Silicone Chest Pads: The Science Behind Why They Work & More

Written by Jessica Cyrell — January 27, 2020

Silicone Chest Pads: The Science Behind Why They Work & More

Everyone knows that the older you get, the more wrinkles start to creep up on your face. But is it just us, or did nobody warn you that your chest would crinkle like a sheet of discarded tissue paper just as soon as—or even faster than—your face? What gives? If you’re like us, you’re spending more than your fair share of time and money on a solid facial regimen… and now this. Luckily for all of us, there’s a solution that won’t break the bank or add more than 30 seconds to your nightly routine. A little known secret but loved by its following, the silicone chest pad just might be the simple answer to your frustrations. With roots in science and a strong background in the medical field, silicone is a skin hero that works swiftly and effectively to give you the silky smooth décolleté of your dreams.

What Are Silicone Chest Pads?

Silicone chest pads, otherwise known as décolleté pads, are triangular, funnel-, or hourglass-shaped stick-on patches that adhere to the center of the chest, reaching from the collar bone down into the cleavage. They’re a super-effective anti-aging skincare tool that encourages smooth, moisturized skin and visibly irons out wrinkles and fine lines. They even keep the skin of the décolleté from developing new lines by holding the skin taut and preventing friction. Simultaneously, they lock in hydration, creating an occlusive barrier that draws moisture from deep within the layers of skin to promote a plump, supple surface texture. 

The Benefits Of Silicone Chest Pads

There are so many reasons to be a fan of the silicone chest pad. Here are just a handful:

They Smooth Existing Fine Lines

The décolletage is made up of delicate skin that’s prone to dryness and thinning over time. A lack of sun protection, sleeping on your side, and just plain getting older can all impact the skin texture in this region, and it’s often one of the first parts of the body to reveal signs of aging. Silicone is no newcomer to the dermatology world. Silicone gel sheets have actually been used for decades as a medical treatment for scarring, so its skin healing properties are well known.  Thankfully, in recent years, the beauty industry has harnessed the power of silicone to rejuvenate loose or creased skin. Using an anti-wrinkle chest pad for just one night can make a difference in the appearance of compression lines (the kind we get from sleeping)—but give it a week or so, and you’ll really be stunned by the progress.

They Prevent New Lines from Forming

Women are especially prone to wrinkles on the décolleté because of the weight of our breasts—further influenced by the forces of gravity and friction. And, as you might expect, those of us who are more endowed get the brunt of it. Nighttime is key prevention time because sleeping on your side or stomach is a surefire way to develop compression lines on the décolleté, due to the likelihood of the breasts pressing against each other or against the mattress. Keeping the chest area taut under the protection of a silicone pad keeps the skin from folding and creasing by physically protecting the area—and it also maintains hydration, which protects against dry, crepey skin that doesn’t bounce back.

They Deeply Hydrate

It’s no news that hydrated skin looks younger and fresher—and silicone may be just the ticket to a youthful complexion on your décolleté. The secret behind silicone’s special powers is in the science. Without getting too nerdy, here’s why: Silicone is made by combining silicon and oxygen atoms with carbon, hydrogen, and sometimes other elements. It’s this unique molecular structure that allows it to create a microclimate that protects the skin barrier while pulling moisture from deep within the lower skin layers. Wearing these hydrating silicone pads not only improves skin texture in the short term, but most users also report firmer, softer, more lively-looking skin over time.

How to Use Silicone Chest Pads for Décolleté & Chest Wrinkles

Using a silicone chest pad is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (okay, 4). Here’s your guide!

Step 1: Cleanse & Prep

You’ll want to start with a clean slate, so thoroughly cleanse and dry the décolleté before applying the silicone chest wrinkle pad to allow for maximum adhesion and results. If you’ve got an extra minute, exfoliate the skin too, as dead skin cells are not only a bummer when it comes to achieving a glowing complexion; they also make the silicone patch work less effectively. Avoid using any serums, creams, or any other product after cleansing, exfoliating, and toweling off.

Step 2: Set

Gently remove the plastic film and place the self-adhering, translucent pad onto your chest, with the larger part of the hourglass shape pointing up. The pad should start just below the collarbone and end between the cleavage, covering any areas where wrinkles appear. Hold the pad against the skin for a few seconds to make sure it’s solidly attached, and voila.

Step 3: Catch Some Z’s

The easiest part! Wear the patch for 6-8 hours while sleeping, and wake up good as new. (Don’t stress about tossing or turning; it’s designed to stay in place with every bump and twist.) You can also pop the silicone pad on for a few hours any time you could use a quick boost (it’s a great pre-party routine)! Go about your day off, do your hair and makeup, finish up some household chores… whatever it is, take the patch with you. Just stick to at least two hours of wear at a time to make it worth your while.

Step 4: Remove, Store, & Repeat

In the morning, or whenever you’re done, take off the patch by holding the skin taut with one hand and gently lifting with the other. Your skin is now nice and primed for a lovely bit of skincare. Massage a nourishing anti-aging cream into the skin to maximize your results (look for something with antioxidants or chemical exfoliants like lactic or glycolic acid for proven anti-aging benefits). You can wash off the patch itself with water whenever you need to refresh the adhesive, just allow the pad to air dry. Once it’s done, you can place it back on the storage shield and inside the reusable pouch. You’ll want to keep it safe, in a dust-free environment (i.e. not unprotected in your dusty makeup bag!) for future wear. With proper care, one patch should last ten to fifteen uses.

Chest Pads Compared To Other Wrinkle Removal Methods

Unlike other wrinkle remedies that can be messy, expensive, or complex, silicone patches are convenient, fast-working, cost-effective, and skin-friendly. It couldn’t be more mindless to stick one on and let it do its work while you sleep or going about your day. They’re thin enough to be quite comfy and easy to wear... But the best part of all? While other products take weeks or even months to have an impact, silicone patches can improve the appearance of skin in as little as one night, with peak results happening at about the one week mark. They’re made from just one ingredient, 100% medical-grade silicone, which is safe, non-irritating, and generally side-effect-free (unless you have a sensitivity to the material or to adhesives, which is possible but extremely rare). So, rather than using a product that has fifteen or more components that may or may not work—and may or may not irritate sensitive skin—silicone patches contain no fillers, chemical adhesives, or harmful additives. Of course, as with any skincare product, you shouldn’t use them on broken or irritated skin, and if you experience any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop use and consult a doctor.

A Closer Look at SiO’s ChestLift

Our skincare routines are complicated enough. If you’re like us, integrating a whole décolleté regimen is way too much work—which is why SiO Beauty created an easy-breezy, set-and-go solution for those dreaded chest wrinkles. SiO ChestLift is a two-pack of high quality, ultra-thin, super comfy silicone patches. Reasonably priced (two pads for $49.95) and highly effective, the long-lasting patches adhere to the skin, amplifying hydration and supporting the skin’s ability to hold moisture and smooth skin.

The results? A minimized appearance of wrinkles and fine lines—and all you had to do was sleep! In clinical studies, 89% of users reported more rejuvenated skin after continuous use of the ChestLift, and 93% said their skin felt more hydrated. The effects are cumulative, so with consistent use comes heightened and longer-lasting results, especially when it comes to deeper lines!

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The Takeaway

You could say that cleavage and chest wrinkles are not our favorite part of getting older. Time, sun damage, and gravity exert their power over us, leaving their footprints. But with busier lives than ever, we’re not exactly seeking more steps to add to our nightly routine. Silicone chest pads are that happy medium. Super simple and highly effective, with the added bonuses of working fast, having no risky ingredients, and being totally reusable, they work while we sleep for a mindless solution to your chest wrinkle woes. With a long history as a medical tool, silicone not only improves hydration and smooths skin in the short term, but it can actually improve the skin’s moisture levels and ability to turn over cells in the long term. It’s about time we got our hands on something this good!

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