Frequently Asked Questions


What does the name SiO mean?

SiO's name is a tribute to the scientific foundation of a decades safe medical product that works while you sleep. SiO is comprised of the organic elements Silicon (Si) and Oxygen (O) = SiO (pronounced See Oh!). SiO's breakthrough SkinPad is made of medical grade silicone, used successfully after surgery to return skin back to normal by healing scars.  Doctors and surgeons have long used silicone sheeting for its healing properties and now SiO is applying this theory to a line of anti-wrinkle products. 

Why was SiO created?

SiO was created by Gigi Howard due to her own struggle with finding a solution for wrinkles and crepey skin that developed on her décolleté in her late 20s. Gigi calls these side sleeping creases "sleep wrinkles." Learn more about her story HERE.

Why is SiO different than other products out there?

SiO is the first of its kind - a revolutionary system that creates a barrier that helps develop a balanced microclimate for your décolleté skin to achieve perfect hydration. The SiO SkinPad is specially designed to achieve results after just one use and over time - both correcting existing damage, nourishing your skin, and preventing future damage caused by side-sleeping, sun exposure and natural aging.* SiO is non-invasive and non-surgical. No product on the market is like SiO's clinically tested, dermatologist recommended, tapered, custom-shaped silicone pad. Coupled with our Cleansing Discs and Décolleté Serum SiO provides 24 hours of smoothing, hydrating and brightening effects.

Why target the décolleté area?

Women are so focused on skincare solutions for the face and even the neck, but the décolleté is just as, if not more prone to damage than those other areas. Due to having fewer subaceous (or oil glands) and thin delicate skin, this area is particularly prone to dehydration and dryness, which in the long term means wrinkles. We are constantly creasing and damaging this area as women - whether it is from natural gravitational effects, side sleeping, sun damage or just natural aging without proper skincare. Traditional products don't work as well to protect and treat the unique skin of the décolleté, which is why SiO was created.


Are all of the SiO products safe?

All of our products are dermatologist approved, allergy tested and non-irritating. SiO's breakthrough SkinPad is made of medical grade silicone, used by doctors and surgeons for its healing properties for over 30 years. Our adhesive is also one of the safest out there, cleared by the FDA to be used as a component of medical devices. All of our products are manufactured and tested to the highest standards. If you are allergic to silicone or silicone adhesives please refrain from using the SkinPad or consult a medical professional. If you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction after use of any SiO products please discontinue use immediately and consult a medical professional.

Do your products expire?

The SkinPads expire after 3 years, and the serum and cleansing discs 2 years after opening.

Do I have to use all three products to see results?

The star of the SiO system is our high quality medical grade silicone SkinPad. However, use of any one of our products can help your décolleté look youthful and more hydrated. While our products can be purchased separately, best results is accomplished by using the Cleansing Discs, SkinPad and Serum as an age-defying, gravity-defying, wrinkle-fighting trifecta.

Can I use these products while pregnant or breastfeeding?

While our products are completely safe and manufactured using the highest standards, we recommend consulting a medical professional if you are pregnant or breastfeeding prior to use.

How quickly will I see results?

Everyone is different, but with any of our products you should notice smoother more hydrated skin after one use.* Over time you will begin to notice heightened results, particularly if you have very deep wrinkles or creases it may take more time to smooth those out. We recommend continued use of the SkinPad, in tandem with the preparatory Cleansing Discs and Morning Décolleté Serum to maximize the benefits and visual improvements to your décolleté. The more nights you wear SiO, the greater the results will be as the benefits compound. Since SiO smooths the skin and creates a protected microclimate for your décolleté, it can be worn to prevent and treat accrued damage caused by side-sleeping, sun exposure, and aging. Check out our before/after results HERE from just one night using the SkinPad!


Where do I apply the SkinPad?

The SkinPad should be applied to clean, dry skin right below the collarbone down into the cleavage area. It should cover the area where you have the most wrinkles, and was designed to fit any body type or cup size.

Is the SkinPad really safe?

Our SkinPad is dermatologist approved, clinically tested, allergy tested, and non-irritating. It is also produced in a factory with certifications to produce medical devices. The SkinPad is composed of 100% medical grade silicone and silicone adhesive that is proven to be gentle on the skin. Our medical grade skin adhesive is even cleared by the FDA to be used in medical devices.

How comfortable is the SkinPad to sleep in?

Our SkinPad is custom tapered to the skin in a proprietary and patent pending process to hug your décolleté while you sleep. It was truly designed to LOOK like skin, FEEL like skin and ACT like skin.

Will the SkinPad stay in place if I am a side sleeper or move around in my sleep?

The SkinPad was designed to counteract the wrinkles that form from side sleeping, so it is extremely comfortable no matter what position you sleep in. If you happen to toss and turn in your sleep and the pad looses adhesion, simply lift the pad and reapply. You can also rinse the pad under running water and allow it to air dry completely which will revitalize the adhesive.

What do I do if I sweat in my sleep?

If you sweat in your sleep and notice the SkinPad isn't adhering gently lift the pad and allow the area to air dry before reapplying. If you find the adhesion is affected we recommend rinsing the SkinPad under running water and allowing to air dry completely before reapplying.

How do I keep the SkinPad clean?

Cleansing well before each application is the best way to maximize the adhesion of your SkinPad for the longest amount of time. Additionally keep your storage shield in a place free from dust or anything else that may stick to the adhesive. Each morning after use apply your SkinPad adhesive side down to the storage shield for best results.

Why do I have to cleanse before applying the SkinPad?

The SkinPad creates an intense microclimate of hydration on the skin. This has amazing smoothing and hydrating effects, but since you are trapping moisture into your skin any natural oils or products can cause irritation. By cleansing you also keep the adhesive clear of any skin cells that may affect adhesion.

Can I use products under the SkinPad?

The only products that should be used prior to SkinPad application are oil free cleansers or our Cleansing Discs.

Can the SkinPad cause an allergic reaction?

Upon removal of the SkinPad in the morning, some of you may notice a rosy glow to your skin – this is due to intense hydration and smoothing and will usually dissipate quickly within a few minutes. The SiO SkinPad has been dermatologist tested and proven to be non-irritating. SiO's breakthrough SkinPad is made of medical grade silicone, used by doctors and surgeons for its healing properties. We’ve tested each of our products for the highest level of safety, but if you do experience symptoms of an allergic reaction discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist.  If you are allergic to silicone or silicone adhesives please refrain from use.  Do not use the SkinPad on open wounds, infected areas or rashes.

Does the SkinPad work on any skin type?

SiO is for women of all ages and skin-types who are experiencing any form of wrinkles, crepey skin or sun damage. SiO is a wonderful beauty breakthrough for women of all skin types. You can see results in just 8 hours (overnight) but best results come from repeated use.

How long does each SkinPad last?

Each SkinPad lasts for 15 nights (or uses). After 15 uses it is best to switch to your next SkinPad both for cleanliness and also for superior adhesion that will give you superior results. As the SkinPad loses adhesion it is not able to smooth wrinkles or prevent the skin from wrinkling as well.

How does SiO's SkinPad stay in place overnight?

SiO rigorously tested dozens of types of adhesives to find one that would demonstrate superior performance to allow the SkinPad to stay in place during wear, without feeling like you have a sticky or gummy residue on your skin without leaving a gummy residue. The SiO SkinPad is specially designed to hug your body and feel like a second skin, creating a comfortable and perfect microclimate for maximum skin hydration. If you think your SkinPad is starting to lose its adhesiveness, rinse it under cool running water with a light non-oil based soap and allow it to completely dry. Remember to switch to a new SkinPad after 15 nights.

I'm not at 15 uses yet but my SkinPad isn't adhering well anymore. What should I do?

To ensure the best adhesion you have to cleanse extremely well each evening prior to applying the SkinPad, while also taking care to store it in a dust free environment. If you find the adhesive isn't working as well we recommend rinsing the pad under running water and allowing it to air dry completely.

What do I do with the extra SkinPad in my pack?

Each pack of SkinPads comes with two silicone pads and one storage shield. Simply remove both pads and the shield from the pack. Keep one SkinPad out, while sliding the other back in until you are ready to use it. You can also store it an any other dust free place, like a plastic bag.


When do I use the cleansing discs?

Our cleansing discs were formulated to gently cleanse and remove any dull skin cells from the décolleté.

Why should I use the cleansing discs instead of my normal cleanser?

While your normal cleanser will certainly cleanse well enough for SkinPad application our Décolleté Cleansing Discs were created to enhance the smoothing and hydrating effects. With their zero alcohol formula the discs encourage hydration instead of stripping the skin, and are formulated with a gentle glycolic and lactic acid blend that heightens the anti aging effects. Our discs are also perfectly sized to easily cleanse the décolleté in a circular motion - no water or towels needed.

Can I use another cleanser with acids instead?

The Cleansing Discs were perfected with a delicate acid blend to not interfere or irritate, but rather hydrate and enhance SkinPad results. We do not recommend using any other type of cleanser with acids under the pad as they may irritate the skin.

I notice a slight tingling effect after using the Cleansing Discs. Is that normal?

A slight tingling is to be expected with any product containing glycolic or lactic acids and should dissipate quickly. If you notice any lasting redness or irritation consult a medical professional.


When do I use the décolleté serum?

Our serum was created to be applied to the neck and décolleté upon removal of the SkinPad. While it can't be applied under the SkinPad if you do miss a night with the SkinPad you can apply the serum to help maintain results.


What is your return policy?

We’ll gladly accept your returns for any SiO Beauty products upon receiving your items within 30 days of receipt date. No questions asked. Your ultimate satisfaction with SiO Beauty is our goal! Just call 1-877-984-3161 to begin the process. The estimated refund time is approximately 30 business days from the date we receive your return and will be made via your original form of payment or check. We're sorry, but shipping fees are not refundable.

Where do you ship?

United States and U.S. Territories.

What is your shipping policy? 

Within 72 hours of order, usually within 24 hours.

I haven't gotten my order yet, what should I do?

Sit tight, if you haven’t received your order within 10 days of ordering please go to “my account” to check on the status.

How can I check the status of my order?

See above. 


When do you charge my credit card?

At time of order.

If I requested a refund how quickly will it post to my account?

Within 30 days of receiving any returned product.

If I sign up for the subscription can I cancel anytime?

Yes, simply go to your Subscription Management Account Page and click cancel.

What are the benefits of the subscription service?

Free shipping and never running out of supply!


How do I create an account?

Please go to and click create an account.

What if I forget my password?

Please go to and your account page and then click "forgot password."

How do I subscribe to SiO's emails?

Follow the prompt “Subscribe” on the bottom right of any page.

How do I unsubscribe from SiO's emails?

Simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of any email that you have received. Please allow 24 hours for the change to become effective.

*Results may vary. Based on Dermatologist approved Clinical Study verified with a 3rd party lab.