The Truth About Décolletage Treatment Options

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To most women, décolletage and décolleté are familiar terms. Décolletage is the upper part of a woman's body that is exposed by the neckline of her clothing (neck, shoulders, back, and chest). Décolleté is a smaller area and refers to the neck and shoulders.

The décolletage is a decidedly feminine body part. Because of this, a healthy, young-looking décolletage has a profound impact on a woman’s identity and self-worth.

As we age, though, it can be increasingly difficult to keep the décolletage looking young and vibrant.

The skin of the décolletage is thin and delicate. Without proper care, the décolletage can begin to look weathered and dry. It can lose its original smoothness and elasticity and become discolored and blotchy. All of this can lead to crepey skin, wrinkles, and unflattering lines and ridges where youthful skin should be.

This article shares what causes these problems and what treatments to use for the best results.

4 Causes of décolletage damage and their treatment options

Because the skin of the décolletage is so delicate, it is very susceptible to damage. Chief amongst the damaging effects are diet, lack of moisture, sun exposure, and gravity.

1. Protect the skin to reduce sun exposure

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Sun exposure is one of the most significant causes of décolletage damage. It can make your skin look aged and dry. It can damage skin to such an extent that it can cause wrinkles in skin that would otherwise be healthy and smooth.

To prevent sun damage, cover exposed skin as much as possible. In addition, always wear sunscreen even if you’re only going to be outside for a few minutes. Reapply sunscreen every hour for complete protection from the sun.

2. Fight gravity with SiO Beauty

Gravity can tug and pull at the skin and cause wrinkles in the delicate skin of the décolletage. Your décolletage is especially susceptible to the pull of gravity when you sleep on your side. The folding and creasing of the skin that occurs during side sleeping can result in permanent wrinkles at an early age.

Breast pillows can counteract the effects of gravity and prevent wrinkles from forming, but that treatment doesn’t repair the décolletage damage that has already occurred. The SiO Beauty 24-Hour System, as we’ll see below, provides both the support and the reparative effects necessary to counteract the gravity acting on the décolletage.

3. Fuel your body with wrinkle-fighting superfoods

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What you choose to put in your body has a major effect on what the skin of your décolletage looks like on the outside. The food you consume provides the nutrients and water necessary to keep you skin healthy and resilient. Without the right balance, your skin can become dry, brittle, and wrinkled in no time.

Thankfully, altering your diet doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Start by incorporating a few natural wrinkle-fighting superfoods like kiwi, avocado, and almonds to fight wrinkles from the inside out.

4. Stay hydrated with a moisturizer


Moisture is an important component of the skin on the décolletage because it supports the skin from the inside. Moisture can make the skin look and feel plump and resilient. Lack of moisture can leave the skin feeling thin and drawn. At its most extreme, lack of moisture can result in cracked, scaly, and brittle skin.

Your skin gets the moisture it needs from the water you drink. Be sure to drink at least 8 cups of water a day to keep you skin hydrated. For best results, apply a moisturizer like SiO Beauty’s Décolleté Serum in the morning to add moisture and repair dry, wrinkled skin.

The best décolletage treatment

The best treatment for décolletage damage must do three key things:  

  • Counteract the effects of the sun
  • Put moisture back into the skin
  • Prevent gravity from pulling on the skin in that area

Treatments such as a breast pillow, fillers, BOTOX™, and creams can be expensive and painful. In addition, by themselves, those treatments only address one or two of the key factors mentioned above. SiO Beauty’s 24-Hour System does all three things and more. It cleanses, repairs, protects, and prevents new wrinkles from forming. When used consistently, SiO Beauty’s 24-Hour System even restores and normalizes depleted collagen, smoothes existing skin, and gives you the healthy, radiant glow you’ve been craving.

Step 1: Prepare the skin

The SiO Beauty Décolleté Cleansing Discs help maximize the effects of the SiO system by exfoliating and cleaning pores. Applied before bed, the SiO Beauty Décolleté Cleansing Discs prepare the skin for the reparative benefits of the next two steps.

Step 2: Repair the skin

After you’ve prepared the skin of the chest with the cleansing discs, apply the SiO SkinPad and wear it overnight. The SkinPad creates a breathable ‘micro-climate’ between the skin and the pad that draws moisture to the skin’s surface but keeps it from evaporating.

This ‘micro-climate’ significantly reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles and prevents new wrinkles from developing. The SkinPad also counteracts the effects of gravity by restricting the movement of the skin of the chest. That restricted movement helps prevent irritation, friction, and the wrinkles that can result.

Step 3: Fight wrinkles all day long

The SiO Décolleté Serum is the final step in the 24-hour system. Apply the serum in the morning after wearing the SkinPad and enjoy all-day protection. The serum is designed to further the effects of the SkinPad by rejuvenating and protecting the décolletage from the harmful effects of the sun and the many airborne contaminants.

Put it all together

When worn consistently, the SiO Beauty 24-Hour System is the most effective way to repair and prevent the wrinkles that develop with age. As you use the discs, the SkinPad, and the serum you’ll start to see the skin of your décolletage grow tighter, healthier, and more and more wrinkle-free. No injections, no fillers, no surgery, just smooth, healthy, young-looking skin that you’ll be proud to show off. So counteract the damage to your décolletage by fighting sun exposure, moisture loss, and the pull of gravity with SiO Beauty’s 24-Hour System.

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