The 13 Best Supplements For Glowing Skin

Written by Aaron Guldager — April 10, 2017

The 13 Best Supplements For Glowing Skin

We have all experienced it—lackluster skin that feels dull, dry, and altogether blah. And while a healthy diet, proper hydration, and a reliable moisturizer take us a long way, sometimes, we all need a little extra oomph. 

We’ve so been there! That’s why the experts at SiO Beauty have perfected second-to-none products using the same science recommended by doctors and surgeons to smooth and refine skin, such as the SiO Facelift, which restores your skin to its natural beauty and prevents future wrinkles from forming! We don’t take this lightly—through 180 prototypes, two clinical trials, and four years, we truly dedicate our all to skin perfection. After all, we only have one body; and we want it to shine!

Still, have you ever wondered how to take your skin's natural glow to the next level? With the aid of some of the best supplements for your skin, you will soon be glittering brighter than sun on a perfect LA summer day.

What Causes Dull Skin?

If your skin seems dull, you’re not alone. Dull and lackluster skin are some of the most common concerns in the world of skincare. So what’s the deal? At its most fundamental level, dull skin is the result of poor circulation.

Poor circulation deprives your skin of much-needed nutrients and oxygen. Some common causes of poor circulation include:

  • Poor diet and exercise
  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Too much baking in the sun
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

While we can’t control all of these things, we can totally get our skin on a better track! Have no fear—the following supplements will help you combat somber skin and restore a youthful, energized, and radiant glow.

The Thirteen Best Supplements For Skin

Check with your primary doctor or derm before adding new supplements to your routine, especially if you already take prescriptions, vitamins, or other over-the-counter drugs; are pregnant; or are experiencing health problems. After all, health and beauty stem from the inside out, and it’s important to take care of you!

Person taking supplements for glowing skin

1) Fish Oil

More likely than not, you’ve heard of fish oil as a remedy for a number of ailments. And while the idea of gulping down a nice shot of fish oil every day doesn’t sound too appealing, the health benefits don’t lie. Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA.

These fatty acids aid in collagen production (a protein powerhouse that smooths lines and wrinkles and adds elasticity to your skin), regulate the moisture production of your skin, and fight the symptoms of rosacea and eczema. Used on a daily basis, fish oil will also improve the overall look and texture of your skin.

Side note: we were kidding about taking a shot of fish oil. This supplement is also available in a pill form, thank goodness!

2) Black Currant Seed Oil

Black currant seed oil is a natural source of the fatty acids omega 3, 6, and 9, and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is a natural anti-inflammatory that promotes healthy skin growth.

Warning: don’t get annoyed when you don’t wake up looking 10 years younger. Results may not show for six to eight weeks (so stick with it, sister!).

3) Flavonoids

Flavonoids are phytonutrients that plants produce to combat damage. For humans, flavonoids do much of the same thing: they’re antioxidant anti-inflammatories that help prevent skin aging and promote radiance—voilà! They also prevent skin damage caused by too much tanning.

So how can you up your flavonoid game? Sip on some green tea or cook with parsley; both are stocked with flavonoids.

4) Fern Extract

Ferns are rich in Polypodium Leucotomos Extract (PLE). Remember how we mentioned too much sun could lead to dull skin? PLE protects your skin from UV exposure, sun damage, and discoloration (also known as dark spots)—it’s like sunscreen without the lotion-y smell.

5) Resveratrol

Found in grape skin and shoots, resveratrol prevents cell death after exposure to free radicals. It also replaces dead cells and prevents collagen damage. Resveratrol is so powerful, in fact, that many doctors and derms say it’s as powerful as any product on the market!

6) Ashwagandha

Although its name is a mouthful, the root of this Indian shrub is one of the best supplements for your skin. Ashwagandha has recently gained popularity for its effectiveness in fighting acne (even severe cases!). Better yet, it’s also said to relieve anxiety and normalize blood sugar levels. It’s like a mini-spa supplement all-in-one.

7) Vitamin D

Young woman soaking up vitamin D from the sun to achieve glowing skin

OMG fact: between the ages of 20 and 70, your body loses three-fourths of its ability to create vitamin D. Unfortunately, this vitamin is essential for epidermis (the outer layer of your skin) cell replenishment and metabolism. It keeps your skin moisturized and youthful.

While our bodies gain Vitamin D from natural sunlight, you may want to add a vitamin D supplement to your diet, especially during the gray winter.

8) Coenzyme Q10

Also called ubiquinol, this vitamin-like substance aids oxygen and nutrient intake—both essential for glowing skin! Taken in supplement form, coenzyme Q10 forms a barrier against harmful factors that cause skin deterioration. It’s basically a forcefield against damage!

Expert tip: take a coenzyme Q10 supplement along with a healthy source of fat (like avocado, yum!) to increase absorption into your skin.

9) Zinc

Research shows that individuals prone to acne and frequent breakouts have lower zinc levels than those with clear skin. Additionally, research has uncovered that zinc is just as effective at killing acne-causing bacteria as prescription medication. As if all that isn’t enough, zinc is a powerful antioxidant that reduces your skin’s inflammatory response.

But be careful! High doses of zinc can cause stomach and digestive sensitivity.

10) Curcumin

Curcumin that aids in glowing skin

Have you ever cooked with turmeric? Curcumin is the active ingredient found in this spice, which is also amazingly credited as being one of the most potent antioxidants in the world! As a skin supplement, curcumin is known to combat sagging, wrinkling, and elephant skin.

Try curcumin as a supplement, a powder, or via turmeric. Since cell regeneration happens while you sleep, we suggest mixing some curcumin powder (turmeric powder) with a warm glass of milk before bed to increase absorption.

11) Glucosamine

Glucosamine helps minimize fine lines by improving skin hydration. It’s an amino acid, a natural component of cartilage, and a heavenly source of hydration.

12) Vitamin A

Good old vitamin A can be found in everything from carrots to pumpkins, and it does wonders for your natural radiance. Similar to retinoids, vitamin A supports protective skin tissue while simultaneously reducing sebum (natural oils and waxes) production.

Prone to oily skin? Vitamin A will be your new best friend.

13) Vitamin C

Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties are not only great for combating the common cold, but they also do wonders for your skin! This vitamin:

  • Boosts collagen production
  • Supports strong cells
  • Combats dullness (jackpot!)
  • Fights against free radicals

Without vitamin C, your skin loses its elasticity and glow. And because your body doesn’t naturally produce this miracle vitamin, it’s definitely important to add it as a skin supplement in your daily repertoire.

While dull skin is a bummer, there’s no need to suffer. By adding some of the supplements mentioned above, along with top-of-the-line skincare products like the SiO Beauty FaceLift, Eye & Smile Lift, NeckLift and SkinPad patches, you can live life with glowing, glamorous, and healthy skin. Now get up and glow for it!