Dry Skin Around Your Nose: Expert Tips For Dealing With It

Written by Aaron Guldager — January 14, 2019

Dry Skin Around Your Nose: Expert Tips For Dealing With It

You know the story: Wintertime rolls around with all its fuzzy sweaters, cozy snow days, warm drinks and…dry skin around your nose.

Yep, winter brings cold, dry weather, which can lead to that flaky, irritated skin around your nose.

Even if you follow all the rules of skin care — you take all the right supplements, use the right kind of face mask, and use SiO Beauty patches every night — you still might find yourself face-to-face (or nose-to-nose) with dry skin around your nose.

A dry nose isn’t unusual, but it sure is annoying when it happens to you. The good news is we’ve got lots of tips to help you treat and prevent it.

Why The Skin Around Your Nose Gets Dry

There are a few different reasons you might find yourself with an uncomfortable and unsightly dry nose.

First, the environment. Your face is usually exposed to the environment when you’re outside, and your nose can take a beating! Whether it’s wind, sun, or especially cold air, the elements can really have a drying effect on your nose.

Second (and one of the most common causes of that annoying, dry, winter nose), blowing your nose. You’ve probably realized that when you’re down with a cold, all those tissues take a toll on your nose.

Blow that runny nose enough and it takes away the oil you need to maintain smooth and moisturized skin.

woman sitting up in bed blowing her nose which causes dry skin around nose

Third, you might just be using the wrong products. We’ll get into this more later, but if you’re using the wrong cleanser or moisturizer — or exfoliating too much — you could unintentionally cause some dry skin around your nose.

Tip: If you’re dealing with dry skin in general and not just around your nose, show your skin some extra TLC by using the super hydrating SiO Beauty patches!

Finally, certain skin conditions can cause flaky, sensitive, scaly skin around the nose. Sometimes these skin conditions seem like run-of-the-mill dry skin, but a little more investigating from a professional will help you get to the bottom of it.

How To Deal With And Treat Dry Skin Around Your Nose

We’re here to help with some steps to create a nose-friendly skin care regime. Not only that, but we’re also including some unlikely tips and tricks that’ll help you kick that dry skin to the curb.

A Dry-Nose Skin Care Regime

1) Cool It With The Water

You might not be ready to take the plunge and cleanse your face with cold or cool water, but at least steer away from hot water. Hot water is especially drying.

You can start with warm water, but use cool water to rinse your face after cleansing it. Your nose won’t be quite as dry and (bonus!) your pores will be smaller.

woman leaning over a sink to splash water on her face

2) Don’t Go Crazy With Cleansing

Speaking of cleansing your face, washing your face too frequently is bad news.

Cleansing your face is necessary to keep your skin healthy and squeaky clean. But if you cleanse more than twice per day, you can unintentionally contribute to your dry nose problem.

3) Go Easy On The Products

While we’re on the subject of cleansing your face, remember that it’s important to use a gentle cleanser. Find a mild, hydrating cleanser that won’t dry your skin out too much and your dry nose will thank you.

You might also want to think about switching cleansers (and other facial products) based on the season. You don’t wear the same clothes all year round, and neither should your face!

You may need a more gentle cleanser during the winter months when your skin is already prone to dryness.

4) Don’t Over-Exfoliate

When your dry skin turns flaky or dusty, you might be tempted to use an exfoliator to scrub away that dry, dead skin. While exfoliating is part of any glowing skin care routine, there is such a thing as exfoliating too much.

Both chemical exfoliants and physical exfoliants dry out your skin if they’re used too often. So think twice before you try to scrub off that dry skin.

Instead, continue exfoliating (gently!) once or twice per week, and make sure to keep your skin hydrated using high-quality moisturizers and hydrating products, like SiO Beauty patches.

woman looking at her skin in a mirror while touching her cheek with one hand

5) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

If you think using moisturizer is an effective way to treat dry skin, you’re not wrong!

Moisturizer alone might not be enough to do away with an extremely dry nose, but applying moisturizer twice daily is a must for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.

We’ll let you in on another expert tip: SiO Beauty patches hydrate your skin overnight so you wake up to a gorgeous, healthy-looking complexion. But that’s not all they do! They also make wrinkles less visible. What more could you want from one product?

Plus, if you’re dealing with dry skin on your upper lip right under your nose, there’s a patch for that!


If you’re thinking, “But my skin is oily! Should I be using lotion on my oily skin?” The answer is yes. Oily doesn’t necessarily mean hydrated.

There are lots of moisturizers designed specifically for oily skin that will infuse your skin with the needed hydration without adding extra oil that could clog your pores.

Nose-Friendly Daily Habits

So you’ve got the skin care regimen down? That’s great! But don’t go yet, because we have more tips for you and your dry nose.

1) Sleep With A Humidifier

We’re sure you realize by now that winter can take quite a toll on your skin.

The good news is that with a humidifier, you can pump some moisture back into the air. Purchase one of these handy machines, fill it up with water every night, and while you sleep it will infuse the air with much-needed hydration.

Your nose — and the rest of your skin — will wake up more hydrated and ready to face the day!

For more easy, overnight skin hydration, use SiO Beauty patches. Just like your humidifier (but even more effective!), they work overnight to fill your skin with the moisture it needs.

All you have to do is put the hydrating patches on before hopping into bed and get a good night of sleep! Plus, you can reuse each patch up to 10 times.

2) Cover Up Outside

When you brave the cold, you cover your hands with gloves and your neck with a cozy scarf, but your nose is usually left high and dry!

If you deal with dry skin around your nose every winter, consider wrapping up when you go outside. Pulling your scarf over your nose should do the trick.

happy blonde woman wearing a hat and scarf while outdoors

3) Be Proactive At The First Sign Of A Cold

You know how it goes: You get a cold or a runny nose and 50 tissues later, the skin on your nose is red, dry, and flaky.

Instead of waiting for your cold (and the tissues) to get the best of you, go ahead and make the first move.

At the very first sign of a cold coming on, start showing your nose some extra love. Double up on the moisturizer, plug in the humidifier, and make sure you have gentle, moisturizing tissues on hand.

4) Carry Moisturizer In Your Purse

Find a small bottle of moisturizer and stick it in your purse. You’ll be ready to apply moisturizer as often as your dry nose needs it.

Plus, some extra hydration after you blow your nose is a good way to ward of the dry skin.

5) Visit A Dermatologist

If you just can’t seem to shake the dry skin around your nose, you might be dealing with more than your typical case of dry nose woes. In that case, make an appointment with a dermatologist to see if there’s a different reason for your dry skin.

woman wearing SiO Beauty patches to treat and prevent dry skin around nose

Whether it’s your hands, face, or nose, no one wants dry skin! SiO patches can help you fight the wrinkles and dry skin that get you down.

And if your goal is to get rid of the dry skin around your nose, start today with these tips and you’ll soon be admiring your smooth, hydrated, glowing nose!