Eye & Smile SuperLift

High-Performance Reusable Overnight Wrinkle Repair

Life is filled with reasons to laugh and smile—but, what about those residual expression lines and wrinkles? You can soften and smooth creases underneath the eyes and around the lips (while you sleep!) with our comfortable medical grade silicone patches. These patches intensify deep hydration and promote the skin’s natural collagen production, transforming aging, delicate skin into the firm and smooth look of youth. Works in 1 night and over time!
Ingredients: 100% Medical Grade Silicone
What's Included — $50 value:
4 Smoothing Patches (15 Uses Per Patch)
  • 2 Super EyeLift Patches
  • 2 Super LipLift Patches
Removal Instructions: To remove patches around the delicate under eye area, hold the skin near the eyelids down and peel gently.

What's included

How to use


Cleanse + dry

Thoroughly cleanse and dry your skin before applying each power patch for lasting adhesion and best results.



Gently remove the plastic film and position the translucent, self-adhering patches as illustrated.


catch some zzz's

Wear the patches for 6-8 hours while sleeping or for a few hours for a quick boost.


store + repeat

After use, place patches on the enclosed storage shield.  Rinse patches with water and a clear cleanser.


Moisturizers, sunscreens, dust and hair can interfere with the pad’s adhesion. Sweating can also affect adhesion, so quickly lift to dry area and reapply. The pad will naturally lose adhesiveness over time. For best results, please use the storage shield daily and handle with great care. For external use only. Do not use on open wounds, cuts, irritated or infected skin. Do not use if you have a sensitivity or allergy to silicone. Discontinue use promptly and consult a medical professional if signs of irritation or rash appear. Keep out of reach of children.