SiO's Science - Silicon (Si) + Oxygen (O) = SiO

A Medically Endorsed and Safe Solution

Doctor Trusted 

Silicone has been used & trusted by doctors, surgeons and hospitals for over 30 years as an exceptionally safe and effective means to heal and normalize scarred and burned skin. It is now available as a new patent pending cosmetic treatment.

SiO's Medical Advisor: Dr. Dendy Engelman


Laboratory Tested & Clean Manufacturing

We’ve taken every precaution to ensure that SiO is safe. We tested the SkinPad to make sure that the high quality, FDA cleared adhesive for usage in medical devices we selected is gentle on skin. The SkinPad itself is additionally dermatologist tested, clinically tested, allergy tested and is produced in an ISO registered facility that specifically makes medical and surgical devices.

The Problem 

Décolleté wrinkles stem from a variety of reasons, the most important of which are:

Natural aging 
Sun damage
Side sleeping
AND Gravity

These factors cause the skin on the chest and décolleté to lose elasticity and firmness, which in turn, causes wrinkle formation to start. Elasticity loss is complex but is primarily driven by diminished hydration and collagen production. The real issue is that as you age these wrinkles not only become more permanent, but also deepen. 


Chemistry 101

The SiO SkinPad

The SiO SkinPad is made from two key elements: Silicon (Si) and Oxygen (O).These simple atoms are cross-linked with Hydrogen and Carbon to make silicone polymer, a breathable material that encourages skin to hydrate, plump and rejuvenate itself when placed over the skin for extended periods of time.

The Microclimate

When silicone is placed on skin, a micro-climate environment is created between the skin and the silicone. It is this very unique environment that helps skin heal itself. Scientists and doctors call this closed, breathable micro-climate an occlusion

The Result

  1. MOISTURE is drawn up from lower skin layers to the outside layers (the dermis), causing the dermis to plump, fill in and smooth itself.
  2. Secondly, COLLAGEN PRODUCTION (collagen is a protein that holds skin together) is encouraged, activated and normalized.


Clinically proven

SiO wasn't developed without proof - we have tested our product on over 200 women under the supervision of a dermatologist. Our clinical results not only measured what women THOUGHT about the results, but what their skin actually showed in terms of hydration, reduced roughness, wrinkle depth, and photodamage repair. 

A photo is worth a 1,000 words. In order to measure wrinkle reduction on the smallest scale possible we had silicone replicas of the skin done on every participant in our clinical trial. The result? Dramatic wrinkle reduction in ONE Night that you can see!*

Before the SkinPad                               After ONE night


* Results may vary. Based on Dermatologist approved Clinical Study verified with a 3 rd party lab.