Get it Right, Keep it Tight

September 27, 2017

Get it Right, Keep it Tight

The Most Effective, Non Surgical Ways to Tighten Up Your Face for Youthful Skin

Ahhh, youth. It's wasted on the young.
While we may not miss school bullies and skinned knees, I think we can all agree there is one key part of our childhoods we would love to get back - our beautiful skin. Back before the world had a chance to mess with our lovely little faces, we didn't have to worry about what stress and time had done to us. In fact, we’d barely experienced either! And it showed on our faces.

But once we leave our wonder years behind, we say goodbye to that effortless fresh faced beauty… or do we?
Maybe 50 years ago we would have had to see our youth off at the train station, waving our handkerchiefs and sobbing, knowing we'd never meet again (and then realizing that crying probably wasn't helping, we are gonna look all puffy). But that's not the world we live in any more. This is the future! And while we may call our youthful faces less often, we can always text when we need them, and they can hop on a plane and be here in a few hours.

No Surgery Needed

If you are looking for the most expensive, painful, and risky option for tight, youthful skin, then stop reading right here. Have fun at the doctor’s office, we will all see you when you recover!

… Now that they are gone, let's talk.
Forget surgical options. No thank you.
What can we do to tighten the delicate skin around our eyes, mouth, neck, or even our whole face, without essentially signing up to be in the newest Saw movie?

First, it's important to know what happens to our skin as we age. You can't solve a problem if you don't know what caused it in the first place.

What causes skin to lose elasticity?

There are so many outside forces conspiring to drag a good face down, but the most common causes of loose, aging skin can be traced back to these all too unavoidable categories:

Baby Fat, or, The Lack Thereof

This one feels cruel, because we live in a society that treats “fat” like a dirty word, but there you have it. Losing fat from your face is a major culprit for loose skin. It makes sense, but nothing can erase the cruel irony.


The Sun

The sun shines down its beautiful, warm, skin-destroying rays everyday. And everyday, those UV rays break down our skin’s natural elastin. Once elastin is broken down it is harder for it to snap back and heal quickly, thus creating a less taut look.

woman and pet dog in sun


Gravity is strong enough to keep us from floating off into space, so we can't be too mad at it - but it's also strong enough to make us look droopy over time.

green grapes on vine


Unless you plan to never move your face again, you will loosen and create lines and wrinkles in your skin merely by smiling, laughing, frowning, yawning - pretty much any normal human activity.

woman splashed by wave

Sleep Position

 While getting a good night’s sleep can be a makeover all by itself, if you sleep on your side or face down too often, you may be aiding your face in it's never ending attempt to make you look older. 

koala sleeping in tree


Duh. This isn't news. You smoke it, you age it.

  lady smoking cigarette

What can we do to tighten skin?

Since we can't fight the signs of aging by simply stopping time, we have to look for other options. Luckily for us, dermatologists are always busy trying to find new and improved solutions.

A particularly effective new strategy to combat the visible aging of skin are silicone pads,

comfortably applied overnight to problem areas, that create instant results.

These patches are made from medical grade silicone, originally designed to help heal skin after surgery, cuts, or burns, so our crow’s feet should be no match!

SiO (Silicon & Oxygen - see that? We are all scientists now!) is a revolutionary brand that gives you undeniable overnight change. When the silicone is adhered to your face, neck, or décolletage, a little mini environment called an occlusion is created between the specially designed pad and your skin. This mini environment gives skin a chance to heal, and if loose and aging skin is caused by damage, then that's exactly what we want - to heal.

Which parts of your face are affected the most?


If your eyes are the window to your soul, then I guess that makes the skin around your eyes the windows dressing to your soul. I don't know about you, but I like my curtains properly hung, and wrinkle free. And that's just for my apartment!
Let's talk about Eyes

Smile Lines

What is life without joy? Let's be real. We aren't going to give up on smiling, so forget avoiding it as a way to keep your face tight. Smiling is a good thing! You deserve to smile! But that doesn't mean you deserve those lines. Let's talk about Smile Lines


Turkey neck. The worst of all necks in nature. And also a common way we describe our own aging body part. How truly awful. Why can't we have giraffe necks? Or, if we must be birds, a swan, or at very least, a nice young goose. Banish those turkey necks to the turkey farm they came from. Let's talk about Necks

The Whole Face

The whole thing. Sometimes it's not localized. There isn't always just one spot that needs a little extra help. Sometimes you need a full lift to feel right. There is no shame in it. Let’s talk about tightening our Face

There are non surgical solutions to aging, loose skin available everywhere you look.
From creams, to masks, to targeted silicone power patches from SiO, there are options to keep you youthful and away from knives and needles. Just like when you were a kid. I mean, just look at that face! You are obviously too young to be around sharp objects. 😉