Laugh Lines Are No Joke

September 23, 2017

Laugh Lines Are No Joke

How to Eliminate Laugh Lines

Alright, Mona Lisa. Time to stop playing coy and let out some good old fashioned belly laughs. Smile lines may seem like a cruel punishment for having a good time, but the development of laugh and smile lines isn't solely the byproduct of one too many great laughs, and the last thing you want to do is stop enjoying the world around you just to hold your face still and hope it makes a difference. So, what? We should just resign to unwanted wrinkles and lines? No! Never fear! We've got options. There are effective solutions for wrinkles and lines around the mouth, and you won't have to break the bank to find them.

What Are Laugh Lines?

Laugh or smile lines form around the creases in your face that naturally occur when you smile, laugh, or purse your lips. These lines become more pronounced when you do any of those things, thus the name. The technical term for theses lines is “nasolabial folds”, but don't expect to throw that around causally and get anything other than funny looks. Laugh lines will do just fine.

lady smiling in front of mirror

How Do Laugh Lines Form?

These lines are different from the other lines that appear on your face because they aren't always a sign of aging. They can appear and become more pronounced because of repetitive movements. When you move your face the same muscles are always engaged for the same facial expressions, so think of it like the spine of your favorite book. The more times your read it, the more visible the folds become. This means that age in not always the culprit. Even teenagers can have laugh lines if they are active talkers and smilers, while the rest of their face may stay smooth and flawless. Laugh lines can also be the result of your genes. We get our faces from our parents, so why shouldn't we get our lines too?
Age can also be a culprit, as deeper lines that are visible when you are not laughing or smiling are usually just what they seem like- wrinkles. As collagen depletes from age, sun exposure, and habits like smoking, the elasticity of the skin goes away along with it.

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Does Smiling Really Give You Wrinkles?

Technically aging, collagen break down, free radicals, sun exposure, and gravity are causing wrinkles, your smiles just give those wrinkles some easy to follow guidelines.

How Can They Be Treated?


Botulinum Toxin, more commonly known by the brand Botox(R), has been used for quite some time now to smooth smile and laugh lines around the mouth. Botox is an injectable substance, and once under the skin it actually weakens muscles, forcing me to smooth out for a more youthful look. This can be a risky approach anywhere on your face below eye level, because as much as we may want to squelch those lines, it is still important to be able to move your face, especially your mouth. Botox is also an expensive alternative to to maintain since it is recommended to get botox every 6-8 months. It can cost you between $200-$300 for each session. It's important to consult with your doctor or specialist.


Most fillers are collagen or acid based, and injected to probes, areas using a needle. They work by plumping up areas that have deeper lines, filling in the space created by these folds. Once fillers have been applied, follow up or booster shots are usually needed to maintain the new, smoother look. It's important to consult with your doctor or specialist about what filler could be right for you, because they are not across the board effective for all patients.

SiO Eye and Smile Lift

A less invasive, pain free and more affordable alternative to injectables are the revolutionary new SiO Eye & Smile Lift patches. These soft, comfortable, medical grade silicone patches adhere to the skin right where you want them to, and using them is as simple as falling asleep. Literally! Once SiO patches are applied, you get to go to bed. While you sleep, the SiO patches create an optimal microclimate helping to prevent transepidermal water loss and over time normalizes collagen production. SiO patches are designed with the same technology that was originally used to speed up recovery for burns and cuts at hospitals, which is a pretty strong endorsement for pain free effectiveness. These patches help to prevent folding of the skin as you sleep and help to plump the skin of fine lines and wrinkles.

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