Instant Wrinkle Removers For The Décolletage

Written by Aaron Guldager — July 14, 2016

Instant Wrinkle Removers For The Décolletage

Many women feel their age is betrayed by the condition of their décolletage. Try as they may to extend their youthful appearance through dedicated skincare regimens, the delicate skin reaching from their neck down to their cleavage is often unresponsive to traditional skin care and thus reveals a woman’s age more prominently than she likely wishes. As a result, a host of prospective solutions to this “crepey skin” effect have cropped up in commercial response to the unmet demand— these solutions are often referred to as instant wrinkle removers.

Instant wrinkle removers are promoted as silver bullets for a range of women, from those in their 20s whose side sleeping marks are beginning to form wrinkles, to women in their 60s looking to reverse the impact of age and sun damage. As attractive as the prospect of a cure-all solution is to these women, however, most of the products themselves are ineffective. And so women find themselves trying product after product, in search of a solution that will make them feel sexy and youthful by instantly removing the wrinkles on their décolletage. Unfortunately, most women end up going in circles and feeling misled.

In this article, I’m going to shine a light on the unspoken downside to a number of supposed instant wrinkle removers and introduce to you a product that finally delivers on its promise.

Woman's neck where an instant wrinkle remover would work

Topical Products

The most obvious approach to improving the appearance of the décolletage is to use facial products. Ingredients that are effective for the face, like retinol and alpha hydroxy acids, work by promoting cell turnover, hydration, and circulation, and unveil fresh-looking skin. These active ingredients are often insufficient to treat the décolletage area, however, because the skin is thinner and more delicate, and often damaged due to lack of sun protection. As a result, most topical skin creams and serums, even when they claim to directly address the décolletage, are ineffective. Promises of radical results often fall flat. Meanwhile, abrasive and invasive treatments like lasers, injectables and surgery are harsh on the extremely sensitive décolletage skin. Therefore, dermatologists largely recommend steering away from these methods for temporary removal of décolleté wrinkles.


Woman getting fillers as instant wrinkle remover

Injections are the next natural option to consider for women truly focused on restoring their skin to its youthful glow. With the advent of BotoxTM, injections are more socially acceptable than they once were, and dermal fillers such as RestylaneTM and JuvedermTM are used by dermatologists for the décolletage area. But they are hardly a silver bullet: three or more injections are often required and can cost as much as hundreds of dollars per syringe in addition to the cost of the doctor’s visit, with the probability of significant bruising and the benefits lasting only three months. The results take time to build up, and because they don’t last very long, many women hesitate to take this approach. Injections are yet another imperfect solution for the décolletage area.

Surgical Alternatives

Stem cell transplants, which involve the extraction of fat from a woman’s abdomen or inner thigh, distillation of the stem cell serum, and consequent injection into her décolletage, are also now more widely available. The idea here is that the delicate skin of the décolletage can be plumped up by injecting it with native fatty ingredients. The effects are hardly instant, however, with a three to six months period of treatment before full results are apparent. And the price tag? Up to $13,000. Effective? Perhaps. Sources such as WebMD question the efficacy of the treatment. Painful? Definitely. Accessible and instant? Hardly.

Sleeping Position

Woman sleeping

Sleeping position plays an interesting role in the development of wrinkles on the décolletage area. The comfortable fetal sleeping position that many women adopt, often referred to as side sleeping, can work against them. When lying on their side, these women’s upper breasts naturally fall downwards, creating skin folds in the cleavage area that become wrinkles over time. I’d bet that you’ve already tried a similar solution at least once in your life, I know I sure have.

Have you ever slept with a pillow between your breasts? You aren’t alone. Or, have you ever used a sleeping bra? The jury is still out on whether they are effective or safe, but many women try them in an attempt to protect the paper-like skin on their chest. There are even “anti-wrinkle” head cradles which require sleeping on one’s back and purport to prevent wrinkling by preventing one from rolling over during sleep. The downside? Full, deep relaxation during sleep is sacrificed which as you likely guessed isn’t exactly a great recipe for a healthy body or youthful appearance.

Décolleté Pads: Hope For Your Décolletage

Having tried and been disappointed by a number of the previously mentioned products, many women have understandably arrived at their wit's end and feel ready to give up. But there is one solution on the market that they should try which promises to deliver a really great mix of results and speed.

Décolleté pads are the latest in a series of innovations that address the wrinkled décolletage area. These adhesive pads can be stuck onto your chest while sleeping, and they work by creating a non-invasive, targeted healing environment in the area for 8 consecutive hours.

However, it’s important to know that most brands of wrinkle smoothing skin pads have some drawbacks. For instance, the adhesive is gooey, the padding is thick with an uncomfortable edge or is imperfectly shaped and thus not as comfortable as one might like, or they don’t cover the entire problem area.

Luckily, the SiO SkinPad is an exception. It is made from medical grade silicone, the “secret weapon” long used by plastic surgeons to promote healing of scars, and is carefully tailored with a tapered fit to a woman’s shape so that it feels like a comfortable second skin. Better still, the results are dermatologist endorsed, clinically proven and achieved incredibly quickly - significant improvement is noticed within a single night’s sleep. The overnight SkinPad is complemented by a bedtime exfoliator for strikingly smooth results.*

The New Décolletage Instant Wrinkle Remover

The décolletage area has become a prominent focus in women’s skincare and anti-aging regimes. We give a lot of attention to our faces and necks, layering on sunblock and moisturizer, and using sun hats, but our chests are often neglected and we pay the price later. Luckily, technology has finally caught up with the problem and a new, overnight wrinkle remover that actually works is within arm’s reach.

SiO before and after images

*Results may vary. Based on Dermatologist approved Clinical Study verified with a 3rd party lab.

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