The Facts About Facelifts

Written by Aaron Guldager — October 06, 2017

The Facts About Facelifts

Natural Facelifts

It’s easy to look in the mirror and see only “problem areas” and fine lines.  Gravity, aging, poor habits, and sun exposure can all lead to skin damage, whether we like or not.  Is saggy skin making you feel sad? There’s no need to get down about it when there’s plenty of ways to lift your mood and your face.

Facelift FAQs

We all know the term, but what exactly is a facelift? A facelift is typically a surgical procedure used to improve signs of aging in the face and neck and give an overall youthful appearance to the face.  Sounds simple enough, but it is a pretty detailed procedure. A surgical facelift involves making an incision near the temples, coming around the ear, and ending at the lower scalp.  From there fat and skin may be redistributed, repositioned, and trimmed away to create the desired lifted look.  Recovery may take a few days as swelling and bruising go down.  

Splurge on Surgery?

Surgical facelifts can be extremely costly. A full facelift can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000,  not to mention the risks that are involved in any surgical procedure. These risks include facial scarring, nerve damage, infection, persistent pain, and all the risks associated with going under anesthesia.  Any sort of plastic surgery is a major decision and should not be taken lightly.  It’s important to remember even after spending thousands of dollars, facelifts aren’t magic.  You will continue to age.  Even the popular laser skin treatments, which involve using an infrared light source to heat collagen under the skin’s surface to tighten the skin, are not a permanent fix.  The procedure typically involves going in for six treatments over the course of a few months and the results only last for up to 2 years.  Laser treatments, while less invasive than a surgical facelift, will still set you back a couple of thousand dollars.  Instead of going under the knife or the laser, why not try something from the comfort of your own home?

Exercise Your Face

Exercise isn’t just for your glutes and triceps anymore, it’s for your face too.  These facial exercises can increase blood circulation and increase collagen and elastin production.  Use these quick tricks to give yourself a natural facelift. They’ll only take you a few minutes and you don’t even have to leave the couch.  


Step 1: Make an O Shape with your mouth making sure to cover your teeth with your lips.

Step 2: Smile widely while keeping your teeth hidden.

Step 3: Repeat 6 times.

Fish Face

Step 1: Smile while pursing your lips.

Step 2: Suck in your cheeks so they are in between the gaps in your teeth.

Step 3: Repeat 5 times.

Facial Reset

Step 1: Close Your Eyes.

Step 2: Imagine the point in between your eyebrows (your third eye).

Step 3: Visualize your skin melting and relaxing onto your face.  

Silicone Patches

Gigi Howard, founder of SiO Beauty, recognized the power of the healing properties of silicone and created silicone power patches to repair and nourish the most vulnerable parts of your skin.  Traditionally used in the medical community for healing scars or burns, this medically ensured treatment is safe, allergy tested, and most importantly easy to use.

No need to go to a doctor’s office, just use SiO’s FaceLift patch pack for your very own at home, noninvasive facelift.  These patches work to correct and repair existing wrinkles, help to  nourish the skin, and prevent new ones from forming. Did we mention that all of this happens in one night? Place the patches on your face and neck before you go to bed and when you wake up, your skin will be refreshed and ready to go.  Overnight, the patches will work to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firm your skin.  Don’t throw your patch away after one use! These patches are reusable 10 times.  You’ll see results overnight and overtime as you continue to use them.  

If you’re looking down and wondering about those chest wrinkles too, try the SiO SkinPad. The same amazing technology you used on your face, also works to smooth out wrinkles on your décolleté that form from side sleeping.

Live Your Most Beautiful and Healthiest Life

Most importantly, make the best choices for your skin and your body.  

Woman smiling with no saggy skin after facelift

  • Eliminate cigarettes to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated. Chemicals in cigarettes can restrict blood flow to your skin and deplete your skin of nutrients, rendering it unable to repair itself.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.  Even though it may seem cliche, fruits and vegetables are your best friends.  Berries contain powerful antioxidants that will prevent skin damage and pesky wrinkles.  Tomatoes are high in lycopene, which protects the skin as well.  Avoid processed foods high in sodium that can dry your skin out.  
  • Take a deep breath and de-stress. Constantly pursing your lips or furrowing your brow when you’re feeling overworked or anxious can cause deeper wrinkles in these areas over time.  Set a time to meditate in the morning or take your favorite spin class after work.  Take a moment to do something for yourself.  

Before you send the check for the latest surgical treatment, save that money for yourself. Splurge on a great bath bomb and a scented candle and treat yourself to an at-home spa day.  After you towel off, throw on SiO’s FaceLift patches and sleep well knowing you’ll wake up to a rejuvenated face smiling at you in the mirror tomorrow.