How to Get Rid of Cleavage and Chest Wrinkles

Written by Jessica Cyrell — December 11, 2019

How to Get Rid of Cleavage and Chest Wrinkles

Did anyone else try the viral FaceApp when it came out? Highly controversial, yes, but possibly the worst part about it was the frighteningly realistic image of your future weathered self that’s forever seared into your brain. It’s fake, sure, but one thing they nailed in a very real way? The chest wrinkles. Although crepey skin usually makes an appearance there when we hit our 40s, it can show up as early as our 20s and 30s. In fact, in some women, the lines and folds in the chest and cleavage area show up sooner than face wrinkles. What gives?

Main Causes of Wrinkles on Your Chest & Cleavage Area

There are many reasons why chest and cleavage wrinkles grace us with their presence. The two primary causes are volume reduction in the skin (aka the natural thinning and loss of collagen that occurs as we get older) and consistent folding of the skin (for example, the position we sleep in at night or how we cross our arms). But several other factors can play an active role. Here are just a handful:

  • Genetics: If your mom and grandma had them, you just might, too.
  • UV Exposure: Tanning beds, definitely—but natural sunlight, too.
  • Significant weight loss or weight gain: These result in a stretching and sometimes drooping of the skin.
  • Some medications: Several pharmaceuticals cause thinning of the skin, such as steroids like Prednisone, especially when used long-term.

No matter the reason, though, the prognosis is good! Chest and cleavage wrinkles can totally be avoided—and even improved if you have the right weapons in your arsenal. Allow us to shed some light.

Best Treatments to Get Rid of Cleavage & Chest Wrinkles

Ultimately, the skin on your chest and cleavage is just that: skin. It responds to the same ingredients we use on our faces, even though most of us aren’t slathering our bosoms with anti-aging creams on the daily. (Turns out, we probably should be.) Keep in mind, though, that the chest can be sensitive, being a high histamine area, so tread lightly at first. Here are our top ways to get rid of chest wrinkles, naturally and beyond:

Aloe Vera

Sunday nights are a great time to unwind and mask up. While you’ve got that face mask marinating already, why not incorporate a chest treatment, too? Aloe vera is a phenomenal natural ingredient when it comes to skin healing. It’s been used for thousands of years to treat wounds, burns, and more—but it’s also well-respected as a powerful anti-aging resource with highly effective wrinkle-fighting properties that have been backed by science. It’s especially perfect for the chest area, as it’s soothing, hydrating, and gentle. 

The most potent and effective form of aloe vera is straight from the source. Get your hands on a fresh aloe plant (they’re pretty, too!) and chop off a thick, juicy leaf. Slice it longways, and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Apply the gel to your chest and cleavage area and let it absorb for about 20 minutes. Now bask in the glow!

Silicone Décolleté Pads 

It’s no accident that Cindy Crawford has aged like a goddess. She makes a serious effort with her skin, and her chest is never an afterthought. She told Vogue Magazine in 2016 that she keeps a scarf in her car just to protect her décolletage from the sun, and she sleeps with a silicone pad in between her breasts in preparation for red carpets and photoshoots. Say what? Yes! It may seem crazy that a pad made from 100% silicone could have such a serious impact on our skin, but these sticky patches, like the SiO SkinPad, are a celebrity secret weapon.

Silicone décolleté pad

Medical-grade silicone has long been hailed for its regenerative properties on the skin. It’s able to draw major hydration into an otherwise pretty dry region of the body like the chest, and specially formulated cleavage pads like SiO’s can prevent those dreaded morning creases that appear without warning. “When you’re 20, pillow lines go away in fifteen minutes,” Crawford told Vogue. “But as I’ve gotten older, I notice those lines take a little longer.” If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, this is especially relevant for you. Start training those lines to stay away earlier than later!

Chest wrinkles before and after SiO beauty

The Tight and Taut Workout Plan

So you’ve got all the creams, masks, scrubs, and tools—but if your chest has turned to mush from the inside, your efforts could be null and void. Part of the reason the cleavage area is so prone to lines and folds is the lack of muscle volume in that area, combined with thinner-than-average skin. Try sneaking in 20 pushups a day before you jump in the shower, or incorporate a few days of yoga a week (those vinyasas are major pectoral boosters!), and you’ll start to see a serious impact on skin volume over time. As an added benefit, exercise means extra blood flow and oxygen to the cells, which helps to nourish the skin, too.

Fractionated Laser Therapy

Years ago, professional laser treatments meant days of downtime nursing your raw, red, painful skin. These days, effective laser resurfacing doesn’t have to mean burning off a whole layer of flesh. Fractionated laser treatments are far less invasive and impressively effective. They’ve been shown to reverse signs of UV damage, like lines and crepey texture, as well as sunspots and discoloration, all of which tend to dramatically affect the chest and cleavage. The lasers work by penetrating the top layers of the skin, literally poking microscopic holes that eventually contract when the skin starts to repair itself. The result is brand new, baby smooth skin—with very little healing time. But keep in mind, you’ll probably need multiple treatments to achieve your dream outcome. 

Hormonal Therapy

This one is for the menopausal ladies, who might be experiencing a sudden onset of wrinkles—cleavage and elsewhere. As if we didn’t have to deal with enough, menopause is also associated with an acceleration of skin aging, which naturally means more chest lines, sagging, dryness, and even hyperpigmentation. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been shown to improve skin texture, hydration, elasticity, and even thickness. But it’s worthy to note, there are some health risks that may be associated with HRT as well, especially if you have other medical concerns. Talk to a doctor if you’re interested in learning more.

Simple Ways to Prevent Further Wrinkles on Your Chest & Cleavage

Let’s be clear: all skin is aging skin! No one is going back in time, here. Cleavage wrinkles affect all age groups, so it’s never too early to start some preemptive good habits. Here’s what you can do: 

1. Let ‘Em Free

If your breasts are supported in their natural, comfortable position, they won’t be overly subjected to the pull of gravity, and they won’t be smashed together to form creases and crinkles. That means finding a bra that fits properly, avoiding push-up bras in your regular rotation, and—sorry—but ditching your constricting sports bra as soon as you finish your workout. 

2. Stay in the Shade

If you haven’t figured it out already, the sun is your skin’s worst enemy. The best thing you can do is to avoid those rays whenever possible. At the very least, you should be wearing a minimum of SPF 30 every single day, rain or shine—and that means the chest, too! Even more so than the face, just one sunburn on your chest can break down collagen and cause irreparable damage to the elastic structure of the skin, which not only thins out the already delicate skin there but also affects its ability to stretch and bounce back. 

3. Commit to Good Sleep Habits

Getting plenty of sleep is crucial for good skin, but taking it a step further, experts agree that sleeping on your back does wonders for preventing wrinkles on your chest. This is especially true if you’re well-endowed, as the weight of your breasts can really compress the skin when you’re on your side or stomach. If you’re not willing to give up that cozy fetal position, try out an adhesive pad or even a cleavage pillow to keep the girls separated while you get your beauty rest.

To Wrap Things Up

Skincare starts at your face and ends at your nipples. You’ve probably heard it before—so time to take it to heart! If there’s one thing we know about good skin habits when it comes to aging, it’s that prevention is easier than correction. But if you’re already seeing signs of chest wrinkles, don’t fret! Focus on simple repair treatments for existing lines, and keep new ones from forming. Fancy, specialized creams and ointments are great, but simply dragging your usual facial products down a few more inches to cover the chest and cleavage is a simple way to begin. Then, gradually make a few lifestyle changes like quitting the tanning bed and joining a yoga studio, and your silky smooth, plump chest will show time who’s boss.

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