Face Masks For Men: The Complete Men’s Guide

Written by Aaron Guldager — February 18, 2019

Face Masks For Men: The Complete Men’s Guide

When it comes to face masks, you’re probably thinking that they’re just for women. But think again.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body — whether you’re a man or a woman — so shouldn’t you take care of it? Face masks are an easy way to care for your skin during your weekly grooming routine.

Take a look at this article by SiO’s skin care experts for the complete guide to face masks for men, along with frequently asked questions. And then uncover your best skin yet.

Benefits Of Face Masks For Men

If you already have a basic grooming routine, go ahead and add face masks to it. If you don’t have a grooming routine, check out our article Men’s Grooming: The Ultimate Guide For Men in 2018 to get started.

Of course you probably shave and moisturize your skin regularly, but face masks are the secret to taking your skin to the next level. Here are a few benefits of using face masks:

  • Reduces the appearance of your pores
  • Removes and prevents blackheads
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Helps pull out impurities and toxins beneath your skin’s surface
  • Diminishes fine lines

    As you can see, face masks help with the overall appearance of your skin. After experiencing the benefits of face masks for men, you’ll be ready to face the day with confidence.

    Types Of Face Masks For Men

    man wearing one of a variety of face masks for men

    Don’t let the market of face masks overwhelm you. At SiO, we’re here to guide you in your skin care needs. That’s why we’ve created this list of the six types of face masks for men.

    Sheet Mask

    Sheet masks look just like they sound — one cohesive piece that you lay on top of your face. These masks give moisture to dry, dull skin. They penetrate your skin and provide anti-aging and soothing properties.

    Sheet masks are also not as messy as some other masks and don’t leave behind any residue, making them a simple yet effective choice.

    Dr. Dendy — a celebrity dermatologist and SiO’s medical advisor — has this to say about sheet masks: “Sheet masks combine several ingredients that work harmoniously together to give you brighter and younger-looking skin.”

    Clay Mask

    Clay masks work best if you have oily skin because clay helps absorb oil while gently clearing away dead skin cells. Apply this type of mask twice per week to control oil production and shine. Remember to follow with a moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

    Clarifying Mask

    Clarifying masks are known for clearing the canvas of your skin, providing a clean slate for other skin care products to be effective. They deep-clean pores, control oil production, and leave your skin feeling smooth.

    Hydrating Mask

    Hydrating masks can contain anti-inflammatory properties and, of course, hydrate your skin. This type of mask works well if you’re suffering from skin inflammation or irritation.

    Dr. Dendy advises, “Avoid oil-stripping masks or pore-clogging balms. Instead, apply a hydrating mask first and then follow that with a spot treatment to treat the inflammation.”

    Charcoal Mask

    Yes, these are the black masks you’ve been hearing all the buzz about. Charcoal masks remove excess oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and other debris that can clog up your pores.

    A charcoal mask is a good option for you if you’re susceptible to acne and blackheads. They’re ideal as a great DIY face mask as well.

    Homemade Mask

    one of the face masks for men that helps absorb oil

    You can easily find a homemade mask that will perfectly match your skin type and give your skin the boost it needs. Below are just a few ideas to pull from.

    (Tip: You can also check out our article on homemade masks, The 5 Best Face Masks You Can Make At Home, which provides a more in-depth guide.)

    Banana, Yogurt, And Honey Anti-Aging Mask

    Bananas are known for their many antioxidants, so why not use them on your skin? This mask will help fight wrinkles and moisturize your skin.

    1. Mash half of a ripe banana with a fork until smooth.
    2. Add in one-fourth cup of yogurt and one teaspoon of honey.
    3. Stir ingredients together until a paste is formed.
    4. Apply mask to freshly washed face and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.
    5. Remove mask with warm water and pat face dry.

      Peel-Off Mask 

      There’s something satisfying about peeling off a mask — you can actually see the mask working. Follow these directions for a peel-off mask designed especially for fighting blemishes. 

      1. Mix one tablespoon of gelatin with two tablespoons of steamed milk. Stir until smooth.
      2. Add one tablespoon of raw honey until a paste is formed.
      3. Apply the face mask to freshly washed skin. (Steer clear of any facial hair for this mask.)
      4. After the mask dries, gently pull upward to remove it.

      After reviewing the specialties of each mask, choose which face mask works best for you and your skin care needs.

      You may even find it beneficial to use more than one type of face mask. That’s perfectly fine! Just be sure not to exceed the recommended weekly amount of face mask applications for your skin type.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      man applying one of the easy DIY face masks for men to his face

      Should I Shave My Face Before Applying A Face Mask?

      Not necessarily, but it is best to apply a face mask to freshly shaved, moisturized skin. Dr. Dendy explains, “The key to a smooth shave is well-moisturized skin. A sheet mask will soften the hair and the hair follicle so that when a razor goes across the skin, there is less irritation.”

      Expert tip: Be careful not to slap on a mask immediately after shaving. When you peel off the mask, it may irritate your skin. And if you’re using a mask that contains retinol specifically, beware, as it may irritate or burn freshly shaved skin.

      Can I Put A Face Mask Over My Beard?

      If you properly care for the hair-covered areas of your skin, a face mask probably isn’t necessary for those spots.

      However, if you begin noticing breakouts or dry skin under your beard or mustache, it’s a good idea to treat these areas with a face mask. Just be sure the mask makes contact with your skin.

      Can Men Use Charcoal Masks?

      The simple answer: yes. Charcoal masks exfoliate by removing dead skin, oil buildup, and dirt that clogs your pores. If you’re prone to big pores and oily skin, a charcoal mask can be really beneficial.

      man moisturizing his face as part of a routine that also includes using face masks for men

      Should I Apply A Face Mask In The Morning Or At Night?

      Honestly, it depends. If you want to hydrate and prep your skin for the day, morning is best. If you’re looking for a clarifying or exfoliating mask, night time is best.

      How Often Should I Use A Face Mask?

      The general rule-of-thumb is to use a face mask one to three times per week, depending on your skin type. If you’re prone to dry skin, one to two times per week will be more than sufficient.

      How Long Should I Leave On A Face Mask?

      Make sure to follow the specific directions for each product. You never want to wear a face mask longer than the suggested time. And never leave a face mask on overnight. It may cause adverse effects and begin to reabsorb moisture from your skin.

      Pay especially close attention to cleansing masks. As the cleansing mask starts to dry, that’s when you’ll want to begin peeling it off.

      Dr. Dendy also advices, “And don’t leave clay or exfoliating masks on for too long. It risks drying out the skin and causing oil production to go into overdrive.”

      What’s Your Secret?

      man smiling and wearing a light blue dress shirt

      Use this guide to find the face mask that works best for your skin type and this is the question you’ll get asked.

      And if you want even more effective skin care, check out SiO’s smoothing patches. They’re the perfect addition to face masks for men. These medical-grade silicone patches are reusable for up to 10 times and work at any stage of your skin care needs, whether that includes treating wrinkles or preventing them.

      Try SiO for Him FaceLift patches to hydrate and smooth your skin and minimize signs of aging on your forehead and around your eyes and mouth.

      man wearing SiO for Him FaceLift patches after using one of a variety of face masks for men

      With the right face mask for men and SiO’s smoothing patches, this is a secret you won’t be able to keep to yourself. Go ahead — show off your best skin yet!


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