The 7 Best Décolleté Treatment Options

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Treatment options for a wrinkled décolleté range from do-it-yourself creams to breast pillows to physician-performed surgeries. They all have benefits, but what is a discerning woman to do when she wants the best? The best options will produce fast results, last for a long time, and even help prevent future wrinkles from forming.

So what exactly are the best décolleté treatments? This article shares the seven best options.

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1. Chemical peel

Think of a chemical peel as an extreme form of exfoliation. It works to:

  • Treat wrinkles caused by aging and sun damage.
  • Reduce spots, freckles, and dark patches.
  • Improve the look and feel of décolleté skin.

During the procedure, a physician, plastic surgeon, or other trained professional applies a chemical solution to the area designated for treatment. Chemicals used vary but include glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, and carbolic acid. The chemical creates a controlled wound that then causes the the top layer of skin to blister and eventually peel off. This reveals the new skin below which is smoother and less wrinkled than the old.

The side-effects of a chemical peel can include temporary or permanent color change, and possible scarring.

2. Laser therapy


Dr. Remus Repta, a Scottsdale, Arizona plastic surgeon, explains how laser therapy can provide treatment at a deeper level than a chemical peel.

“[Lasers] will take care of all the superficial-level issues such as fine lines, broken capillaries, and pigment issues. In addition, lasers can address the middle layer, or dermis. When used on these deeper levels, lasers can actually stimulate collagen production in the skin itself.”

The type of laser used in laser therapy will vary. Common varieties include carbon dioxide (CO2) and neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG). Regardless of the type you choose, most lasers are good for smoothing the skin of the décolleté. That said, recommended treatment does vary by ethnicity and skin type. Be sure to talk to your physician or dermatologist to find out which option is best for you.

Keep in mind that laser therapy often requires multiple treatments and can leave the skin discolored (both temporarily and permanently).

3. Ultrasound


You may be familiar with the ultrasound used to examine unborn babies in the womb. That same technology can be used to stimulate healing in the deeper layers of skin.

Ultrasound therapy—ultherapy or ulthera for short—shoots ultrasound waves into the skin where they act to heat targeted tissue and stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. Once the body start producing collagen, the skin above tightens and smoothes out.

Ultrasound therapy is an effective way to treat wrinkled skin on the décolleté, but some patients have reported the procedure to be painful. In addition, ultrasound therapy can be expensive and may require multiple treatments.

4. Micro fat grafting

The primary reason for wrinkles forming on the décolleté is the loss of collagen and elastin in the medium and deep layers of the skin. Micro fat grafting is one effective way to fill the space left as the collagen and elastin break down.

During micro fat grafting, fat is removed from another area of your body (e.g., abdomen, hips, or thighs). It is then processed and injected into the skin of the décolleté. The fat refills the empty space within the lower levels of the skin, while at the same time smoothing and plumping the surface layers.

Because micro fat grafting uses autologous material (e.g., fat from your own body), there is less risk of side effects. However, the risk of overfilling is ever present and can result in an irregular or bumpy appearance. Micro fat grafting can also be expensive with treatments starting at several thousand dollars and may require several steps to complete.

5. “Vampire facelift”

Though this option may sound a bit weird, it’s not that much different from the micro fat grafting mentioned earlier. The “vampire facelift”, known more technically as platelet-rich plasma or PRP, uses the patient’s own blood to smooth out wrinkles on the décolleté.

The procedure starts with blood being withdrawn from the patient’s body. That blood is processed until the natural growth factors are isolated. These growth factors are then injected into the targeted area to stimulate healing and growth of collagen and elastin within the skin. The result is tighter, smoother décolleté skin.

Like micro fat grafting, the “vampire facelift” uses autologous material so there is decreased risk of allergic reactions, rejection, and side effects. Also like micro fat grafting, the “vampire facelift” can cost thousands of dollars and require multiple visits to the doctor.

6. Injections

Injections is a broad term that refers to both fillers and Botox™. Fillers do just as their name suggests, they fill in the empty space. As they fill in the empty space, they act as a plumping agent and add pressure to the epidermis (the top layer of skin) from underneath. This results in smoother, less wrinkled skin. Fillers come in four types: hyaluronic, synthetic, collagen, and autologous each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Because injections introduce a foreign substance into your body, there is always the risk of an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions can manifest as tiny bumps that can become permanent, or a bluish skin discoloration that can last for several months. Be sure to consult your physician or dermatologist when choosing a filler.

Botox™ is the trade name for onabotulinumtoxinA. It works by preventing nerve impulses from reaching the muscle around the injection site. The lack of nerve impulses forces the muscle to relax. This, in turn, returns the skin on top to its natural place which results in less wrinkles. But because the décolleté area is thin and doesn’t contain much muscle, Botox™ can be ineffective is used in this area. In fact, Botox™ can be dangerous if used on the décolleté because the onabotulinumtoxinA can escape the muscle and invade surrounding tissue. As with fillers, it’s important to consult a physician before embarking on treatment. And always make sure that both fillers and Botox™ are administered by a trained professional in a medical facility.

7. SiO Beauty SkinPad

Silicone skin pads were originally developed and used to heal, and normalize scarred and burned skin. The medical use was so effective, it is now available as a cosmetic treatment for the skin of your décolleté.


SiO Beauty’s SkinPad is made from a proprietary silicone polymer that encourages skin to hydrate, plump, and rejuvenate itself. More technically, when worn on the skin of the décolleté, it creates a micro-climate that moisturizes and encourages collagen productions. New York City cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Lian Mack elaborates:

“Medical grade silicone definitely has its use in our cosmetic toolbox. By using the SkinPad on the delicate decollete area, we’re able to hydrate the skin, causing the cells to swell making the area appear more youthful, smooth and rejuvenated.”

Used by itself, or for best results, in conjunction with SiO Beauty’s Décolleté Cleansing Discs and Décolleté Serum, the SkinPad heals existing wrinkles and prevents new wrinkles from forming. Yes, the other treatment options on this list can heal existing wrinkles, but none can prevent new ones from forming. SiO Beauty’s SkinPad can...all at a fraction of the price of the other treatment options on this list. And perhaps best of all, SiO Beauty’s 24-Hour System doesn’t require a doctor’s visit nor complicated, often painful, surgery.

The best décolleté treatment option

SiO Beauty’s 24-Hour System is the best décolleté treatment option available. You’ll see results in just one application. There are no side effects. It’s significantly less expensive than other treatments. And there’s no surgery or pain involved.

So don’t go to extremes to smooth the wrinkles of your décolleté. Don’t settle for slow-acting creams and home remedies. Don’t subject yourself to invasive surgery and other painful treatments. Use the middle ground that gets the same fast results without the need to go “under the knife”. Use SiO Beauty’s décolleté cleansing discs, SkinPad, and décolleté serum to heal and prevent décolleté wrinkles.

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