How To Use A Sheet Mask: The Complete Expert Guide

Written by Aaron Guldager — July 16, 2018

How To Use A Sheet Mask: The Complete Expert Guide

You’ve almost certainly heard of sheet masks. They’re the apple of the beauty world’s eye — and for good reason! Sheet masks are a fun and effective way to improve the appearance of your skin.

But are you using your sheet masks the right way? Many of us aren’t. No worries, though — that’s what the beauty experts at SiO are here for! In this post, you’ll learn exactly what sheet masks are, how they help to nourish your skin, and how to use one to maximize all the amazing benefits. Let’s get started!

Woman applying a sheet mask

What Are Sheet Masks?

You’re probably already familiar with this beauty tool, but just in case you’re not: sheet masks are nourishing, hydrating face masks made from a thin sheet of paper soaked in serum.

This serum may contain any number of different ingredients, including vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. Some specialty sheet masks may also contain ingredients like seaweed extract, aloe vera, green tea, or charcoal.

Sheet masks are an easy way to provide your skin with tons of moisture and essential nutrients. But it’s important to note that sheet masks do not cleanse or exfoliate your skin. Instead, think of sheet masks as a super effective serum application method.

Another thing that sheet masks simply aren’t capable of is reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re looking for help fighting wrinkles, try SiO Beauty patches!

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Sheet Masks 101: Need-To-Know Info

There’s a reason why sheet masks are so effective at providing your skin with crucial vitamins and hydration. The mask paper actually seals your skin so that moisture and nutrients can’t escape, allowing all the beneficial molecules to sink deep into your skin.

Fun fact: while sheet masks have become wildly popular in the Western world over the last few years, they’re not a new skin treatment by any stretch. They’re actually hundreds of years old!

Sheet masks have their roots in ancient Japan. It’s thought that Geishas would dip the scraps of leftover silk in rose water and place them over their faces. So sheet masks have been part of the Geisha skin care routine for centuries!

Nowadays, sheet masks are a bit more sophisticated, with actual science behind the ingredients. They’re also mostly associated with a Korean skin care routine, as many of the most popular brands of sheet masks are made by South Korean beauty companies.

No matter where your sheet mask comes from, you can be sure that it’s an excellent treatment for your skin! Use sheet masks together with SiO Beauty patches and your skin will be smoother and more radiant than ever.

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woman with moist sheet mask on her face

How To Use Sheet Masks In 6 Easy Steps

What could be easier than using a sheet mask? You just open the package, slap it on your face, wait until it’s dry, then take it off and wash your face. Right?

Wrong! There are some important tips to know about using sheet masks. Let’s walk through the process step-by-step and learn exactly how to use your mask.

1) Start By Cleansing Your Skin

First, cleanse your skin with a gentle facial cleanser. Remember to use warm (not hot) water and lather gently. After cleansing, pat your face dry with a soft towel. Your skin doesn’t need to be bone-dry; just make sure most of the water is off.

Woman splashing water on her face before wearing sheet masks

2) Apply Your Favorite Toner

It’s important to apply your favorite toner before putting on a sheet mask. This step is essential because toner will balance your skin’s pH level and help open your pores to receive the benefits of your sheet mask.

Think of toner as a way to prep your skin for all the lovely nutrients you’re getting ready to nourish it with. You want to make the most of the serum on your mask, so don’t skip this step!

3) Place The Sheet Mask On Your Face

Now for the main event! Starting at your forehead, place the sheet mask on your face. Work your way down to your eyes, then over your nose, mouth, and chin.

Sheet masks are one-size-fits-all, so apply your mask carefully. Once you’ve placed the mask on your face, gently smooth out any bumps or wrinkles in an outward motion. You want the mask to cling directly to your skin as much as possible.

4) Wait 20 Minutes Before Removing The Sheet Mask

This is the fun part: relax! It doesn’t matter what you do during this time, just make sure not to move the sheet mask around. Read a book, watch a TV show, meditate, or have a quick soak in the bathtub. Whatever helps you relax, go for it!

Pro tip: be sure to remove the sheet mask while it’s still moist. You might be tempted to think that the longer you leave the mask on, the better it will be for your skin. This is not true!

If you leave a sheet mask on until it becomes dry, it can actually irritate your skin and remove moisture. Normally, around 20 minutes is the appropriate amount of time to leave a sheet mask on.

woman wearing sheet mask while relaxing in bath

5) Don’t Wash Your Face

This is another common misconception with sheet masks. After you’ve removed the mask, you’ll have some residue left on your skin. Don’t wash this stuff off! It’s all the nutrient-rich serum from your sheet mask, so you actually want it there.

Instead of cleansing your face, simply pat the remainder of the serum into your skin. Be gentle and pat until your skin has absorbed most of the excess serum.

6) Apply Serum, Eye Cream & Moisturizer

Last, but not least, complete your skin care routine. If you’d like, apply a bit more serum. This step isn’t totally necessary since sheet masks are already soaked with a powerful serum. It’s completely up to you to decide whether your skin needs more or not.

Either way, you’ll definitely want to dab on a little eye cream and apply a layer of your favorite moisturizer next. This will help to keep all the vitamins and nutrients locked into your skin while they replenish your cells and make your skin glow.

Sheet masks are an essential skin care step, but make sure to use them only once or twice per week. Anything more can irritate your skin, causing redness or breakouts.

If you’re looking for an effective face mask you can wear every single day, try SiO Beauty patches at night while you sleep!

Supplement Sheet Masks With SiO Beauty Patches

While sheet masks are effective at providing your skin with a boost of vitamins and nutrients, they don’t do much to fight fine lines and wrinkles. That’s why sheet masks and SiO Beauty patches work so well together!

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If you want to supercharge your skin care routine and get real results fast, start wearing SiO Beauty patches now! Use SiO Beauty patches nightly along with sheet masks once or twice per week to achieve gorgeous, younger-looking skin.