likely starting drop — or will be soon. And as we head into the months with cooler, drier weather, those conditions have the potential of sucking all of the moisture out of your skin.

Inadequate Hydration And Ashy Elbows

you actively take steps keep your elbows hydrated? Many people tend overlook their elbows because they’re not the first thing they notice in the mirror. 

However, dry elbows can be a direct result of inadequate hydration. This may be caused by the ingredients in certain soaps, perfumes, and lotions. Even more, hot baths or showers can also dry out your skin.

Your elbows could always benefit from an added dose of hydration. The SiO Beauty Elbow & Knee Rescue Lift intensifies hydration, transforming the wrinkled, aged skin on your elbows (or your knees!) into the smooth, uplifted look of youth!

No matter the cause of your ashy elbows, there are a number of steps you can take to help your elbows regain their natural smoothness. Here’s the experts suggest.

7 Expert Tips For Getting Rid Of Ashy Elbows

1) Rethink Your Shower Routine

woman in shower with window in background

Believe it or not, there are a number of aspects of your shower regimen that may be contributing to your ashy elbows.

First and foremost, dry elbows can be the result of too much time spent in the water without moisturizing enough afterward, so limiting your shower or tub time may be beneficial. Experts say that lowering the water temperature is also a must. Hot water can zap the moisture from your skin, so aim for a more moderate heat level.

If you’re using scented soap or body wash, consider going fragrance-. Scented washes or products with alcohol can often dry out your skin. If you decide try a new product, opt for a body wash with added moisturizer.

2) Apply A Quality Moisturizer

woman sitting on end of bed while applying moisturizer  ashy elbows

If you aren’t moisturizing your skin — elbows and elsewhere — after every shower or bath, it’s time to start! Apply lotion to your elbows anytime they’ve been exposed to water or there’s been a drastic change in temperature.

When choosing a moisturizing lotion or cream, look for products with naturally soothing and smoothing ingredients, such as:

If you’d rather concoct your own moisturizer, you can make this exfoliating moisturizer at home:

  1. Mix 1/2 cup of granulated sugar with 1/3 cup of olive oil
  2. Rub the mixture onto the affected elbow(s)
  3. Rinse the area well after scrubbing
  4. For optimal results, apply a hydrating cream to the area

This all-natural exfoliator will help remove dead skin and hydrate your elbows.

So how often should you exfoliate your elbows? Experts recommend increasing exfoliation to your elbows by using a gentle scrub two to three times per week.

3) Use A Banana Peel

ripe banana peels on wooden background

This one may sound a little bizarre, but experts recommend rubbing a banana peel in a circular motion on your elbows to reduce dryness.

Bananas are a fruit rich in vitamin C (which aids in healing), and the peel has been scientifically shown contain both antifungal and antibiotic components. Rubbing a banana peel on your ashy elbows could help keep them healthy and healed.

4) Break Out The Humidifier

humidifier on window ledge next  plants  reduce ashy elbows

Changing your environment may seem easier said than done, but if it’s the cause of your rough elbows, it’s possible to make helpful adjustments without having to pack up and move.

After all, living in a dry space — whether that’s due to your location or simply an overactive air conditioner — could play a part in how dry your elbows become.

According to our trusted experts, using a humidifier to add moisture into the air can help hydrate and relieve dry skin. Plug one in by your bed and sleep soundly knowing you’re doing something good for your skin.

5) Pay Attention To You’re Wearing

Have you worn a new top or blouse recently, or have you snuggled up into a new blanket? If you have sensitive skin, some fabrics can cause irritation and lead to dryness.

If you notice your elbows feel especially dry after coming into contact with a certain fabric, it may be worth looking into. Limit your contact with the material and take note of your symptoms. If they lessen once you remove that material, the dryness may be the result of fabric irritation.

    6) Adjust To The Weather

    woman wearing sweater, gloves, and hat outdoors

    When the weather changes, so do your skin care needs.

    Getting too much sun can severely dry out your skin, especially on your elbows. If you plan on being in the sun for an extended period of time, be sure to apply fragrance- sunscreen and wear protective clothing.

    For optimal protection, reapply your sunscreen every two hours, or after swimming or sweating.

    Extremely cold temperatures can also dry out and dull the skin on your elbows. If you’re in a cool, dry setting, be sure apply moisturizer and keep your elbows covered and protected.

    7) Heal Throughout The Night

    Woman wearing SiO Beauty Elbow Rescue Lift patches  treat ashy elbows

    Though you may not actively move your elbows around too much during the nighttime, adding extra hydration to your vulnerable skin spots during your nighttime skin care routine is a great way to combat ashy elbows while you sleep.

    SiO Beauty’s medical-grade silicone patches are used and trusted by experts as an exceptionally safe and effective means to heal and hydrate dry, ashy skin.

    To give your elbows an extra dose of healing hydration, just apply your SiO Beauty patches before bed to cleansed skin, and wake to healthier, more rejuvenated skin!

    Goodbye, Ashy Elbows!

    woman smiling and waving out of wooden gate

    Although your ashy elbows can be uncomfortable, the good news is that most of the symptoms are only temporary. Tweaking your shower routine or trying a new lotion may be all that’s needed to rehydrate your rough elbow skin and restore much-needed moisture.

    If your symptoms persist even after your efforts, be sure talk with your doctor or dermatologist to find a treatment that’s right for you.



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