Gigi Howard--Our Founder

Written by Aaron Guldager — June 27, 2016

Gigi Howard--Our Founder

Gigi Howard had a secret.

At 29 years old she was hiding behind oversized scarves and turtlenecks in an attempt to conceal something she didn’t want people to see.  The clothes she once loved and felt best in, were now packed away in the recesses of her closet – her favorite low-cut silk blouses, elegant slip dresses, scoop neck tops – pretty much anything that revealed her décolleté or cleavage.

A Southern girl from Statesboro Georgia, Gigi was raised to confront life head-on. With a sense of adventure and confidence, she forged a successful career in beauty and fashion, traveled the world and lived abroad. Yet, despite her courage, magnetic personality, and natural beauty, Gigi was self-conscious about one thing… the wrinkles on her chest.

Just approaching 30, the wrinkles on her décolleté and cleavage gave the appearance that she was significantly older. Gigi was for the first time seeing the visible effects from years of sun exposure, continuous side sleeping, the natural aging process, and genetics all wreaking havoc on the most delicate skin on the body - the décolleté. What woman doesn’t want to slip on a sexy, slinky dress and show some skin, without feeling embarrassed and years older than she is?

Gigi was convinced that there was a solution to rid her décolleté of these wrinkles. She rigorously sought out doctors’ opinions, questioned friends in the fashion and beauty industries, and tried every idea and apparatus she could think of - from taping her skin in place, and sleeping with various oddly shaped chest pillows, to strapping on strangely designed “night bras” and sampling all hosts of creams and serums that offered hope.  She was baffled that a treatment or procedure existed for every body part, yet she couldn’t find any effective, non–invasive, pain–free treatment for the skin on the décolleté.

The turning point: At an impromptu lunch, a friend told Gigi about the silicone adhesive sheets her doctor prescribed after a minor surgery to help heal the skin and flatten her post-surgical scars. This was the “aha” moment – if the silicone sheets could accelerate skin recovery and help scars disappear, perhaps it could do the same with wrinkles! Gigi asked to sample the silicone, and tested it on her chest that night. The next morning the results were visibly remarkable. 

Gigi felt with a bit of work she might be onto something.  She enlisted the help of medical experts and scientists to determine how medical grade silicone could work to diminish wrinkles and rejuvenate damaged skin, as well as restore a youthful radiance to the décolleté and cleavage.

As the original medical grade silicone bandages Gigi first tried were small, sticky, expensive and difficult to apply to the chest, she worked with her team to develop over 60 new prototypes in different shapes, sizes, textures, and thickness, until it perfectly captured her vision.

“It was my priority that the pad we developed looked like skin, and felt like skin,
and was so comfortable you would forget it was there.”  - Gigi

So, after years of testing and refinement, the SiO SkinPad was born – a soft, flexible, custom-molded disk that lays perfectly and comfortably on the chest and cleavage to eliminate wrinkles overnight.*

After using the SiO SkinPad for just one night, Gigi’s favorite clothing came out of hiding. 

The creation of the SiO SkinPad set the course for the development of the SiO (pronounced See-Oh) beauty brand   the first and only skincare system for the décolleté, clinically proven to help remove and prevent cleavage wrinkles.

The SiO product lineup includes the innovative SiO SkinPad, Décolleté Serum and Décolleté Cleansing Discs.


About SiO Beauty


SiO (pronounced See-Oh!) is a revolutionary, overnight beauty regimen designed exclusively to give women a beautiful, wrinkle-free décolleté.

The result of tireless research and refinement, SiO’s transformative capabilities stem from the science of its intrinsic medical technology. Even the name is a reflection of the organic components at work: Silicon and Oxygen. Together, these elements create the compound utilized by medical experts for over 30 years to reduce and prevent scarring and skin imperfections.

Founder and renowned personal care expert, Gigi Howard, first encountered the healing power of medical-grade silicone through a friend and quickly realized it had untapped potential to help with a problem she had been experiencing. Gigi used the strip to reduce wrinkles that were becoming more and more prominent in her décolleté every morning. In just one night of use, she noticed a dramatic difference.

As a result, she created the proprietary SiO three-part system, consisting of our patent pending SkinPad, Morning Serum and Evening Cleansing Discs. The SiO system not only provides 24 hours of smoothing and hydrating effects, but over time can also help prevent future wrinkles from forming.

The SiO SkinPad is designed to provide an ideal microclimate of hydration that allows your décolleté skin to normalize. Not only is it a non-invasive 100% effective solution for eliminating wrinkles, it’s also custom tapered to hug the body as closely and comfortably as possible while you sleep.

While the ultra-trim design may make you forget it’s there, you won’t be able to ignore results of restoring and maintaining a smooth, youthful décolleté.

*Results may vary. Based on Dermatologist approved Clinical Study verified with a 3rd party lab.